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When Greed Kills: Another Retail Rescue Tragedy

News broke six days ago of a horrific truck crash in Idaho killing two people and dozens of dogs. From coast to coast people reacted with sadness and sympathy to this tragedy.   

Do not let the sadness of the story detract you from the facts of this case. Ann Watson and boyfriend Christopher Kracht rented a Enterprise box truck and were illegally shipping what were largely Mexican dogs to Canada in brutal and cruel substandard transport runs for profit.  There was absolutely nothing legal or humane about stuffing 48 dogs into a Arizona box truck to heat stroke themselves to death. 

Save your sadness for the dogs who spend their lives being a trafficked commodity in the billion dollar retail rescue trade and suffer terrible lives because of it.  Watson and Kracht weren't saving anything.  These 48 dogs were being transported to the notorious EJ's Rescue in Alberta, Canada (aka Dog E Daycare). A rescue with a long history of complaints reporting shady practices, sick and dead dogs and piles of filthy cash going somewhere.  A business that was prepared to accept 48 dogs at once. Imagine if your local shelter received 48 dogs in a single day. This shipment is just one view into the secretive and highly lucrative animal rescue trade in America. 

It is illegal to ship dogs across multiple state lines in rented box trucks like this.  Ventilation is not the same thing as climate control.   Watson and Kracht may have had air conditioning (and heating in the winter) during these runs but the dogs in the back of the truck did not.  They were left to suffer alone in a cargo truck designed to move furniture not live animals.  Nor did they have the resources to stop and allow the 48 dogs out of the truck to go potty during that long cross country trip.  Instead they had to sit in their own filth.  

Watson and her boyfriend Kracht had built up a persona as Pitbull rescuers saving dogs from dying in overcrowded Arizona shelters calling themselves Who Saved Who (aka Ann's Pet Services, LLC). The current illegal shipment was one of four they made to EJ's Rescue recently.  They had to know the dogs were going to a place with a dodgy reputation founded by a drug addict.   They claim that in just two years in business, they had personally resold 400 dogs and made these illegal transport runs shipping dogs to other dirty rescues.  Family members have stated to the media that Watson has 'saved' over 1,000 dogs in the past 10 years.   It sounds warm and fuzzy but that's 1,400 'adoption fees' that everyone is conveniently forgetting about.   They also claimed to be making two transport runs to Canada per month.  That's one every two weeks.   Let that one sink in.  Two people sold 400 dogs in two years and were making a minimum of three extensive illegal transport runs per month, two of which were to Canada and back.  Sales volume of that level is horrific.   Another question to ask yourself, where did the other dogs go?   If they were shipping dogs to Canada in cruel conditions every two weeks yet this was their 4th trip to EJ's, where were the other shipments going?   Media stories abound with sob stories about their combined six children left behind but who was caring for them when Watson and Kracht were driving back and forth to Canada every two weeks and other transport runs around the nation in-between?  

Horse-hockey.  Many of these dogs originated in Mexico and many of them ended up in an even more dodgy place in Canada.  The founder of the Canadian 'rescue' John Murray admits to taking shipments of southern California dogs (also largely from Mexico) to the Canadian facility every single week for resale to Canadian families.   As for Watson's family, they have raised over $43K in just five days on a GoFundMe to 'pay for' support of the six orphaned children.  One of Watson's sons has stated he plans to take over his mother's business trafficking in dogs.  

The Blackfoot Animal Shelter and Rescue recovered 21 surviving dogs from the truck crash site. They have announced that they still plan on shipping the survivors to Canada to keep the rescue gravy train running.   The "rescue" in Canada claims they have homes waiting for all of their shipments but a check of their own social media shows this to be a lie. 

As for EJ's Rescue aka Dog E Daycare, a for-profit business in Alberta, Canada run by John Murray and his wife Trina Demeria where the shipment was headed, they have a long and contentious history.  Originally founded in California, Murray moved to Canada close to six years ago to take advantage of Canada's lax regulations over animal shelters.   The Canadian facility receives a never ending stream of transport runs to their 'day care' building to keep the wave of product coming in.  

Check out what former workers have to say about EJ's.  

A brief check of social media finds dozens of stories of people being sold sick dogs with fake histories and then ghosted by EJ's Rescue.  An amazing number of these stories involve both parvo (a deadly virus) and dogs with spinal disorders and paralysis.   It's simply impossible to track how many millions have flowed into their pockets.  

Check out this nine year old online petition at, asking for help in stopping other horrifically cruel transport runs that John Murray (aka "English John") was running in the United States.  

Murray, a former driver for Hollywood celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, bragged in 2014 that he personally was running transport shipments from California to his facility in Canada every single week.  You can find comments on social media regarding sick dogs in his transport runs and statements alleging that he was making these runs while drinking and high on cocaine.  While that can't be confirmed, Murray is an admitted drug addict.   In a sickening move, Murray won an award in 2014 for his animal trafficking business.  

Actress Hilary Swank giving an award to John Murray in 2014. 

How about this story posted on Reddit almost a year ago where one of EJ's Rescues former foster homes was given a vicious dominant wolf-hybrid named Sabrina and lied to and told it was a 'husky mix.' The foster home says they reached out to Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary who verified that the dog they had was known to be a wolf-cross and that they had been trying to work with EJ's Rescue to place the animal in an appropriate situation but EJ's refused to work with them.

"Yesterday, a mother with two small children reached out to me saying she wanted to adopt, but was told by EJ Rescue to get me to not go to the media with this story otherwise they wouldn’t let her have Sabrina. Basically blackmailing me into shutting up so they can place her into a home that is completely unfit for this animal."

Apparently EJ's Rescue puts profit and their media persona above the lives of two small children.  Who in their right minds would sell a dominant vicious wolf-cross to completely unsuitable home and risk the lives of small children?  Their online reviews are no better.

Various online reviews and social media posts are filled with horror stories such as:   

"Albert" A foster home was given what they were told was a healthy four-year-old bully mix.  A vet examined him and determined that he was closer to 10 years old with a severe chronic spinal condition that would eventually paralyze both his back legs.  Volunteer's with EJ dispute the age and diagnosis of the dog even though he was gray haired, had old teeth, 'old man lungs' and a degenerative spine and demanded the dog be returned.  The foster home was reported to the authorizes to force them to return the dog so it can be resold to someone else.  

Then there's "Chuck" sold off as a 12-week-old Mastiff Heeler mix.  When the family had the puppy examined by a veterinarian he was determined to be much younger with a faked vaccination history.  A short time later he was determined to have spinal lesions that were causing his back legs to atrophy as he grew.  Veterinary estimates ran as high as $9,000 for surgery with no guarantee that he wouldn't be completely paralyzed.  The owner stated Demeria never answered her again when she reported the puppy's condition.   

Besides reselling thousands of imported dogs, Murray and Demeria apparently also run multiple fundraisers to bring more cash into their business including as this Do Not Adopt (DNA) list claims:  having fellow drug addicts run fundraisers on their behalf such as Kelley Jean Desmond (aka Kelley Love:  multiple arrests for heroin possession, assault, driving on a suspended licence in Florida and Georgia) and then skimming off 'fees' for fundraising.   

It is long past time that the United States Department of Agriculture cracked down on these inhumane animal rescue transporters who are constantly trucking animals around America to sell off to a gullible public for massive profit. EJ's is just one of thousands of front groups flooding Canada with foreign bred dogs by air and truck. One Calgary-based agency contacted by Maclean’s, Pawsitive Match Inc., says it trucked in about 800 dogs from the southwestern U.S. and Mexico in 2012 alone. America should not be a pipeline between the sick and diseased stray dogs of Mexico and new homes in Canada.   Those 48 dogs in that box truck deserve better.  

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Terrified Senseless, Roo wants her Mommy - the Whispering Pines Poodle story

As I approach the 10 year anniversary of the destruction of the Whispering Pines poodles at the hands of an animal rights extremist and the release of my next book, I'd like to walk down #MemoryLane
Roo-Roo from the cover of
Staring the Dragon in the Eye

Picture the scene 10 years ago. For 12 hours, jack booted thugs trash my home, terrorize and steal my dogs and glory in causing me agonizing pain that continues to this day.

This is Roo-Roo's story. 
 My heart dog. The girl that started it all. My first born puppy out of my first born litter. Long established poodle breeders told me to kill her when she was born because she has a large white spot on her chest. I defied them all. She was the fattest roly-poly puppy ever. I named her Chubbers for fun. As she grew into a stately trim young lady I called her Chubber-Roo. When we were being silly I Roo-Roo'd her like Scooby-Doo.  She answered to them all.  She had the funniest sense of humor ever and understood I was teasing her.   Then again some days I’d
teasingly call her Chicken Butt, and she not only answered to it, but she thought it was funny and
her tail would wag back and forth a million miles an hour while she laughed at me and gave me kisses.

Roo-Roo may have been the one who started it all but I had been in poodles for 4 years by the time she came along.  I researched lines and studied genetics like a fanatic before I finally had my first litter of poodle puppies.  No one plans for the birth of a dog like this unless they put their whole heart and soul into what they are doing.  

Bucket her because she's not solid colored?  Not a chance.  

Making fun of all the hysterics over her white chest spot, I named her "Dont Drink The Milk of DGL" to poke fun.  Her full name was UKC Grand Champion WPs Don’t Drink The Milk Of DGL, CGC, CHIC. She was out of UKC Grand Champion/Int’l Champion DGL’s Theadore Three Of Nine and K-Lar’s Chocolate Latte, CHIC.  I was warned that I would never be accepted in mainstream poodle circles if I kept her but I stood steadfast.  I wasn't about to bucket anything.

Roo-Roo at 3 weeks old. 

When Chubbs opened her eyes at ten days of age, she looked up at me, locked eyes with me with fanatical devotion, and said, “You are my mommy.” In the five and a half years she shared my life, she never stopped giving me that exact same look. Everyone who met her commented on how in Chubbers’ mind, I was her entire world. She would tolerate others and was a friendly affectionate girl, but her entire heart, mind, and soul was devoted to me and no one else.

At 6th months old she started her show career quickly becoming my first home bred champion dog.  She was shown from Ohio to New Jersey to North Carolina. 
I continued to show her towards a Grand Champion title. To earn such a title she had to have five major wins under at least three different judges in which she defeated at least two other titled champions each time. Roo-Roo was shown in front of hundreds of people and physically examined by dozens of judges. 

Once she finished kicking butt in the show ring, she was retired to become a mommy and start her second career in competition obedience.  I started her off with AKC's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program.  She had to pass a 10-step test to be awarded the CGC, including being touched by friendly strangers, walking calmly though crowds, sit-stays and others.  From there I started training her for basic obedience and rally so she could join her brother who was already competing in both in addition to agility.  
Roo and I in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

Hilleary Bogley would claim to the media that I stored my dogs in airline shipping containers and they were so abused that they 'struggled to stand.'   Yeah, my Roo-Roo was so abused and so little socialized by me that I took her to the Poodle Club of America National Specialty show in Salisbury, Maryland in 2007. She was tested at their cardiac clinic that year in front of and mingling with approximately 2,000 other poodles and their owners and handlers entered in the weeks festivities.   She had a marvelous time.  She thought it was funny all the covert stares at her chest spot.

During Roo-Roo's life time there was only one instance that she didn't sleep in my bed cuddled by me every night.  That was during Snowmaggedon 2010.  The horrible natural disaster that hit Virginia just 6 weeks before Hilleary Bogley destroyed my life.   With a newborn litter of puppies trapped in a natural disaster, their lives were on the line.  Recognizing their needs over her fanatical love for me, Roo-Roo climbed into their whelping bed and helped River keep them warm.  Roo helped River’s babies survive recognizing their needs over her love for me. 
Roo-Roo and I in Franklin, Virginia.

During the animal rights terror raid of my home on April 10, 2010, Roo was the 2nd dog stolen from me.  Fauquier County Animal Control Officer Lane Phillippe told vegan animal rights extremist Hilleary Bogley that he saw nothing wrong with her and why should she be seized? Bogley replied back, "We seize them all." I later faced no charges for Roo-Roo's care and condition yet I never saw her again. 

As the 
2nd dog seized, Roo-Roo was not only in season, she was wearing doggie period pants at the time of the seizure.  I also never recovered all the gear that Bogley's raid force stole from me. Roo's doggie pants, the multiple leashes and other gear stolen? Gone! I warned Phillippe and everyone I saw that Roo-Roo was in season and she had to be kept away from all male dogs. I was soundly ignored.   

I later found out that Hilleary Bogley bred Roo-Roo while she was in her custody.  I never found out what happened to Roo or any potential puppies.  I just saw a notation in Bogley's records that one of my dogs was later tested for pregnancy and was positive.  As the only dog in season at the time of the raid, it had to have been Roo.  

When Phillippe took her, my heart was breaking and I was screaming inside, but I stayed calm, leaned over and gave my beloved dog of my heart, my first born girl, my sweetheart and constant companion of the past 5 ½ years a single kiss goodbye, and then calmly walked away as if nothing unusual was happening.  I wanted to spare her as much trauma and pain as possible. This was truly the hardest moment of my life and I will never forget it. Nor will I ever forget her screams as she was separated from me.   Phillippe had to drag her away by her neck because she refused to leave my side.  Her bloodcurdling screams will remain imprinted in my heart, my  mind, and my soul for the rest of my life. I tried to handle it as calmly as possible to save her the trauma but Roo wasn’t fooled. She did not want to go with these people.

 She may have been the 2nd dog taken but his van is the last to leave my home.   He never once checked on her.  

He gave her no water. 

He gave her no food.

He never let her out to relieve herself.  

Roo just days before she was taken.
She had just visited the Tractor Supply store in town

For 12 hours Roo-Roo screamed in terror locked away in his truck, soundly ignored by this sworn Fauquier Sheriff's Deputy.   My ears echo to this day with the sounds of my Roo’s screaming bloody murder as she beat on the walls of his truck desperate to escape from them and return to the only mommy she had ever known. The memory of her pain, distress, and outright terror will remain tattooed on my heart in blood.

#WhisperingPinesPoodles #NeverGiveUp #MemoryLane #PreservationBreeder #AnimalRightsHatesAnimals #AnimalRightsEqualsBetterDeadThanFed

Bewildered and Lost Trixie Looks for her Mommy - the Whispering Pines Poodle story

This is the story of the destruction of the Whispering Pines Poodles at the hands of a vegan animal rights extremist.

As I approach the 10 year anniversary of the destruction of the Whispering Pines poodles at the hands of an animal rights extremist and the release of my next book, I'd like to walk down #MemoryLane

Picture the scene 10 years ago. For 12 hours, jack booted thugs trash my home, terrorize and steal my dogs and glory in causing me agonizing pain that continues to this day.

This is Trixie's story. Her show name is UKC Grand Champion WP’s Love Reign O’er Me, ranked 5th
in the UKC Top Ten for 2008.  She was ranked the 5th best quality multi-colored standard poodle in all of America for that year.  Her parents were: American Champion Greenwyn Ascot Luminary and UKC Grand Champion WP’s Cherdons Chequered Love, CHIC.    Trixie came from some incredible dogs.   Everyone in poodles knew Connie Green of Greenwyn.  She held various top positions in the Poodle Club of America for years.   Victoria Law of Luminary was the Vice President of the Washington Poodle Club.  

Trixie's mother Lovey was the 6th multi-colored poodle to receive a champion title in the United Kennel Club (UKC).   She also quickly earned her Grand Champion title and was CHIC certified for health.  However, Lovey had hormonal issues.  She could get pregnant but she couldn't stay that way.   After consultation with two of the east coasts top canine reproduction experts, Lovey was put on hormone therapy to sustain her pregnancy with 'Luca" the daddy and she had a small litter of six puppies.  The only puppies she would ever have.  It cost me over $4,000 to save her babies.   I planned on keeping two, a boy and a girl to continue my line but another little girl had other plans.  

From the moment she was born this little black girl stared at me like I was her whole world.  She bonded with me like no dog I've ever seen.  The only dog bonded to me tighter than her was my beloved Roo.    I ended up naming this little girl, Trixie.   Bold, endlessly full of joy and laughter.   When she was 8 weeks old, buyers would come to look at her and she would hide behind the furniture and refuse to come to them.  The minute they left she would bound out and radiate sunshine, laughing and happy.   It happened over and over again and I couldn't understand the Jekyll and Hyde attitude until one day I realized she was telling me that she had no intentions of going ANYWHERE.

Ordinarily I retired and placed my adults in loving homes 
as soon as I finished showing them in the show ring but I told this silly giggling girl that I would honor her wishes and she would stay here forever.   Because she was this overwhelming bundle of love who never knew a sad day in her life, I named her "Love Reign O'er Me."  She lived up to it fully.  

She giggled her way through dog shows up and down the east coast.   She laughed herself silly in New Jersey, she grinned at judges in Maryland, she won over judges in Virginia with her sweet winsome smiles.    After winning a number of Best of Breed awards she was awarded her Championship.   Because she wanted nothing more than to be at my side and I traveled every month showing my dogs, I continued to show her towards a Grand Champion title.   To earn such a title she had to have five major wins under at least three different judges in which she defeated at least two other titled champions each time. She did it with easy and style strolling into her Grand Champion title.  Trixie was shown in front of hundreds of people and physically examined by dozens of judges.   Trixie was shown so much and graded to be such high quality that she was ranked the #5th dog in UKC's Top Ten for 2008.  
Trixie in Maryland

When my home was invaded by a vegan animal rights extremist named Hilleary Bogley on April 10, 2010, she ordered Fauquier County Animal Control officer Lane P
hillippe who was with her to seize all my dogs.   Phillippe was a lazy man who had turned over the keys of his office to Bogley and did whatever she (a private citizen) told him to do.   He told her that he saw nothing wrong with Trixie and why should she be seized?  Bogley replied back, "We seize them all."   

At the time Phillippe and Bogley had just returned to my home with a faked warrant.  Trixie is outside in my friend's car.   Their fraudulent warrant is for my home, not cars belonging to other people. 

Bogley approaches and suddenly attacks my friend  screaming at the top of her lungs,  "Whose dog is this?  How old is this dog? What is her exact date of birth?  Why do you have this dog in your car?  Where's your sales receipt for this dog?  What is this dog's birth date?  Why don't you know this information you shameful liar?"  

 My friend was so scared she started having a panic attack and went into hysterics. She pushed her way past Bogley and ran around her car to get away from her. Bogley followed her still screaming and shrieking at her. My beloved friend is shaking like a leaf and moaning "I don't know, leave me alone.  I don't know.  Please leave me alone."   Bogley keeps screaming in her face that if she doesn't know Trixie's exact date of birth then she's a liar.  
Giggling Trixie at a show in New Jersey. 

Bogley finally tires of her game and orders Phillippe to seize the dog out of the car. My friend pulls herself together and says, “I’ll get her. She has a back injury. You have to be careful with this dog.”  Philippe labels her Dog #1 and puts her in his truck.  I later faced no charges for Trixie's care, yet I never saw Trixie again.  All members of Bogley's raid force refused to listen to any attempts I made at giving the name of the dog they were taking and its medical history. I was continuously told to shut up. As the felonious criminal I was, obviously none of these dogs had names, names that they knew and responded too, right?

To my surprise I hear Bogley start gushing in a happy overjoyed tone to Phillippe about what a nice leash he was holding in his hands. She starts gushing like crazy that, “Oh wow, that leash is very stylish.” “Oh, so colorful.” “What pretty colors.” “Oh my God, that is such a nice leash!” Gushing on like a spring flood she starts all over again, “That is just such a really nice leash.” “Oh those pretty colors.” I think I just got whiplash from her emotional swing. With a loud voice I speak up and say to Phillippe, “That is my leash you are holding and I want my leash back!” Bogley then gave me this sucking prunes constipated look and Phillippe meekly handed me the leash back. He was holding the special cotton candy pink British slip lead leash that Trixie had on her. After Bogley recovers from her sucking prunes look, she goes back into the dead monotone chanting and starts back up with Phillippe  that I am making inappropriate comments and she needs him to keep me in custody and I must be guarded by a Deputy at all times because I make her nervous.

I make her nervous? 
She's the one trespassing in my home not the other way around. 

I will never forget the last time I saw my sweet giggling sidekick.  She was standing with Phillippe looking at me with a sad bewildered look on her face as if to say to me, "Mommy you promised I could stay with you forever.  Why are you giving me away?"  

Trixie with Fauquier ACO Phillippe

Trixie was the 1st dog taken from me but Phillippe's truck is the last to leave my home 12 hours later.   He never once checked on her.  

He gave her no water. 

He gave her no food.

He never let her out to relieve herself.  

For 12 hours Trixie suffered in silence. 
 In quiet hurt as she listened to Roo screaming her head off in terrified distress in the cage next to her.  

The story of my beloved Roo-Roo is coming next.  

#WhisperingPinesPoodles #NeverGiveUp #MemoryLane #PreservationBreeder #AnimalRightsHatesAnimals #AnimalRightsEqualsBetterDeadThanFed

RAID! The Storming of my Home - the Whispering Pines Poodle story

As I approach the 10 year anniversary of the destruction of the Whispering Pines poodles at the hands of an animal rights extremist and the release of my next book, I'd like to walk down #MemoryLane   Picture the scene 10 years ago.

Many show dog breeders conduct oceans of genetic health testing on their dogs in order to produce the healthiest puppies possible.  We care about what we are producing and cry over issues that come forward.  Our dedication to our breeds frequently mean long road trips to far away specialty veterinarians and appointments booked more than 6 months out.  Twice a year Dr. Luis Braz-Ruivo, a board certified Veterinary Cardiologist in Bowie, Maryland held a genetic cardiac health testing clinic for dog breeders.  My dogs have been tested by him for years.

Three WP's poodles shown at Grantsville, Pennsylvania

Even with the horrific stock market crash in September 2009 that derailed the American economy I still made my regular appointments as usual.  I had been booked to see Dr. Braz Ruivo for months.   I got up that morning at the crack of dawn not seeing the tornado heading my way. I had no idea when Roo-Roo and I were cuddling in bed before the alarm clock went off that this would be the most tragic and horror filled day of my life. I had no idea I'd never see her alive again.  Instead, Petra and I drive four hours to Maryland and back again to have her heart tested.  Dr. Braz-Ruivo told me how much he loved my dogs and she was in the peak of health.  I bought her McDonalds as a treat on the way home.  She happily munched on french fries while I focused on navigating the Capital Beltway around Washington, DC. 

Twenty minutes after I arrive home, a vehicle pulls into my driveway.  Sitting in the truck is a vegan animal rights extremist named Hilleary Bogley who is friends and pals with serial sex predator Wayne Pacelle (ex-CEO of HSUS).  I knew she had been destroying animal owners for years.  The old head of Fauquier Animal Control was a good ol' boy who knew animals and farmers and rarely tolerated her drivel.  But as always happens, he retired.  The new head  Animal Control Lane Phillippe was a lazy man who had turned over the keys of his office to Bogley and did whatever she (a private citizen) told him to do.  I knew whatever was going on in my driveway, was not going to end well if Bogley was involved.  
Pierre and I showing at Bel Air, Maryland

I walk up to the truck and stop them from getting out.  Bogley tells me they received a noise complaint of dogs barking and demands the right to search my home.  I ask for particulars of the complaint.  She tells me that if I let her into my house to 'look around' then 'this here will go no further.'  I'm not stupid, I know this woman sold her soul to the devil.  As an emaciated long time vegan she's never demonstrated a love for animals that I've seen.  I ask them if they have a warrant.  Phillippe says no and I say, well I'm going to need one because you have no legal right to search my home.

They leave promising a warrant is coming.  I frantically start calling friends and fellow breeders for help.  Almost all of them scoff at me and tell me to take my tin foil hat off.  They tell me that a barking dog complaint doesn't qualify for a warrant and I need to chill out.  Only 2 people believe me and start for my home with crates loaded in their cars.  Unfortunately both lived hours away.   The first friend who responded arrived at my house 5-10 minutes before Bogley was back.   The other friend arrived hours later after half my dogs were already gone. 
Faith, a WP's Poodle at Beltsville, Maryland

Phillippe gives me the warrant.  It says nothing about a barking dog.  Instead it proves I was right that my anonymous complainer, Suzanne Dokovna was an undercover animal rights terrorist.  She is now claiming that when I sold Barkley to her, he was 'dirty' and that's Bogley's probable cause to raid my home and steal all of my champion dogs.   Bogley lied when she claimed a 'barking dog' complaint is the reason they were at my home.  

From the minute they enter my home, Bogley starts chanting what sounds to me like a highly rehearsed speech, that my “Poor poor dogs will be receiving their freedom today.” “They are about to receive their freedom. They will be set free now.”

Bogley then suddenly stopped her chanting about freedom and turned to Phillippe and said, “These are very poor dogs. She is not keeping them legally. The dogs are in awful condition. She is not being truthful about her situation here.” Bogley orders Phillippe to seize both Petra and Roo.   My heart just about burst out of my chest when I heard her say that.  My Roo? I wanted to scream to the rooftops, “You miserable old hag! You can’t have my Roo!” As I struggle to remain calm Phillippe speaks up and says, “Both of these dogs look in good condition. They look fine to me.” Bogley said, “We take them.  We take them all.”  Phillippe is visibly uncomfortable looking.  He says, “What is the probable cause to take them? They look fine.” Bogley snaps back, “The seizure itself is the probable cause.  Now take them.” She goes on to say, “If we don’t take them all now, we will have a hard time coming up with probable cause to come back and take them later.”
Stoney, a WP's poodle being shown at Grantsville, Pennsylvania

She briefly stops chanting about freedom to complain about a smell on my property.  It was one of the few times Phillippe says anything back to her.   He says, “I can’t smell anything.  If there is a smell it is not feces because I can’t smell any feces.”  It was the last time he questioned her.  She continued to chant about freedom and my 'poor poor dogs' while suddenly fully loaded raid trucks start appearing in my driveway and a force of civilians are running in and out of my home.  I demand to Phillippe that he order all of these people to leave and he just stares at the ground and continues to follow Bogley's orders.  If this theft of my dogs whom Bogley has never seen before was not replanned then how do all of these people know to show up here with full loaded vehicles?   Funny enough they later claim to not own enough leashes to take my dogs and steal all of mine and half my grooming equipment.  Bogley has vehicles full of brand new dog crates but as the daughter of multi-millionaires she can't afford leashes?  

For the next 12 hours I'm held in 'custodial custody' and forced to watch my home trashed and destroyed.  To listen to Bogley chanting her hate speech over my dogs and to see them react to her in terror. Someone somewhere at sometime kicked in my kitchen screen door and shattered a pane of my door glass. Since they were already in and out of my house for hours before the damage occurred, there is no excuse for kicking my door in other than to make my home look ‘deplorable.’  As for Bogley's crew, when they aren't busy stealing whatever isn't nailed down, they fake pretend that they are professionals.  Three of them wear plastic booties over their shoes, 1 girl brought a homemade white hazmat suit to add to the fun and games.   Everyone else is wearing dirty tennis shoes.  
Peanut, a WP's poodle being shown at Warrenton, Virginia.

A corrupt local thug cop shows up halfway through the raid to watch the fun. He’s obviously enjoying my tears. Meanwhile up to 6 cops and 12 ‘rescuers’ are wandering in and out of my home like it’s a block party. Halfway through Bogley’s boy toy boyfriend shows up in dirty farm boots and walks all through my home. These unprofessional civilian thieves have put my dogs at a far greater hazard than anything I could ever do. No one sanitized their hands before snatching River’s puppies that I spend weeks saving, bottle feeding and hand raising. Who knows where any of these people came from before trespassing in my home, stealing my dog leashes, grooming equipment and abducting a dog. 

 The Fauquier cops who stood around are just as guilty as Bogley and their crew. They all had to graduate police training to get their jobs. They had to know this was illegal, but no one said a word. All they really care about is that taxpayer funded pension they will be getting.   I graduated from military police school while I was in the Army.   I know about how law enforcement is supposed to operate.   
Blaze and I at Bel Air, Maryland. 

As the raid progresses through the night Bogley takes so many photographs with her high powered expensive camera that she turns night into day.  All you hear is click, click, click, click, click. She take close-ups inside my trash can. She takes close ups of dust bunnies in corners behind crates to make a little piece of dust look like a mountain. She flips over poopy newspapers from the puppies and flicks them around to make my house look more disorderly.   She dumps over my mop bucket of Pine Sol filled water and floods my kitchen.  The bleach water soaks my floor for more than 12 hours while her raid force is in my home, forever staining the floor surface.  The raid crew bring in oceans of mud and then walk through the mop water creating trails of 'feces' for Bogley to endlessly photograph in darkened light.  

The only noise louder than the camera clicking is Hilleary Bogley's non-stop chanting. She chants stock animal rights terrorist phrases like, "Oh Wow! This is bad!" as she looks into clean crates.  She continues to chant that my dogs are receiving their "freedom" now.   I can tell by her body language that she hates dogs. They can too. They are all cowering in fear and dead silent. The only one making noise is Roo-Roo. 

For 12 hours I was forced to listen to Roo-Roo screaming in terror in Phillippe's truck. She may have been the 2nd dog taken but his truck is the the last to leave my home.   He never once checked on her.  

He gave her no water. 

He gave her no food.

He never let her out to relieve herself.  

For 12 hours Roo-Roo screamed in terror locked away in his truck, soundly ignored by this sworn Fauquier Sheriff's Deputy.  

 Coming up next are the stories of each of my dogs that were stolen this horrific day and what was done to them.  

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Anonymous Complaint - the Whispering Pines Poodle story

This is the story of the destruction of the Whispering Pines Poodles at the hands of a vegan animal rights extremist.

“A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.”
William Shenstone, English Poet (1714-1763)

As I approach the 10 year anniversary of the destruction of the Whispering Pines poodles at the hands of an animal rights extremist and the release of my next book, I'd like to walk down #MemoryLane 
Reserve Best in Show winning 'Blaze'

Picture it 10 years ago. I've been hit with a 1-2-3 punch that has caused a situation in my home that has never happened before. I have literally triple the number of dogs in my house than I normally cared for. I have retired adults for sale and unsold puppies. The first punch that hit me was September 2009. The stock market crashed. A massive recession hit. Millions are thrown out of work. The market for poodles collapses immediately. With their grooming requirements, poodles have a reputation as an expensive dog. Overnight, no one wants to buy a poodle. The months trickle by as I pray for the market to recover. I continue to house and care for the dogs that are for sale but I have no buyers.

Desperate to sell dogs and cut down on the number of dogs in my home I slash the price of the dogs for sale. The older puppies I now list for an $150 adoption fee to cover the price of a spay surgery. I still have no buyers. Weeks go by without a single application. 

 All of the adults for sale 'have' homes allegedly. My current families want them but they all ask me to wait and they will take their dog when school ends for their kids and they have more time. I know these are all excellent homes so I agree to wait until they are ready. I should have been firm and demanded the dog be placed when I want it placed but I want my dogs to go to good homes. I agree to wait while I struggle to sell the puppies.

In desperation, I start advertising on places I had never touched with a ten foot pole. I start advertising on places I despise like Craig's List. Anything to get buyers for these dogs and get them placed in homes.... That gives the local animal rights activist the 'in' she is looking for but I didn't know it at the time.

They send a buyer, Suzanne Dokovna, in to buy one of the older 6 month old puppies from me from the September litter born around the time of the stock market crash. At $150 a puppy, they have nothing to lose. I didn't know she was using her middle name as a last name. I researched her background as I do all visitors but I found nothing on her.   

I asked her to fill out my buyer application repeatedly but she constantly deflects me and pretends to have 'missed it.'  She finally gives me an unlisted cell phone number.   I kept pressing her for a home telephone number (a land line) or a work number to verify her identity and again pressed her on filling out my application. She refused. We exchange dozens of emails and talk on the phone several times but she has one excuse after another why she can't verify her identity.  I finally send Suzanne an email telling her that AKC record keeping requires me to document where every dog has gone and if she would not provide me with her name and address I could not sell her this dog.  I should have walked away.   She gave off so many red flags but I was desperate to get the 6 month old puppies placed in homes.  

She demands the right to come to my home immediately after I have gotten off of work so I have no time to put the dogs out to potty or clean up after the puppies. This is yet another red flag that she is a crook. She claims to want to take this dog immediately and that she comes from an experienced poodle family. She claims to be 'so excited' to have found me and wants to give one of my dogs a good home.

She twanged my radar the whole time she was in my home. She was the youngest person I've ever sold a dog too. She looked to be in her very early 20's. She arrived in an expensive luxury car, something far beyond her ability to pay for at her 'retail job' she told me she had. I knew she was a bad apple but couldn't figure out how to stop the sale. I never expected she was an animal rights mole, I thought she was simply an inexperienced home.

She is visibly freaked when I make her sign a sales contract. All Whispering Pines poodles were always sold on contract no matter what. She's very upset but at last she agrees to sign.

One of the clauses she signed states: "The Buyer agrees to have Puppy spayed/neutered between six and ten months of age and not used for breeding at any time. Should the buyer violate this clause and breed this puppy/dog, they will pay the Seller an additional $3,000 due immediately upon such an act taking place."   

While this may seem onerous, Suzanne the Sell-Out paid me $150 for her puppy.  ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS for a purebred poodle puppy out of champion parents.   Her father is reserve Best in Show winning UKC Champion Amandi's Fire And Ice.  Her mother is UKC Champion WP's Le Chocolat Du Luminary, CGC, CHIC.

Another clause she signed: "Seller guarantees Puppy to be in good health at the time of sale; however, it is advised that Buyer have Puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian to validate the same within three days of Ownership Transfer."

Truffles, mother of her puppy
Since I didn't check her driver's license I have no way of knowing the last name she gave me isn't her current last name but actually her middle name. I didn't know she thought she was 'doing good.' That she thought she was righteously destroying some sort of 'puppy mill' even though the parents of her puppy are titled champions.

At no time did she ever see any part of my house except a front sitting room. She met some of my adult dogs but she was not given a tour of my home. I thought that was safe.

I was wrong. I forgot the basic premise of the animal rights movement. They LIE.   Most Americans don't know that animal rights does not mean better care for animals.  It means they all DIE.  

I'm just 3 weeks from the destruction of all my dogs including Truffles shown here.   They claimed I was a mentally ill abusive puppy mill hoarder.   Funny how they waited 3 weeks to 'save' my dogs from the most 'deplorable conditions ever seen.'

Why did they do that?   

They waited until they gauged that River's puppies were 8 weeks old and at a perfect resale age.    Why should they take them any earlier and then be forced to care for them until they could be legally sold?  It makes perfect sense to a thief to wait until the breeder has fully and completely raised the puppies, vaccinated them, wormed them and fully groomed them all.  Then its suddenly the perfect time to save them from 'cruelty.'

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