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Animal Rights Hall of Shame: Nasim Aghdam

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet Nasim Aghdam, aka  'Nasim VeganBreeze.' 

Attempted Serial Killer. 
Aghdam at 2009 PETA protest.
 (Charlie Neuman / Union-Tribune). 

When reading her name, the common reaction is WHO? When you say, "YouTube Shooter" you get more nods. Nasim Aghdam is the Iranian born San Diego vegan animal rights activist who opened fired at the YouTube headquarters in 2018. She shot and wounded three people before killing herself. 

The mainstream media has focused on her grievance that she wasn't getting enough views on her videos and YouTube had stopped paying her. What they selectively hide or downplay was the content of the videos.

San Bruno police said that "the investigation is now looking into a website that appears to show the same woman complaining about YouTube stifling traffic and suppressing videos.

Censorship on all social media platforms is alive and well but animal rights terrorists get a free pass on just about all of them. Aghdam wasn't getting the attention she felt she deserved because she just wasn't very good. Like many people today, she was trying to make a living making videos of herself.  She was literally a cult of her own personality.   Trouble was, not enough people were buying her fantasy.   She made video after video ranting against YouTube and comparing her make-believe talents to Miley Cyrus or Nicki Minaj. She made such a good living at promoting herself on social media that at 38 years old she lived with her grandmother instead of working at a real day job. 

Besides taking part in PETA protests over the years and making numerous vegan videos, she started a non-profit animal rights group called 'Peace Thunder' in 2011.  She appeared at numerous animal rights protests in California from anti-hunting and anti-fur to protesting at Sea World. 

Her family became concerned when she suddenly left the family home, refused all contact with them and started apparently driving to YouTube headquarters. They reported her to the police as a possible threat. They told the police they were afraid she was going there to cause harm. San Bruno police had a chance to stop the shooting. They spoke to her just hours before she opened fire. But like most of law enforcement these days, they also give animal rights activists a free pass to commit whatever crimes they want. 

They deemed this killer wasn't a threat. A woman who posted pictures of herself in ninja gear and camouflage clothing and spent years filming and posting threats against YouTube just wasn't a threat folks!

It gets even better. The media tried to white wash her background from the start. News outlets reported the shooting as nothing more than a domestic violence incident from a scorned lover instead of the animal rights terror attack it was.

Besides constant ranting against YouTube she posted many disturbing pictures and videos showing her unhealthy obsession with a rabbit. It died shortly before the shooting which may have led to her meltdown.

She even tried to make money off her rabbit's death by posting about it extensively and filming its 'funeral.' 

It's highly ironic that the car she drove to YouTube headquarters sported a 'meat is murder' bumper sticker on it. Like many animal rights activists she believed the lives of animals matter more than the humans she went there to kill. PETA has also distanced themselves from Aghdam claiming she only participated in 2-3 protests.  Right.

When challenged with the truth about her violet threats and bizarre behavior, law enforcement tried to blame her family. They claimed that when she went missing, her father and brother didn't tell them anything about her plans.  The family disputes this. 

Animal Rights Hall of Shame: John Hoyt

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet John Hoyt. 

Financial flimflammer. Hustler.  Con Man.   Best friend of sexual predators. 

John Hoyt is responsible for shaping the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) into the monster it is today. He both expanded its goal to outlaw all human-animal interaction but also set the corporate culture of serial sexual harassment. Most American’s still view HSUS has some sort of umbrella animal sheltering group and regularly donate their hard earn money believing animals are being saved. They have no idea that like most national charities, the HSUS is just a powerful slush fund for fringe activists and doesn’t provide any hands-on care of cats or dogs.

Hoyt started his career as a Baptist minister, later moving on to the Presbyterian church.  He called the animal rights movement, a ‘church’ just like the ones he had left. Just like most activists in the animal rights field, Hoyt had no education in animals. Just a desire to turn his back on God and ignore the teachings of the bible, turning animals into a cult to be worshiped with rights above humans.

Hoyt didn't just turn the HSUS into a multi-million dollar cult. He is most famous for living high on the hog at donors’ expense and filling many high level HSUS positions with sexual predators and other garden variety con artists. Hoyt was HSUS’s president and CEO from 1970 to 1996. He took a half a million-dollar charity without much name recognition and turned it into a $50 million-dollar power player. HSUS also diversified itself in this period absorbing other animal rights groups and opening numerous state offices and other affiliates. But all wasn't quiet at the HSUS home front.

In response to growing outrage at the tremendous financial (and sexual) abuses taking place in HSUS, the board formed a ‘Deferred Compensation Committee” in 1983. The committee was formed to simply rubber-stamp Hoyt’s financial abuses and declare them righteous. Such as.

HSUS bought Hoyt’s Germantown, Maryland home from him in 1987 for over $300,000 and then allowed him to continue living there rent-free until 1992. Another funny accounting trick revealed that Hoyt was collecting money from a shell corporation owned by HSUS called the National Humane Education Center (NHEC). NHEC hadn’t operated since the 1970’s but mysteriously a bank account was opened in 1984 with a river of money flowing through it that somehow ended up with Hoyt.

These weren’t the only hidden perks that Hoyt was collecting while riding the gravy train. When his right hand wasn’t paying his left hand and subsidizing his wife’s overseas travel, he was engaging in shady transactions to hook HSUS treasurer Paul Irwin up to the gravy train. Hoyt personally signed many of the checks that funneled extra off-book cash to Irwin.  (more on Irwin in another article)  Hoyt also personally hired convicted pedophile David Wills to join the HSUS mother ship in 1990.   

In all Hoyt spent over 20 years finding Wills one job after another in the animal rights field.   Each time glossing over his predator background, before bringing him to HSUS itself.

It comes as no surprise that Hoyt didn’t mention any of the uncovered hidden payments in his 1988 “HSUS Report of the President.” In the same year a group of HSUS board members contacted the Washington, DC law firm Harmon & Weiss and hired them to investigate the financial irregularities of Hoyt and Irwin.  When confronted with his activities Hoyt simply declared that as a minister he is used the church providing him with free housing and HSUS should simply do the same.

At the same time as Hoyt was living in donor paid housing and keeping his hand in the cookie jar, HSUS was launching new campaigns such as their 1988, “Breakfast of Cruelty” campaign.

"Behind virtually every slice of bacon and every innocuous looking egg lurks a long, hidden history of unbearable suffering." HSUS. 

The previous year Hoyt started spay/neuter campaigns that blamed American dog breeders for animals being euthanized in shelters. For the next several years, HSUS ran constant campaigns blaming all of America’s animal shelter problems on breeders instead of putting the blame where it belongs. The inept or corrupt shelter management and owners who dump their animals. Less than 5% of dogs in shelters came from breeders or pet stores. 

Irwin held a press conference in 1993 attempting to push to outlaw all pet breeding in America. While new upcoming protegee Wayne Pacelle issued his famous quote that he doesn’t want to see another dog or cat born.  It was ironic that Hoyt started the campaign to outlaw dog breeding in America at the same time as he put into place an HSUS policy to reject any relationship to local pet shelters.   He wanted all the money right in Washington, DC, in easy reach of his and Irwin's sticky fingers. 

“Don’t breed dogs, don’t buy, don’t even accept giveaways.”
John Hoyt, 1991 speech. 

In a 1993 letter published by the American Society for Microbiology, Dr. Patrick Cleveland of the University of California San Diego spelled out HSUS’s place in the animal-rights pantheon. "What separates the HSUS from other animal rights groups,” Cleveland wrote, “is not their philosophy of animal rights and goal of abolishing the use of animals in research, but the tactics and timetable for that abolition.” Cleveland likened it to the difference between a mugger and a con man. “They each will rob you — they use different tactics, have different timetables, but the result is the same. The con man may even criticize the mugger for using confrontational tactics and giving all thieves a bad name, but your money is still taken.”

Flash forward to 1994 and Hoyt was still writing positive performance appraisals of his protégé David Wills even though his faked resume, criminal background and numerous embezzling allegations and lawsuits had surfaced again.  
When Hoyt was confronted with David Will’s past he shrugged it all off as ‘very ancient history.’  Critics at the time had no idea the extent of how much Hoyt had been supporting Wills and finding him jobs for the previous 20 years.   Wills was finally convicted of pedophilia charges in 2019.   

Wills was finally forced out at the HSUS in 1995, not for his serial sexual predator behavior but because he simply cheated too much on his expense reports. He billed for expensive dinners for people who did not exist and fabricated numerous fake informant payments.

The shenanigans of Hoyt, Irwin and Wills finally became too much for the HSUS’ board to continue damage control. In 1995 board members started a movement to prosecute Wills for embezzlement and to terminate Paul Irwin and John Hoyt. The icing on the cake for the trio was a lawsuit filed against HSUS by the Humane Society of Canada.

John Hoyt and Paul Irwin

Hoyt retired in 1996 with a nice fat golden parachute (rumored at $1 million), but remained in charge of the HSUS controlled Interfaith Council for the Protection of Animals and Nature.   He died in 2012.  A wealthy power broker to the end.  

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Animal Rights Hall of Shame: Ed Buck

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet Ed Buck. 
Ed Buck with one unhappy looking dog.

Ed Buck is a long time Democrat political operative and animal rights activist in California. He was the director of Social Compassion in Legislation. A man without any visible means of support was a huge political donor to democratic candidates (including Clinton and Obama) and to animal rights campaigns such as Animal PAC.

He was behind many campaigns to outlaw the sale of puppies in pet stores and the recently enacted state-wide fur ban in California. One of his first wins came in 2011 with West Hollywood banning fur as a result of his "Fur-Free West Hollywood" campaign.  Like many activists, his concern for animals really covered up and gave him moral cover for his much darker activities. 

Buck was known for meddling in political campaigns and at one point even running for City Council himself.  Local authorities at times even had to have police escorts to protect themselves from Buck.  Known for his volatile bullying behavior, he used to run on the slogan that you can tell a lot about people from the way they treat animals.  Hypocrisy is alive and well in the animal rights movement. 

"This could be the beginning of the end of puppy mills and it's happening in W. Hollywood, one of the most progressive cities on animal welfare issues." --Ed Buck, Social Compassion in Legislation Director and West Hollywood resident. (Posted by CAPS (Companion Animals Protection Society on January 29, 2010).

Like all animal rights activists, it's only a matter of time before their house of cards comes falling down. In Buck's case it started with a black male prostitute Gemmel Moore dying of a drug overdose in his apartment.  
At first it was quickly hushed up and pushed aside in the media who focused on slandering the dead guy even though police records show the body was found along with 24 needles, five pipes, a crap ton of meth and numerous sex toys. 

Moore's family claimed he was a prostitute and Buck was his client.  Police choose to believe politically connected Buck who claimed he was just offering shelter to a poor friend down on his luck.  Poor Ed Buck!  Turns out Moore had left behind a diary where he left written records that it was Buck who introduced him to drugs and made him an addict.  Getting no justice from the police, Moore's mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Buck.  

The cover-up continued until a 2nd man died at Buck's home. Adult porn star, Timothy Dean, 55, died. Another black man. Found again in the same circumstances. Surrounded by drugs and sex toys. The dead men's families and activists in the community alleged that the deaths of both men were being covered up because they were gay black men and Buck was a highly connected white man. Local community activists (including 50 civil rights organizations) had been trying to get the police to investigate Buck for years. Buck's nickname was Doctor Kevorkian. The deaths of both of these men were preventable if the police had just acted sooner to the legion of evidence against Buck. 

At first Buck claimed he was the victim here.  Not the dead men.  Poor suffering Ed Buck was just giving shelter to 'vulnerable people in bad circumstances.'  Poor me he whined! 

Turns out the truth was so much darker than that.  He was finally busted when he was hit with a knockout punch.  Another man OD'd on drugs he supplied (and injected him with!) but managed to get away and get help.  Another victim, Jermaine Gagnon, stepped forward with pictures proving Buck was running a gay sex drug den and went straight to the media.   The police whined endlessly as to why Gagnon hadn't come to them with his proof but the police had been covering up for Buck for years.  Why should Gagnon trust them?

“It’s been two years. In that time, we’ve presented nine witnesses who’ve been forced to ingest drugs. The police did nothing with these reports,” attorney Hussain Turk, who represents one of the victims’ families, told the Daily Beast. “The reason why we believe police did nothing with these reports is because of the races and sexual orientations of the victims—they’re black, gay, homeless, and people who are the most vulnerable of our society. The police don’t view them as valid witnesses.” Turk added that he believed the district attorney’s office only filed charges against Buck to prevent a public relations crisis as a result of backlash within the local black community.

Finally public pressure became too much and the police started a real investigation into the situation.  What they uncovered was horrific.   The charging documents reveal they found hundreds of pornographic pictures of men in Buck's apartment in comprising poses.  At least 10 victims have come forward with their stories about how they almost died in Buck's apartment. 

Since the investigation was launched, a number of other men of color have come forward to claim political power player Buck, who is single and came out as gay at 16, paid them to take drugs. The coroner's report, from July 31, 2017, noted that investigators spoke with a woman who knew Moore, who said that the prostitute had told her about another man he knew that had been tied up by Buck 'over a year ago', who then 'held him against his will at the residence in West Hollywood.'Buck was arrested on three counts of battery and running a drug den

Turns out his biggest sexual fetish was watching good looking young black men overdose from drugs he administered himself. 

Court documents filed on Tuesday portray Buck as a "violent, dangerous sexual predator," who uses the bait of drugs, money, and shelter to lure men struggling with addiction and homelessness into his home, where he "manipulates them into participating in his sexual fetishes."

Buck is now charged with numerous federal counts including three felony counts of battery (for injecting the men with crystal meth) and with running a drug house.  Meanwhile the cover-up continues.  Mainstream media has downplayed how much of a political power player Buck was while politicians are quickly distancing themselves from him.   The New York Times called him 'small-time'.  Right!

Ed Buck with former California Governor Jerry Brown

Animal Rights Hall of Shame: Paul Shapiro

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet Paul Shapiro.

Shapiro started his career as an animal rights extremist in prep-school (paid for by his lawyer daddy) by founding a group he called Compassion Over Killing promoting a vegan diet. COK made a name for itself by framing farmers with highly edited and exploitative ‘undercover’ videos that activists would sit on for months or years until just the right political time came.   As with most of these activists, Shapiro has no documented education in animals. Just an ideological opposition to eating them based upon becoming a vegan at age 13.  Like many today, his feelings matter more than science.   His actual college degree is in "peace studies."  Another useless liberal degree. 

While at COK, Shapiro was fond of protesting outside of fast food restaurants and on occasion, climbing up on their roofs.  Yeah, that's him below on the right protesting 'McMurder.'   

That's not all, COK, remember founded and run by Shapiro, used to frequently promote the Animal Liberation front (ALF) an domestic terrorism group under long term investigation by the FBI.   Besides promoting ALF activities, COK offered several ALF propaganda videos for sale.  By mailing money to COK, activists could get their own copies of these promotional ALF movies.  

After 10 years at COK making a name for himself along with Josh Balk and Miyun Park, he was hired by the Humane Society for the United States (HSUS) to launch a new campaign aimed at putting farmers out of business. Joining them in 2005, as the senior director for their so-called 'factory farming' campaign eventually rising to Vice President.  

In 2008, he was inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame.  Instead like all of these activists, he belongs in the Hall of Shame.

By 2010, the complaints were piling up. Such as HSUS volunteer Ashley Rhinehart. Rhinehart met Shapiro at a talk he gave at Arizona State University, near where she was living. Shapiro made passes at her over the course of a couple of days, Rhinehart told POLITICO, “and filled me in on the fact he’s in an open relationship and that he was free to have sex with other people.”

Two days later, after she happened to see him at another vegan event, Shapiro asked Rhinehart, a 25-year-old registered nurse, to come to his car to examine a bottle of pain pills that had expired. He tried to kiss her, she said, and she turned her cheek. Shapiro went on to pressure Rhinehart to have sex for over a year. Starting in 2012 she was hired to work at the HSUS headquarters and almost immediately was targeted by predator Wayne Pacelle who kept trying to corner her alone in his office. When she reported his behavior Shapiro told her that Pacelle was also in an open relationship.

Every former employee who spoke with POLITICO said Shapiro had a habit of making sexual jokes in the office, and several remembered how he kept on his bookshelf a book called Sex at Dawn, about the flaws of monogamy. He openly discussed his philosophy of having many sexual partners with colleagues.

Still HSUS leadership covered it up. In 2015, Shapiro also emailed four male employees from his personal account a pornographic image of a man and woman having sex, according to a copy obtained by POLITICO. In another email, also from his personal account, he sent male employees an article about spider bites being a natural form of Viagra, the erectile dysfunction drug.

In September 2016 he was accused of sexually harassing a female HSUS staffer on a business trip to Boston. He told lewd jokes and walked around naked with a piece of clothing held in front of his penis. When she returned to the office she joined five other women in reporting him to human resources for sexual harassment.

The women said Shapiro, the vice president of Farm Animal Protection, asked them to have sex and told lewd jokes in the office, according to a POLITICO investigation based on new interviews with seven current and former employees, including four of the women who filed the complaint. According to interviews, emails and an internal document reviewed by POLITICO, Shapiro suggested a female employee should “take one for the team” by having sex with a donor, sent pornography and lewd emails to male employees and discussed with colleagues his sexual philosophies, such as having as many sexual partners as possible. His alleged behavior, staffers say, led to the resignations of no fewer than five employees from 2015 to late 2017.”

Instead of being disciplined, the good ol’ boys at HSUS gave him a lateral promotion. Shapiro denies it and claims the new position had less responsibility but, in either case, his behavior was covered up and he was allowed to remain on the payroll for another 16 months until head honcho Wayne Pacelle was caught in a sexual harassment scandal of his own revealing that objectifying women is pretty much institutionalized at HSUS. Nothing shows this more than when Pacelle hired Scotlund Haisley, a long time heroin junkie who only worked in the animal rescue field in his words, because it gave him better lap dances from strippers.

HSUS VP Paul Shapiro resigned in January 2018. He was allowed to leave on his own terms despite numerous women having accused him of toxic behavior.  It appears he didn't learn anything in college when he was studying 'peace studies.'

Today Shapiro has reinvented his image yet again as the author of a book promoting plant based alternatives to meat, giving TEDx speeches and founding The Better Meat Co.

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Animal Rights Hall of Shame: Leland Yee

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet ex-California state Senator Leland Yee. 

Leland Lee (D-San Francisco/Sam Mateo) is a long-time political operative and animal rights activist in California. He’s also a convicted felon. 

Lee spent a large part of his political career in the pocket of vegan animal rights lawyers like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) pushing their anti-animal legislation on gullible California residents. When he wasn’t a guest speaker at animal rights activism seminars held by HSUS California State Director Jennifer Fearing, he was advocating for gun control and even more hysterically, “campaign finance” reform.

I do not think those words mean what you and I think they mean. For more discerning locals, they didn’t mean what Yee wanted them to mean either.

Rose Pak, a “Chinatown powerbroker,” told the Guardian that Yee had “no moral character.” She rattled off a list of her (unconfirmed) suspicions — “How did the guy manage to buy a million-dollar house on a $30,000 City Hall salary?” — but the gist was clear: Pak didn’t trust him.

That great campaign finance ‘reform’ that Yee was always advocating for meant that his office was for sale to the highest bidder. He regularly exchanged votes and agendas for cash as your typical play to play politician. From his first seat on a local school board, to a position on the city’s Board of Supervisors to state Senator, Yee was a master at talking out of both sides of his mouth. If you didn’t pay, he didn’t vote for your pet legislation.

"It also demonstrates the sense of entitlement that many of our elected officials feel they have to hold power," he said. Yee "wanted at all costs to hold onto power, and I think voters are tired of it."

When he wasn’t being paid for votes, he was shilling for the ‘cute puppy’ vote by promoting an animal rights animal-less vegan world while being a member of the California legislature’s Animal Protection Caucus. As part of his animal rights advocacy , in 2008, Yee sponsored a HSUS bill called S.B. 685. This legislation protects the rights of the wealthy elite to leave vast sums of money in ‘trust’ for their pets when they die. In reality, the money just goes into the pockets of the people in charge of the trust who use the trust to avoid paying taxes.

Leland Yee co-authored S.B. 1221 along with several other legislators to try and outlaw hunting Bobcats and bears with dogs. Joining him in sponsoring this legislation was now ex-State Senator Ronald Calderon (D-Montebello). In 2012, the California Senate voted to pass the legislation which now goes to the legislature to be considered and bobcat attacks on humans is now rising. 

In 2013, Yee was promoted on the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF)’s Humane Scorecard for being a co-sponsor of one of HSUS’s typical anti-animal bills, the anti-hunting bill A.B. 789 and a supporter of the rest of their legislation that year. Over 150 hunters showed up to testify in opposition to 789 but in urban liberal California it passed anyway.

While Yee maintained a clean-cut image on the surface, those who followed his career closely — and opposed him politically — have viewed him as a contradictory figure from the start.

He was never someone who could be trusted, they say. The signs of corruption have been there all along, and whispers about his beguiling character were part of why he came fifth in the 2011 mayoral election.

Yee’s long reign of corruption was finally stopped in 2014. Not because his fake concern for animals was uncovered. No, Yee was exposed when it was revealed that this dirty politician had been taking bribes for years and had a side business in illegally trafficking in guns.

Yee ended up sitting across from an undercover federal agent in a coffee shop in early March, brokering what he was told was a $2 million arms deal that would include the purchase of shoulder-fired missiles from Islamic rebels in the Philippines.

"Do I think we can make some money? I think we can make some money," Yee told the agent in a conversation recounted in a 137-page arrest affidavit. "Do I think we can get the goods? I think we can get the goods."

Yee was ultimately sentenced to five years in prison on racketeering charges for accepting bribes and offering to smuggle weapons from the Philippines for a New Jersey mob.

Busted the same year as Yee for similar bribery charges was another long time HSUS politician former California state Senator Ronald Calderon.

Animal Rights Hall of Shame: Ronald Calderon

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet ex-Senator Ronald Calderon.  

Ronald Calderon (D-Montebello) is a long-time political operative and animal rights activist in California. He’s also a convicted felon.

Ronald Calderon was also a long-time water carrier for the vegan lawyers of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). When he wasn’t being paid for votes, he was shilling for the ‘cute puppy’ vote by promoting an animal rights animal-less vegan world as a member of the California legislature’s Animal Protection Caucus.

Calderon is also well-known in Sacramento for accepting gifts, tickets to sporting events, and exotic trips from lobbyists, including first class accommodations in Hawaii, Las Vegas, and the AT&T Pro Am in Pebble Beach. Some estimates of the gifts from special interests are between $45,000 and $60,000, since 2000, significantly more than any other legislator.

In 2013, Calderon was promoted on the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF)’s Humane Scorecard for being a co-sponsor of one of HSUS’s typical anti-animal bills,the anti-hunting bill A.B. 789 and a supporter of the rest of their legislation that year. He signed a letter asking California Congressional leaders to stop the King Amendment to the Farm Bill which would have nullified the attempts of California vegans to control the nations egg supply and deprive the rest of America from enjoying a healthy egg omelet breakfast.

We can’t let every state decide what’s going on in all the other states or refuse to accept their products,” King said. “We have inspectors from California that are now traveling around Iowa with their tape measures, measuring the cage sizes of our laying hens in Iowa.”

For American’s in fly-over country, they’d rather tell urban liberal Californians to go pound sand than listen to their arty-farty clueless ideas on how to raise chickens. Or as Congressman King, member of the House Agriculture Committee stated, Iowa should not be “held hostage to the demands of California’s vegan lobby and California’s regulatory agencies.” States do not have the Constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce. Of course, state Senator “my vote is for sale” Calderon disagrees.

The indictment describes a scheme in which Ron Calderon allegedly solicited and accepted approximately $100,000 in cash bribes – as well as plane trips, gourmet dinners and trips to golf resorts – in exchange for official acts, such as supporting legislation that would be favorable to those who paid the bribes and opposing legislation that would be harmful to them. The indictment further alleges that Ron Calderon attempted to convince other public officials to support and oppose legislation.

Busted in 2014, the same year as his pal Leland Yee, Calderon was caught accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribe money. He sold his office to the highest bidder and solicited jobs for his son and daughter from constituents. His son in particular was paid $30,000 for just 15 days of work over the summer.

Mr. Calderon betrayed the public trust,” said U.S. Atty. Eileen Decker. “A basic premise of our society is that elected officials will not exchange their votes for monetary gain and that’s what Mr. Calderon did.”

Here, defendant’s trafficking in his legislative votes (for, by contrast, over $150,000 in benefits) caused a reverberation of negative effects throughout California and put a stain not just on his career, but on the reputation of the state legislature,” Jenkins wrote.

“Here, defendant sold his vote not just to help pay for the expenses of living beyond his means, but for the more banal and predictable aims of corruption — fancy luxuries, fancy parties and fancy people,” Jenkins wrote, attaching to the file a photo Calderon took with rappers Nelly and T.I. at a Las Vegas event.

Calderon was sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison after pleading guilty in federal court in 2016. He admitted to accepting bribes. Huge bribes. Up to the end he kept whining about how he was innocent and this guilty plea would ruin his ‘legacy’ as a politician. Cry me a river.

“I did not really hear Sen. Calderon accept responsibility or apologize,” she said. “It was really about himself.”

While the judge was being forced to listen to Calderon whine about his life, his brother was starting his own prison sentence. Former state Assemblyman Tom Calderon was sentenced to a year in prison for laundering his brother’s bribe money.

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Animal Rights Hall of Shame: Kevin Kjonaas aka Kevin Chase

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet Kevin Kjonaas aka Kevin Chase aka Kevin Jonas aka Steve Shore aka Jim Fareer (Kevin gets around). 

A convicted felon. Buddies with Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law. A former member of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The animal rights movement has made it their goal to subvert the Trump White House and sadly they have made huge inroads in their goal.

“She really wants to be the first First Family member that champions an animal issue,” said Kevin Chase, the Beagle Freedom Project’s head of operations. “Usually it’s military stuff, veterans, children, eating healthy. She’s like, ‘I want to finally be the voice of some animal stuff.’”

The problem is, all of the ‘animal stuff’ that Lara Trump promotes comes straight out of the mouths of criminals, perverts and sex predators. People who know nothing about animals.

People like Kevin Chase.

Chase likes to downplay and/or cover up his extensive criminal background. Like it’s no big deal. You tell me if it’s no big deal that Chase’s Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign was exaggerating the harassment he subjected his victims too. The Huntingdon Life Sciences medical research laboratory with locations in both England and America was targeted for destruction by extremists from the dog killers of PETA because the animal rights movement is ideologically opposed to medical research. Chase was the leader of the American branch of SHAC. In 2006, Kjonaas (aka Chase) with six others was charged with conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act (AEPA) in the first case testing the 1992 law.

Victims of the SHAC campaign, several of whom testified at trial, often endured vandalism of their homes in the dark of night, including rocks being thrown through windows, cars being overturned, messages in red paint plastered on their homes and property, unrelenting bullhorn protests in front of their homes and harassment of neighbors.

Chase and his cohorts targeted the employees of companies that he disagreed with. In order to shut down medical research and send us all back to the stone age, Chase and his pals targeted individual employees one by one to harass using his declared “top 20 terror tactics.” Chase and his criminal circle took their terror one step further by targeting the employees of insurers, financial services and investment firms that provided benefits to the employees of the company that Chase was trying to put out of business.

The “top 20 terror tactics” implicitly encouraged the invading of offices, vandalizing property and stealing documents; physical assault, including spraying cleaning fluid into someone’s eyes; smashing windows of a target’s home or flooding the home while the individual was away; vandalizing or firebombing cars and bomb hoaxes; and threatening telephone calls or letters, including threats to kill or injure someone’s partner or children.

SHAC wasn’t his first criminal campaign. Chase started his career back in the 90’s as a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) a group that the FBI named the #1 domestic terrorist threat in America. ALF was originally founded in England in 1976 by a convicted criminal. Bomber Ronnie Lee. Here in America, the FBI estimated that ALF and their associates were behind over 1,100 criminal acts causing over $100 million dollars in damages.

After serving six years in prison for his terror campaigns as part of the “SHAC 7,” Chase has reinvented his past by launching a new animal rights group called the Beagle Freedom Project to try and white wash his history. Nothing says cover-up like posing for pictures with cute puppies. Puppies he claims to have saved from horrific medical research labs that are torturing and killing dogs and cats. Except they aren’t. 

In 2014, one of Chase’s blinded followers who called herself “Katie Johnson” in the paperwork she filed adopted a beagle named Jerry from University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Less than 24 hours later, Jerry the beagle was being paraded around as a poster child for being ‘liberated’ from cruel and sadistic medical researchers who were going to kill him. Except they weren’t.

Jerry spent the entirety of his short life as a test subject, never getting the chance to play or even smell fresh air. “ Beagle Freedom Project.

All lies. Jerry the beagle was not a medical research subject. Jerry was at UC Davis for just a few weeks for students to observe him being examined and neutered. He was one of exactly TWO DOGS used each year for this demonstration, dogs who are always adopted out afterwards and not killed.

According to his 2015 IRS filings, Chase is pulling in $1.6 million a year from gullible donors who either don’t know his criminal history or don’t care. Donors such as Microsoft’s Bill Gates who gave Kevin Chase $500,000.

On behalf of the National Association for Biomedical Research (NABR) and our more than 360 university and corporate members nationwide, I write to express our concern with your selection of the Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) to receive $500,000 from Microsoft’s Upgrade Your World contest. While it may appear your contribution will go toward improving the lives of animals, the facts tell a different story.

It’s a sad day in America when criminals and sex predators make more money than their victims do. What is worse is that Kevin Chase has been a featured speaker on Fox News and at Washington DC’s George Washington University Law School Animal Law Program in 2018. Teaching his twisted criminal views to the next generation of America's lawyers.  Views that terrorize human beings and don't save the lives of a single animal.