Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sometimes It's Darkest Before the Dawn

Those that don't know me would guess that perhaps being raided by a gang led by an mentally ill rage filled animal rights activist was probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me.   They'd be wrong.   While being the target of a cyber lynch mob, a massive slander of my reputation and a terror attack that stole all of my champion dogs and financially bankrupted me was certainly no picnic, I got through it all simply because I knew I was innocent.    There's a lot to be said for that. 

It took me almost 5 years to dig myself out of that financial hole and start my life over again only to face literally the worst 18 months of my entire life, much worse than facing Satan eye to eye in my home.    In an amazing way it started with finally meeting my soul mate.   I have patiently waited for 28 years for God to send me my mate.   I've tried to date over the years but today's emasculated American men do not fancy me anymore than I them.    I'm a genuine Christian woman.  Caring, bluntly honest, upfront and I expect to be treated as a lady.   I don't play games.  If I'm available I say so, I don't play coy.   I'm loyal to everyone who is loyal to me.  If I make plans, I keep them.  If I make a promise, I honor it.   I mean what I say and exactly what I said.   I deserve a man who would treat me like the lady I am and not force me into a masculine position of being in charge in the relationship.   I deserve a man I can respect.  One day I met him. 

Suddenly on a train, God sent me my soul mate.  A man from Ohio.   I literally spent a month thanking the Lord every day for the fact that Mr. Ohio had never married meaning he was actually available to me.   God is clear that he does not tolerate divorce.   When you marry you become one in God's eyes.    The only exceptions are marital infidelity and abuse.    One of the first things Mr. Ohio told me was that he was a Christian man.   Be still my thumping heart.   A single Christian man somewhat near my age range.   Can it possibly be true?  All I've ever wanted in life is to be a loved and cherished wife of a Christian man.  To be as loved as my Grandma Bert was.   When she died my Grandpa Claire literally could not go on without her.  He died one year later missing dying exactly when she did by less than 24 hours.  Grandma Bert was so very blessed. 

As I got to know him, Mr. Ohio and I fit like a pair of comfy old shoes.   He was funny, weird and quirky but funny enough his quirks suited me.   He was quirky in the exact same way I was.  His sense of humor was the same as mine.   He was willing to lead and let me be a woman.  We were like two halves of the same whole and I said to myself that at last I had met the man from whose rib God had made me.   Had we started a relationship, I predict that we would have become one of those annoying couples that end each other's sentences and dress alike.   Listening to him speak was like literally listening to myself talk.     Unfortunately we were ships passing in the night.   Mr. Ohio was coming off breaking up with his ex-fiancĂ© and selling the house he had bought for her and he was honest that he was not ready to be in a relationship. 

It wasn't just him.   Neither one of us was in a happy and healthy place, ready to move on.   I was coming off 5 years of incredible turmoil in my life that also included selling a house and moving.   Until I met him I didn't realize what a river of rage and despair was inside me.   Rage at what the animal rights terrorist did to me and despair at living so long a life walking this earth completely alone.   Meeting him calmed and quieted that rage until it vanished.   The despair I had forgotten to give to the Lord to carry for me.   Mr. Ohio reminded me that my joy comes from God, not this broken world.

Even though neither of us were ready most of our "not a date" get-togethers were 19 hours long.   He may not have been ready to be in a relationship but he sure had a hard time leaving my side.  Then suddenly out of the blue everything imploded over a garbled text message.    Of all the idiotic things.   I know God is in control but this was literally the hardest thing I ever lived through.   I have no experience in communication between men and women so I asked friends for advice instead of asking the Lord to show me the way.   That was my first mistake.  My friends advised me to "stand up for my rights" and other bullshit, spending hours working on me to convince me that I had been mistreated when my heart cried that I hadn't.   The devil was whispering in their ears and things quickly spiraled out of control.   Then Mr. Ohio over-reacted to my over-reaction and suddenly it was all over.   He was gone.   

But the Devil wasn't done yet. 

We still had one last phone conversation after Mr. Ohio left but I wasn't speaking to him.   Instead the devil was speaking, hitting me with a wall of hurt to add to the hurt from the last time I saw Mr. Ohio in person.  I could only listen in stunned horror desperately trying to rally my thoughts enough to ask Jesus to help me.   But it was too late.    Mr. Ohio was gone for good after telling me that he couldn't see me anymore and maybe he'd run into me again someday after his second wife

Say what?  I'm not a toy to be placed on a shelf for him to come back some day when he can't find anything better.    No Christian man who has never married talks about maybe running into me after his second wife.    How sad for him to think that his only future is serial divorce.   I have prayed for him.   Prayed that the Lord would show him the way back to him for he has lost his way.   18 months later I still can't believe he told me that.    He was right, he was not remotely ready to be in a truly healthy and happy adult relationship.   He never will be unless he heals himself and trusts God to show him the way.  But then, who am I to talk. 

At the same time as Mr. Ohio left I lost my job and hit absolute poverty for the 10,000th time in my life.   Just as I had dug my way out of the financial hole the animal rights terrorist put me in and got back on my feet again, the Lord knocked me off it again.    In the last 18 months I've lost everything, savings, retirement accounts, I've even sold off possessions and dogs in the expectation that I'll be living out of my car once again.    As Job says, the Lord gives and the Lord has the right to take away.  Blessed is the name of the Lord. 

I was homeless and lived out of a car at 18, you can imagine my thoughts as I face my upcoming 50th birthday with the thought that I'd be spending it living out of my car.   I prayed to die and asked the Lord please let me go; but the Lord slapped me in the face and told me to keep going. 

I've also had to face such hard facts that with the meeting and loss of my soul mate, I'm now too old to ever have children.   I will never be a mother.  I have very little family on this earth.   Holidays are difficult and each year that goes by gets harder and harder.   People ask me what I'm doing for the holidays and laugh when I say, "nothing." 

I wasn't joking.  

I spend most holidays just working through it to stay alive and provide for myself.  The actual holiday I stare at the wall and pray for the day to end.   I have no idea what it's like to have family traditions, to receive presents, to spend a holiday in festive joy at a family dinner, to watch little kids faces as they open their presents.   I never have.   Maybe once every five years someone invites me to be part of their holidays but most years I'm forgotten.   It's not their fault I'm alone.   It's times like this that I think of all the children in foster care who age out and are never adopted.   What do they do for holidays?   Do they spend them all alone too?    

I decorate my home in garland, lights, decorations everywhere but no one sees them but me and Jesus.   The devil wants me to dwell on the fact that I am alone, but I'm not rushing around looking for presents and buying useless things that no one needs in an effort to show "love".   Instead I am still.  I am quiet.  I am reveling in the birth of my Savior.   I am immersing myself in the fact that God lowered himself to come down to my level because he loved me so much.   It doesn't matter that I am not a priority in anyone's life, I am a priority to God.   And that's all that matters. 

Adding to the misery, my health collapsed once again under the weight of auto-immune disorder I have that spiraled out of control when I got Lyme disease.   My bones, joints and muscles are on fire with constant pain.   The soles of my feet feel like they are on fire and like I'm walking on shards of glass, a typical symptom.    Sometimes I can't even walk.   I can't even describe the horror of watching my body bloat up as my face is covered in fat because I can't absorb synthetic drugs.    Only 3% of thyroid patients are on Cytomel and of that only 1% of that percentage is allergic to the binding ingredients in the drug but that's me.   I  gained 30 pounds when my medication stopped working and I'm too poor to afford the lab tests and additional medication I need to get back on the road to good health again.   Looking at me you'd never know that I'm battling such a horrible  disease.   On the surface, I'm just a dowdy fat middle aged woman.   I have prayed to die and the Lord said, "No." 

Every day over 18 months I struggled to survive under the biggest crushing burden I have ever born at once.   No job.  No money.  No health.  No home.  No family.  No Mr. Ohio.    All I have is my trust in God. 

Suddenly one day a small glimmer of light began to show.   I got an email offering me a job.    It isn't much of a job but it's a job.   With it comes health insurance.   I won't lose my house after all.   My heart is singing.   I will not be losing my home to foreclosure.   The heat is on, I am warm and I have shelter over my head.  God is so good.   This year I have plans for the holidays.  I'll spend it on a ladder painting the walls of my house in endless coats of paint, slowing turning what was an almost condemned shithole into a work of beauty while Christmas carols play in the background. 

I am truly blessed.  I trust God.  He knows what is best for me.  I still pray for Mr. Ohio.  I pray that his heart would heal.   That he would grow up.   That he would turn back to God.   That he would learn to trust.  Wherever he is, I hope he is well and happy and safely with God.    And some day, I pray the Lord would cause our paths to cross once more.   And no, not after his second wife.   Once he marries, he is lost to me forever.  To God be all the glory. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:  5-6

Pray.  Wait.  Trust.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Retail Rescue Caught Attempting to Sell Stolen Dog

The Animal Debt Project in Wellington, Colorado was recently caught trying to sell off a deliberately stolen dog.  Police are investigating how a Westminster family's beloved dog suddenly went "missing" from their yard, part of a troubling avalanche of dogs being stolen out of their yards in America today and later surfaced at a local veterinary clinic.

The dog in question, Pepper, was permanently micro-chipped to prove its identity and legal ownership. A so-called "Good Samaritan" brought the dog to the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital (VRCC) for an exam. The pet hospital in Englewood, scanned the dog for a microchip, found it had one and then allowed the woman who was not the dog's legal owner according to the chip records, to simply take the dog away.

Here's a question for local police.   If VRCC never got the woman's contact information, how did she pay for the exam at VRCC?   Unless she paid cash, then VRCC has a means of proving her identity through her payment information.   Thankfully for the Naylor family, local police continued to investigate this case and asked the public for help in locating the "Good Samaritan" who had the Naylor's dog but was refusing to return it and made up a bogus excuse that the dog had "escaped."  When a tip came in that this woman was connected to the Animal Debt Project who was marketing the dog for sale as "rescued," the story took an even more troubling twist.

When contacted by police to ask why they were selling a stolen dog, the owner of the Animal Debt Project cried uncle and immediately gave the dog to police. Then the story got worse. Much worse.

When police had the dog scanned to verify it was the Naylor's property and examined by a veterinarian they discovered that someone had deliberately surgically removed the Naylor's microchip and replaced it with a new one, twice.   Police are now investigating veterinarian Chad Zadina at Tabby Road Animal Hospital for his actions in surgically removing the Naylor's microchip from their dog to hide its identity. 

Retail Rescue in Colorado is a massive multi-million dollar scam business cashing in on American's gullibility and soft hearts.   Colorado has a huge shortfall of pets available for sale.   Determined to keep cashing in on this all tax-free scam, Colorado rescue's are importing tens of thousands of new animals into Colorado per year to sell off with fake sob stories attached to them.   

The rescued animal trade in America has become so egregious that the state of Colorado is starting to crack down on these importers and demand accountability.   In turn, the Retail Rescue trade is fighting back to avoid having to publish their numbers, finances, sources of these animals and provide any sort of transparency to the public.  

Massive import pipelines exist from third world countries in Asia, south America and other places that are now deliberately breeding dogs for the American Rescue Dog Business Model.   Shady rescues in the United States partner with these foreign groups to import hundreds of thousands of dogs (and now cats!) which are then washed through multiple American rescue groups and then shipped across state lines repeatedly to hide the true origin of the animal from the family who buys it after being told it was "in need" of saving.  

"Animal shelters in the USA have been casting a wide net to fill their kennels for years.   According to the US Public Health Service, Chicago O’Hare was the destination airport for 10,125 dogs imported from overseas in 2006, half of which weren’t vaccinated. Scientists from the Center of Disease Control estimated that over 199,000 dogs (38,100 unvaccinated) came into the country through the Mexican border that year alone, and in 2007, one organization in Puerto Rico by itself shipped more than 14,000 strays in seven years to the United States for adoption at shelters.  ABC News reported that according to G. Gale Galland, veterinarian in the CDC’s Division of Global Migration and Quarantine, as many as 300,000 puppies a year – most from countries with little or no health safeguards, are being imported to satisfy the demand for puppies at shelters."

Earlier this year I covered this phenomenon with a three part series tracing the rise of Retail Rescue and updating the numbers imported.  The series started off by uncovering the hot new scam of "Turkish Golden Retrievers."  Thieves in Turkey are stealing hundreds of Golden Retrievers from Turkish families to ship to America as "rescued" dogs because the American rescue dog trade is so lucrative with almost no laws or regulations covering it.  

The second article in the series went into the current massive numbers of imported animals and how their origins are obscured from American families who "adopt" them and the massive rise in dog diseases in America, directly tied to these fraudulent rescued dogs.  The huge canine flu epidemic that swept America last year was brought here by rescues shipping in sick and diseased foreign dogs, produced cheaply, not health screened, and sold off for top dollar to gullible Americans.  

In the third and concluding article, I provided proof that many shelters in America are absolutely empty and have NO animals available for sale.  In addition, dozens of rescues have been uncovered in just the last two years alone selling stolen dogs.  Even with selling off stolen dogs, importing hundreds of thousands more, these rescues still can't get enough product in to satisfy their desired sales volumes which has led to the rise in illegal raids of quality reputable American dog breeders.   

A year ago, I covered the illegal raid of poodle breeder Sara Jane Tinker by Knoxville authorities in Tennessee and their links to the Young-Williams Animal Shelter that was completely empty and looking for product to sell off.  Widely slandered in the media as a "puppy mill" Tinker won her case proving she was no such thing.   Authorities dropped all charges, and were forced to give her all of her dogs back.   Tinker has now filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against animal control officer Frankie Byrne and Knox County, Tennessee who illegally raided her for no other reason than to gain product for sale.  Tinker's lawsuit states that animal control officer Frankie Byrne and Knox County committed "depravation of due process, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, and other violations of other State and Federal law."  Because of Frankie Byrne's illegal actions, Sara Jane lost her job, lost financing on her house, had her reputation destroyed across the Internet and was forced to pay not only legal fees and court costs but had to pay $1,700 to Young-Williams to get them to release her stolen dogs back to her.    

Many of the dogs shipped into Colorado as being in need of rescue have actually come from Mexico and were deliberately bred to be sold off as "rescues."   As for the "Animal Debt Project," found to be selling off a stolen dog, it's being run by Edie Messick, a wealthy former stock broker who has no education in animals.  In media articles Messick brags that she primarily sells off dogs through Facebook, giving owners no accountability or traceability for their new family pet but lots of cyber applause to stroke her ego as a "do-gooder."  As of today, the Animal Debt Project, run out of a post office box and an anonymous Gmail account, has failed to provide their IRS 990's which cannot be found on Guidestar.   They have no publicly reported financials as required by law.  What little can be found on them on the internet indicates that they claim to have zero income.  In this article from December, she claims to have 45 dogs for sale and on another page states she charges up to $500 each for dog, product that under IRS regulations is required reportable income.   When contacted by the media about the stolen dog in Messick's custody, veterinarian Chad Zadina claimed that Messick has sold "thousands of animals."   If so, where are her IRS 990's documenting these sales?   According to the Colorado Department of Agriculture's Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) inspection program, as of May 13, 2016, the "Animal Debt Program" run by Edie Messick failed their inspection as required by Colorado law to be a lawful animal rescue. 

The time has come for Americans everywhere to stop supporting these fly-by-night rescues that have no past, no education in animals, just a website and a social media presence, selling off animals with either little or faked documentation.   If you want a new family pet, its time you turned back to the time proven quality source for animals, America's reputable pet breeders.  Unlike retail rescue which almost always gets a free pass, America's pet breeders are brutally and heavily regulated at the local, state, and federal level, forcing them to comply with thousands of pages of regulations in order to exist.  

Friday, May 27, 2016

Justice is a Dish best served Cold

Stunning and truly outstanding news has recently come out of Accomack County, Virginia with the announcement that a vegan animal rights extremist and dog thief was finally sentenced to jail for dog theft. It's about time that these criminals are treated right. Bettina Cuce Rodriguez was sentenced to 60 days in jail with 55 days suspended, forcing her to have to serve 5 days in jail. 
It couldn't have happened to a more deserving woman. 

Rodriquez and her extremist pals are part of a circle jerk of disreputable animal rescue operators shilling for your cash to pay their mortgages and dog thieves traveling from as far away as Michigan to hit Virginia's eastern shore and steal dogs out of innocent people's yards.
Vegan shoe sales pimp Rodriquez whined that it was "cold" and she thought the dog was gonna die.  Cry me a little yuppie river honey.   If it goes below 50 degrees these entitled cupcakes break out the mittens and parka.   It's the eastern shore of Virginia.  You just ain't seen cold weather.  REAL cold weather.  Never in a New York minute is this area of the country actually cold.  Really actually COLD.   It's front page news if a single snow flake ever falls in that area.  The stolen dog in question was a pit bull already wearing a fur coat that Mother Nature gave him at birth.  It was just fine.  Rodriquez who works as an "event planner" is not a veterinarian and has no medical degree.  She doesn't have the right to trespass on other people's property and make life or death decisions based upon her Walt Disney view of animals.  She has no education in dogs.   Just because she has "good intentions" is not good enough.  Not nearly good enough.  

But, but, but Rodriquez whined, she complained to animal control and they did nothing.....  They did nothing because there was nothing to do.  The dog was just fine.  It was not dying, it was not starving, it was just fine.  It was Rodriquez with her celebrity beliefs who was bang out of control, not the dog's owner.  

Locals in the area are pretty fed up with yuppies coming from across the Bay to attack them over their pets. The Judge in this case also had had enough. Rodriquez has continuously stonewalled authorizes as to where she dumped the stolen dog other than to say the dog is still alive. If she knows more than a year after the theft, where the dog is, "Rodriguez would not disclose the dog’s whereabouts other than to say he is living with a rescue family and is healthy and happy," then she needs to serve even more jail time.  

Five days is not nearly enough. 

Her crocodile tears to the media are not real true remorse for her actions.    There is no one's word but hers that the dog is still alive.   This is PETA's territory and these activists have a long history of dog theft and death.  I wonder if this entitled little princess is going to sue the jail next if she's not served vegan meals?  Stay tuned.  

Meanwhile, one of the animal rights vigilantes who was involved in this case and also accused of stealing dogs, Chuck Gordon and his wife Debra, have moved to the Winchester area at the opposite end of Virginia.   Residents of that county would be wise to be very wary of any cases of dogs suddenly "missing" out of their yards.  They are more than likely, stolen.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ohio Once Again Stomps on Citizens Rights

On May 4, 2016, the out of control goon squad from the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) once again illegally raided the home and property of an Ohio exotic animal owner in their never ending campaign to kill or remove all wild animals from Ohio.  As I have written about previously the ODA has seized and destroyed the Tiger Ridge animals and since then sent their vigilante SWAT teams after Daniel Chambers, Mike Stapleton, and a family who owned an 18 year old bear

The state of Ohio has even been wasting taxpayer money to prosecute a domesticated bobcat owner that is in complete compliance with the law since the new ODA regulations do not cover bobcats.  Adam Federer's 26 pound cat, legally permitted under his Department of Natural Resources (DNR) permit since 2003, is nothing more than a large house cat and never leaves his home.  Federer has continued to win in court against these out of control bureaucrats yet Ohio is wasting taxpayer money to fight the way to the State Supreme Court over a single bobcat.  

Now they raided the non-profit educational and rehabilitation center Stump Hill Farm of Perry Township, Ohio, a long time target by the animal liberation fanatics of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), while a SWAT team stood by, and then trucked the drugged animals to the inhumane animal prison that ODA built at Reynoldsburg in 2013.  

Stump Hill Farm's lawyer immediately filed a restraining order against ODA and the Judge agreed that these desk jockeys had violated the law. This is typical behavior for the ODA. They routinely raid owners who have filed for permits that have not yet been approved, or who are properly permitted through other state and federal agencies. The ODA uses the permit application system as simply a shopping list to find animals to steal. 

Two baboons and a chimpanzee, in particular, have lived at Stump Hill Farm for over 20 years.  20 years!  Yet just because Ohio passes a new permit law with hoops and hurdles that no Ohio resident can meet, suddenly now the public is in "danger" from these dangerous animals that justifies the use of armed SWAT teams?  

All of these facilities that the ODA has raided and destroyed under the new law had existing state and federal permits in place from beginning.   Huntsman of Stump Hill Farm has an existing permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources but the Ohio Department of AGRICULTURE in a power grabbing move wants a chunk of the pie as well and demanded new permits from them.  As is typical with bureaucrats, you can be a licensed and legal business for 40 years and they pass a new law and suddenly run to the media declaring you have no permit to operate.  

See? Absolute and utter lies and a typical move of the ODA. 

The next hearing on Huntsman's permit fight was scheduled for August but ODA couldn't wait that long to seize animals they wanted.  The Judge agreed that ODA had denied Huntsman her Due Process rights and had wasted a ton of the taxpayers cash.

Judge Forchione ruled that ODA has two weeks to return the animals back to where they illegally took them once the effects of the tranquilizers wear off. You can bet the farm that over the next two weeks, the ODA will do everything in their power to avoid having to return the stolen animals. 

After all in the Tiger Ridge case, the Judge in Wood County ordered the animals to be returned to their legal owner but the ODA stalled and stalled and bombarded the court with motions to delay and obstruct justice and then quietly and illegally shipped the animals out of state. Well all but one.  ODA's poor animal care killed one of the Tiger Ridge animals. 

The state is burning taxpayer dollars by the fist full while they stalk state residents, conduct fly overs of property looking for animals to steal, and send SWAT teams out on the smallest pretense.   After all, they need to justify the budgets of these overgrown little boy's clubs and their tactical outfits and wanna-be military gear.

Nothing here is surprising to veteran animal owners. The State of Ohio under hated and horrible Governor Kasich signed a deal with the number one animal rights extremist organization in America, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), called the Buckeye Compromise. Under this deal, HSUS agreed to temporarily stop attacking Ohio's farmers and instead concentrate their fire power on exotic owners. The elite Progressives do not believe people have the right to own animals, any animals. Exotics are just low hanging fruit in their campaign to remove all animals from our lives.

Just before despised Governor Kasich suspended his failed and useless Presidential campaign, supporters of Tiger Ridge went to one of his rallies to confront him in person.  When his staff saw buttons and shirts for Tiger Ridge, they forced the people to leave.  

Surprising no one, ODA continues to burn Ohio taxpayer dollars by the fist full and filed multiple frivolous motions to block the return of the 10 stolen Stump Hill animals.

There is nothing funnier than a bureaucrat for shear audacity, while they whine, moan and hand wring about "public safety."   Let me explain. These paper pushers went to the courtroom of Judge Forchione and then lied to gain an illegal search warrant.  Once Judge Forchione found out that they lied to him, he issued a ruling that ordered ODA to return the animals.  Now ODA is whining that Forchione has no authority in this case. Really? If he has no authority, then why did ODA go to him to get the illegal search warrant in the first place?

As for public safety, the thugs of ODA are so incompetent at animal care that they not only bungled the Tiger Ridge raid as I covered in this article and several others I've written on the ODA, but they also killed Leo, the beloved lion of Tiger Ridge.  The only people threatening the safety of the public are the employees of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Justice 1, Do-Gooders 0

In today's Walt Disney educated tattle-tale do-gooder world, Social Just US Warriors are constantly interfering in the lives of the rest of us.   They think their ignorance and zeal trumps the rights of the rest of us to be left alone.  They think that watching a You-Tube video or two makes them experts in whatever they think they are experts in.  Education need not apply.

Case in point, a couple of meddle-some ignoramuses named Kirsten and Michael Markley in Greene County, Missouri deliberately trespassed on a horse farm in their neighborhood, attempted to feed a newborn foal strange food that they provided, and then when the foal died, Markley posted an exploitative photo on social media to label the horse owner as an animal abuser in cyber space. 

The "concerned" citizen not only called to complain about a situation they know nothing about, these activists also trespassed on the farm and interfered with the care of the foal, feeding it an unknown substance, and demanded that the owner sell the foal to them, one of many social media cries demanding the foal be taken away from the owner.  

There's no one but Markely's word that proper and medically appropriate animal "milk" was actually in that bottle.  Who knows what exactly this interfering stranger was forcing down the throat of a baby animal that didn't belong to him and whether or not it was Markely's actions that ending up killing the foal.   

Speaking of spilled milk, any time you turn over rocks, you'll never know what will crawl out.  In this case, a local horse "rescuer" with a criminal past jumped at the media attention and the chance to pick up a free horse.  She didn't get her wish either.  

That would be the same "Tammy Cook" with a criminal record in Florida for passing bad checks and who was sentenced to 38 days in jail for violating probation.  The rescue world is filled with self-proclaimed experts like this who run to the media with their fake stories while they shill for cash from unsuspecting strangers.    

As is typical with these Social Just US Warriors, they complained to cyber space and the media that law enforcement just wasn't doing anything. Whine, whine, whine, foot stomp, LISTEN TO ME these Just US Warriors cry.  The complainer in this case, Michael Markely took offense when investigators dared to ask him if he even knew anything about horses.

It's a fact of life that newborn animals die.   All animals die of something.   Mother Nature is a Serial Killer.  In the wild, the lion eats the lamb, it does not wear a tutu and break out in song.  Horse owners are now answering to law enforcement if their horses dare to lay down and sleep in a pasture.   

Exurbanites who come across horse pastures are illegally feeding and killing horses with their ignorance.  Just two weeks ago the public was mourning when it was announced that the three day old foal of famous race horse Zenyatta had died.  Just because an animal has died does not mean that the owner has committed animal abuse and needs to be locked up to satisfy social media whiners.

The Sheriff wasn't listening to these social media armchair experts because there was nothing to listen too.  They were slandering a stranger over something they knew nothing about.  Because they wouldn't shut up, the Sheriff's Department expended resources to investigate their fraudulent claims and guess what?  Found nothing.

"The owner allowed a thorough inspection of his horses and other animals in both Greene and Douglas counties. There was no evidence of abuse or neglect discovered at either location. The investigation into alleged abuse has been completed and is unfounded. The death of this foal is an unfortunate situation however it is not the result of owner neglect or abuse."
Greene County Sheriff's Department Press Release.

Like it or not, Social Just US Warriors, your Walt Disney view of the world isn't reality.   The Greene County Sheriff's Department deserves a commendation for publicly clearing the reputation of the slandered horse owner and standing by the side of the innocent.  As for the Markelys, they deserve prosecution for trespassing and feeding foreign substances to an animal that wasn't theirs.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

In an animal rights controlled America, animals have more rights than you do. In an animal rights America, you can murder all the babies you want on the taxpayer dime, but killing a stray dog that was threatening your life and that of your child is a felony punishable by immediate jail time. Is that justice? Does that punishment fit the crime? 

The Commonwealth of Virginia in particular is dominated and controlled by the animal rights terrorist front. Their headquarters is the rural county of Fauquier. In my recently released book, F'cker County:  The Peyton Place of the Piedmont
, I document in at least four chapters the animal rights domination and control of the citizens by uber-extremist Hilleary Bogley and the suffering she has caused to numerous victims. 

In Bogley's own ba
ckyard last winter a hunter, Howard Van Nostrand, defended himself by killing a stray dog he felt was a menace to himself and his 10 year old son. He has sworn that he was afraid for his life and that the dog was approaching him and his son with its hackles raised and its ears pinned back in an aggressive stance. He has sworn that he thought it was a stray and had seen it in the area all morning with another dog chasing wildlife before it came at him. 

Once he shot and killed the stray dog, he found it was wearing a tag, meaning it was someone's dog and not just a stray. Van Nostrand immediately called 911 and reported what he had done. From the very beginning Van Nostrand took responsibility for his actions with local authorities and in the media. In his own defense, he claimed he was in fear of his life and that he shot the dog in self defense.   Never at any time has he attempted to evade justice for his actions.

Yet a 
crime of this nature can't go unpunished in the hell hole known as Fauquier County. Locals were determined to destroy the life of this highly respected Doctor and now they have succeeded. Testifying against Dr. Van Nostrand were so-called text messages that a James Pinsky claimed he received from Van Nostrand about murdering the dog. It sounds bad, but the average person on the street wouldn't know that James Pinsky is an apologist for the animal rights front in Fauquier. He was sued back in 2013 by dog breeder Irina Barrett for his biased and highly inflammatory reporting that destroyed her life. James Pinsky is not a credible witness in any animal case. 

After a public lynching, 
Van Nostrand was convicted of two felonies for cruelty to animals and destruction of property. 

If this dog was so irreplaceable, they why did the LeValleys allow this dog to roam at will on other people's properties? Why doesn't LeValley bear any responsibility for the fact that his dog was out chasing deer through other people's property for hours? For the fact that LeValley made no effort to ensure that his dogs were contained and remained on his property? The media reported that LeValley said he went looking for both his dogs who were both missing and looked in his horse barn to see if they were there. LeValley truly had no idea where his dogs were, and showed little care that these highly trained "
protection" dogs were roaming the neighborhood potentially menacing anyone.  And if they were truly so highly trained, why were they roaming the neighborhood at will?  That tells me there was something wrong with their training. 

 Part of the training for personal protection dogs is to make sure that they "get the bite at any cost, on any level." These dogs are trained to scale ladders, to climb any obstacle to get the bite they are trained to do. Personal protection dogs are trained to protect people, cars, and property.  Was this dog acting in regards to its training to attack Van Nostrand in his tree stand?  The dog doesn't know where its owners property ends and another begins.  We weren't there and so we don't know.  But the fact that this dog was professionally trained as a protection dog does have bearing on this case.   These dogs are trained to bite and hold no matter what the circumstances.  

Is it possible that this man was in fear of his life from a stray 
dog and acted justifiably? Does it matter that this dog was professionally trained? Does that count in downgrading these charges to misdemeanors vs. felonies? Van Nostrand has taken responsibility for his actions from the very beginning but Fauquier wasn't going to allow that to stand. Van Nostrand tried to plead guilty but Fauquier wasn't going to allow him to get away without having the public spectacle of a public trial and lynch mob. If they could have gotten away with a public hanging at high noon in the local square, I'm sure they would have tried. 

A personal protection dog in action. 

Local experts have told me that Applejack has a bad reputation as producing dogs are a uncontrolled menace that don't hold to their training. T
he dogs are alphas who come back to their owners with very limited bonding. Hollering at a personal protection dog will make the dog go on the defensive and make it react worse, not better.  These experts say they are like police dogs, they will get the bite at any cost, at any part of the body. 

The animal rights front has smeared the reputation of Dr. Van Nostrand and filed the internet with claims that he was angry that this stray dog was ruining his morning hunt and that he killed the dog on purpose.  They want you to think that this was some fluffy little family pet instead of a dog trained to take you down.  Yet, in Virginia, it is perfectly legal to kill any stray dog that is menacing any livestock in any rural area, just as this stray dog was menacing Dr. Van Nostrand and his son. This dog is not Fluffy, a beloved family pet.  This dog was a menace.  

In order to shift blame, the dogs owners created a Facebook page for their dead dog to make Dr. Van Nostrand look more guilty than he is and to white wash themselves. They are even selling t-shirts for their dead dog to benefit local animal rights groups.   Since when does a dead dog equal fame and fortune for the owners?   What truly grieving owner would be selling t-shirts?  

Is it credible that the sole witness in this case, James Pinsky, has a reputation of selling people out to
 the animal rights front and has been sued, making his testimony biased and potentially not truthful? Does it count that Judge Whisenant also dances to the animal rights terrorists tune giving him a bias in his rulings? 

The facts of the case are
, you have one dog that is dead and one family whose lives are ruined forever by a felony conviction. The question is, does the punishment fit the crime? What would you do if an out of control professionally trained "protection dog" was menacing you and your child? 

Was this "crime" worth two felonies? Or are there mitigating circumstances that make it realistic to say that a misdemeanor conviction was more appropriate?  Or no charges at all? 
Why wasn't the dog's owner charged for his dogs running loose? 

In the end you have:

1 dead dog.

1 man who will never work again in his life. He has lost all of his occupational licensing and as a convicted felon, he'll never get a job... He'll be lucky if he can even flip fries for a living now.

1 man now struggling to support his family, wife and children under the burden of a felony conviction.

1 man who will never legally vote again.

1 man who will never be able to hunt again.

1 man who will never be able to exercise his 2nd amendment rights ever again.

What is the justifiable sentence for killing a stray dog? What if this was a pit bull who was menacing your child?   Why was this Doctor sentenced to two felonies?  Because its Fauquier County.  The most corrupt, out of control county in Virginia. 
The biggest menace to Virginia.  And the biggest menace as it turns out to Dr. Van Nostrand.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Three Poodle Breeders Fined by Judge

It is unfortunate that the show world seems to encourage bad behavior among exhibitors, but none in the recent past have ever reached the heights of despicable behavior than that of Lucy Tyler of Pennsylvania who in the past has been a vendor at the Poodle Club of America (PCA)'s National Specialty Show. If you are not aware of who this woman is, let me tell you a little of her history, which I detailed in my first poodle book, Staring the Dragon in the Eye: The Hidden Victims of Animal Extremists. Before Tyler became involved in the poodle show world, she was an Olympic bicycle competitor who was previously expelled from the 1998 Commonwealth Games and became the first Australian competitor to ever be sent home in disgrace. She tried to blame her failures on the coach claiming he was forcing the team to use drugs but in reality both her first and second husbands received bans from competition for drug use.

What in the karma of the poodle world led her here, who knows, but we couldn't have had a worse person join our ranks. When I first met her on the United Kennel Club (UKC) show circuit she was passing around vicious rumors that top AKC handler Kaz Hosaka obtained his high standing in this country by beating, abusing, and torturing the dogs in his care, oh and because his backer Anne Rogers Clark paid off people. She then went on to accuse the breeder of her dogs, Jacki Panzik of Admiration Poodles, California of beating, abusing, and torturing her dogs during PCA's National Specialty Show in 2009, when she showed her dogs in brace. Then Lucy Tyler asked me, did I know how she could get away with breaking the contract she had with Admiration over the purchase of those dogs? I stayed far away from this woman every time I saw her at local dog shows but shortly after I met her, her reputation was made across the entire poodle fancy as a vicious out of control bully who was willing to take down anyone she could to gratify her own ego.

One of the first truly outrageous public acts she committed that I'm personally aware of was to threaten a Midwest AKC dog handler with death. Lucy Tyler posted to the internet on a poodle message forum, "I've been using *67 (which masks the ID of the number calling) and I've been calling that selfish, murderous bitch every 3 minutes on both numbers. I'm going to program the phones to keep doing it. Oh-and I've left a number of non-charming personal messages for that killer." She then posted that she had contacted the animal rights group PETA to ask for help in taking down this woman that she was stalking. She posted this poor handlers email address and phone number and then asked fellow poodle owners to join her in threatening the life of this woman and people did. Next she started a campaign to stalk AKC Judges if they awarded a win to a dog that Tyler felt was unworthy, calling the AKC a bunch of American Kennel Crooks. She recommended that her stalking campaign of AKC judges should include the following tenants, "1.) Prepare, 2.) Look for vulnerabilities, and 3.) Strike with intelligence and ferocity." She also posted repeatedly that her current boyfriend owns up to 60 guns and they are prepared to shoot anyone who disagrees with them. 

The next outrageous act she committed was to steal a standard poodle from Antigua Poodles of Texas and then commit a massive act of defamation against Antigua Poodles of Texas and Shamayim Poodles of Virginia to cover her tracks by accusing both breeders of horrific acts of abuse in 2009. Lucy Tyler posted on a internet poodle message board, about Melissa Priddy of Antigua Poodles, "She's a paranoid piece of shit though and I expect backlash. Two possible avenues will be threatening to expose her or, if she'll calm down and shut up, we might pay her off." She also claimed that her boyfriend wanted to shoot and kill Priddy. Lucy Tyler then speculated about contacting PETA to take down and destroy Shamayim Poodles of Virginia and posted that Deborah Futrell was a cruel sadistic drug addled bitch, who as Lucy Tyler posted, "has slipped probably from the cocktail of depression, squalor and valium has gotten sloppier still." Numerous poodle owners joined in this cyber lynch mob to destroy both breeders and send them death threats on nothing more than Lucy Tyler's say so after she openly admitted that she had stolen and registered "Denzel" under a fraudulent name with UKC to gain registration papers on him.

"I was the 1 she dubbed Fat M & Stupid Texan (until theft charges were filed, search warrant was executed, & PI hired to safely retrieve my dog from her home.)  This wasn't what had me in tears, it was the threats she made of stealing my dogs, shooting to kill me & my family.  This is why we have not gone to PCA since 2009.  The police feared for my safety after meeting her."  Melissa Priddy, Antigua Poodles.

After Lucy Tyler lost custody of the stolen dog (AM GRCH Antigua Granting Wishes) she had renamed "Denzel" she then turned her attentions against me. She was already frustrated that her dogs were losing in local UKC shows that both she and I attended. She then became friends with two other poodle breeders who both were attempting to rip me off. That unholy trio of Lucy Tyler, Maggie Laney (Highfalutin Poodles, California) and Sandy Walter (Amandi Poodles, Pennsylvania) joined in a cyber lynch mob against my reputation and spread many ugly and utterly false stories about me. Lucy Tyler accused me of being an evil monster and some sort of major cyber hacker who had somehow gained access to her accounts. They also collaborated with a local animal rights terrorist with connections to the animal rights group, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), who then raided me and destroyed the entire Whispering Pines poodle line in 2010.

Posting About Me:   "I hate her guts, personally, because she committed a series of cyber crimes including cyber terrorism against myself and another respected SPCR member and in league with some known Poodle neglectors/abusers. 
She did this just to meddle during the Denzel Debacle."
 Flickr post by Lucy Tyler, April 23, 2010.

Actually, this serial liar just made this up out of her fertile imagination. I had no part in that case and didn't even know Melissa Priddy of Antigua Poodles at that time. My entire poodle line, my reputation, and my financial viability was completely destroyed by this woman and her two pals. After their actions, I did the only thing left to me. I wrote a book about my poodles lives, Staring the Dragon in the Eye: The Hidden Victims of Animal Extremists, that exposed the behavior of all three women and ultimately what happened to my dogs.

"I was forced to stand there for hours watching all my years of hard work destroyed, watching my home destroyed, watching photos taken of 'mud' and labeled as feces knowing these photos will go out via social media to destroy my reputation creates pain that cannot be imagined. I was forced to stand there watching the ignorant and the clueless mistreat my dogs. That they did not know that what they were doing was wrong creates pain that cannot be imagined. To have to stand there and be able to do absolutely nothing and not lash out at the raid force and the cops who stood by and let it happen, is the epitome of self-restraint. Don't ask me how I did it. Part of me died that day. I knew my life was gone, my dogs destroyed, and I did the only thing I could do. I did my best to document what they did so I could share it with the world." 
 Katharine Dokken

The poodle show world was ready to believe that I was some sort of vicious puppy miller, after all, I was "that woman" who dared to bring a brown and white standard parti poodle to the infamous PCA National Specialty Show in 2007. The very same specialty show where PCA leaders deliberately humiliated handler Kay Palade and Versatility in Poodles President Irma Shanahan in the show ring over their multi-colored poodles. The very same show that the public backlash was so vicious that PCA was forced to retract their very public anti-parti stance. It wasn't any stretch of the imagination for these people to believe that "that woman" who believed that multi-colored poodles have just as much right to life as their solid colored brethren was some sort of puppy miller just because a vicious bully and an animal rights terrorist said so.

After their successful destruction of my dogs, Lucy Tyler then turned her malicious actions against Ora Marcus, Ormar Poodles of Canada. Once again, when you look behind the scenes of that tragedy, fellow breeders were attempting to gain free breeding stock from Ora Marcus without having to pay for it. A typical pattern in the show world in which some older more established breeders seem to feel they have the right to rip off newer breeders. But Ora Marcus fought back and sued Lucy Tyler and the two other breeders who targeted her. Recently a Canadian court agreed with her and issued a massive fine against all three women.

Of Lucy Tyler's internet defamation, the Judge ruled, "To say the least, they are injurious, degrading and insulting towards Ms. Marcus." The Judge also noted that Lucy Tyler had accused Ms. Marcus of dyeing her poodles noses and producing diseased puppies, both false. After Lucy Tyler set off a massive internet firestorm of defamation against Ora Marcus on Facebook, she posted, "Have a great weekend, Orahole!"

Finally in 2016, Ora Marcus gained vindication. The Judge ruled that over $120,000 in fines are appropriate for these poodle breeders behavior in turning on one of their own for their own selfish gain.

This is not Lucy Tyler's first rodeo. She has slandered the reputation of multiple other poodle owners with others cheering her on and believing all of her lies. It is this type of brutal arrogance that is playing right into the hands of the animal rights movement and turning pet owners against show breeders.

As another interesting side note, I noted in the court judgment against Tyler and her pals, that they attempted to make up a fake contract and tried to use in it in the court case to cover their behavior. The Judge rightly saw that it was an attempt "ex post facto" to cover their tracks. This is typical behavior of these woman. Besides Tyler's asking me how to break her Admiration contract, I can testify that I spent way too many long telephone calls with Maggie Laney in the years prior to my case as she attempted to evade her contracts with Vetset Poodles in Canada and continuously asked my advice on how to get away with breaking them and still get AKC papers on the dogs. For the record, I constantly advised Maggie Laney to fulfill the contract terms she had agreed to with Vetset every time she asked. I was not surprised when Vetset finally repo'd one of the two dogs they had sold her, the dog now known as AM/CH CH Vetset Highfalutin' Hallmark.

Look around the show ring at your next show. Just how many newcomers do you see under 40? 50? 60? There are almost no newcomers to the show world anymore. Those that do come, stay a few years and then they leave. Dog showing is a dying sport and breeders are facing mandatory spay/neuter and anti-breeding ordinances all across this country promoted by the animal rights movement. Between getting ripped off by established breeders and dealing with vicious bullies like Lucy Tyler, is it any wonder the show world is dying? Is it any wonder that newcomers don't stay when they see the establishment back the bullies instead of the victims? The average member of the public has turned their backs on purebred dogs, falling for the constant mantra of "Adopt, Don't Shop" from the animal rights world. The behavior of the show world supporting and cheering on people like Lucy Tyler as she destroys strangers for fun and kicks is just one more nail in that coffin. When you have lost the support of the public, you have lost it all.

As for me, I have moved on with my life after the destruction of my lines. I no longer show poodles and instead am now a nationally known author and speaker. In the next year I plan on releasing my next book on poodles. What Lucy Tyler and the animal rights extremist she collaborated with did to me did not destroy my love of poodles.