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Animal Rights Hall of Shame: Kevin Kjonaas aka Kevin Chase

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet Kevin Kjonaas aka Kevin Chase aka Kevin Jonas aka Steve Shore aka Jim Fareer (Kevin gets around). 

A convicted felon. Buddies with Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law. A former member of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The animal rights movement has made it their goal to subvert the Trump White House and sadly they have made huge inroads in their goal.

“She really wants to be the first First Family member that champions an animal issue,” said Kevin Chase, the Beagle Freedom Project’s head of operations. “Usually it’s military stuff, veterans, children, eating healthy. She’s like, ‘I want to finally be the voice of some animal stuff.’”

The problem is, all of the ‘animal stuff’ that Lara Trump promotes comes straight out of the mouths of criminals, perverts and sex predators. People who know nothing about animals.

People like Kevin Chase.

Chase likes to downplay and/or cover up his extensive criminal background. Like it’s no big deal. You tell me if it’s no big deal that Chase’s Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign was exaggerating the harassment he subjected his victims too. The Huntingdon Life Sciences medical research laboratory with locations in both England and America was targeted for destruction by extremists from the dog killers of PETA because the animal rights movement is ideologically opposed to medical research. Chase was the leader of the American branch of SHAC. In 2006, Kjonaas (aka Chase) with six others was charged with conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act (AEPA) in the first case testing the 1992 law.

Victims of the SHAC campaign, several of whom testified at trial, often endured vandalism of their homes in the dark of night, including rocks being thrown through windows, cars being overturned, messages in red paint plastered on their homes and property, unrelenting bullhorn protests in front of their homes and harassment of neighbors.

Chase and his cohorts targeted the employees of companies that he disagreed with. In order to shut down medical research and send us all back to the stone age, Chase and his pals targeted individual employees one by one to harass using his declared “top 20 terror tactics.” Chase and his criminal circle took their terror one step further by targeting the employees of insurers, financial services and investment firms that provided benefits to the employees of the company that Chase was trying to put out of business.

The “top 20 terror tactics” implicitly encouraged the invading of offices, vandalizing property and stealing documents; physical assault, including spraying cleaning fluid into someone’s eyes; smashing windows of a target’s home or flooding the home while the individual was away; vandalizing or firebombing cars and bomb hoaxes; and threatening telephone calls or letters, including threats to kill or injure someone’s partner or children.

SHAC wasn’t his first criminal campaign. Chase started his career back in the 90’s as a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) a group that the FBI named the #1 domestic terrorist threat in America. ALF was originally founded in England in 1976 by a convicted criminal. Bomber Ronnie Lee. Here in America, the FBI estimated that ALF and their associates were behind over 1,100 criminal acts causing over $100 million dollars in damages.

After serving six years in prison for his terror campaigns as part of the “SHAC 7,” Chase has reinvented his past by launching a new animal rights group called the Beagle Freedom Project to try and white wash his history. Nothing says cover-up like posing for pictures with cute puppies. Puppies he claims to have saved from horrific medical research labs that are torturing and killing dogs and cats. Except they aren’t. 

In 2014, one of Chase’s blinded followers who called herself “Katie Johnson” in the paperwork she filed adopted a beagle named Jerry from University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Less than 24 hours later, Jerry the beagle was being paraded around as a poster child for being ‘liberated’ from cruel and sadistic medical researchers who were going to kill him. Except they weren’t.

Jerry spent the entirety of his short life as a test subject, never getting the chance to play or even smell fresh air. “ Beagle Freedom Project.

All lies. Jerry the beagle was not a medical research subject. Jerry was at UC Davis for just a few weeks for students to observe him being examined and neutered. He was one of exactly TWO DOGS used each year for this demonstration, dogs who are always adopted out afterwards and not killed.

According to his 2015 IRS filings, Chase is pulling in $1.6 million a year from gullible donors who either don’t know his criminal history or don’t care. Donors such as Microsoft’s Bill Gates who gave Kevin Chase $500,000.

On behalf of the National Association for Biomedical Research (NABR) and our more than 360 university and corporate members nationwide, I write to express our concern with your selection of the Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) to receive $500,000 from Microsoft’s Upgrade Your World contest. While it may appear your contribution will go toward improving the lives of animals, the facts tell a different story.

It’s a sad day in America when criminals and sex predators make more money than their victims do. What is worse is that Kevin Chase has been a featured speaker on Fox News and at Washington DC’s George Washington University Law School Animal Law Program in 2018. Teaching his twisted criminal views to the next generation of America's lawyers.  Views that terrorize human beings and don't save the lives of a single animal.  

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Animal Rights Hall of Shame: David Wills

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet David K. Wills.   Convicted felon and pedophile with mob connections.

Wills, whose criminal convictions date back to 1973 for breaking and entering, was formerly the head of the Nashua Humane Society in New Hampshire.  

Long time Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) president John Hoyt recommended Wills for the position heading up the Nashua Humane Society.  Wills took a quick exit in 1979 when money was found missing from their accounts.  His pal Hoyt quickly found him a new job as the executive director at the Michigan Humane Society.  Wills lasted there 10 years before the board began noticing that over $1.6 million dollars was missing from their accounts.  The animal rescue and shelter system in American is blindingly wealthy.   It took the loss of almost $2 million dollars before the board noticed anything was wrong.  A low level bookkeeper was made a scapegoat and was convicted of stealing $56,000.  The rest was never found while Wills whined that he was the victim and someone was 'forging' his signature.  

Wills quickly moved on and founded a group named the National Society for Animal Protection (NSAP) and started fundraising from his wealthy connections made at his former two positions.   His group lasted less than two years ending in 1991 before he was hired to take over as the vice president for investigations at HSUS.  Wills was sued twice by William and Judith McBride of Ortonville, Michigan and Sandra LeBost of Royal Oak, Michigan for not repaying money they had given him to launch his new short lived group.    At each prior job he was accused of embezzling money but the good ol' boys at HSUS protect their own.   They covered it up and hired him to head up 'investigations.'   Typical ironic move by the criminals in the animal rescue field.

Wills lasted just four years at HSUS until he was sued in 1995 for sexually harassing and assaulting as many as 13 female employees.   The lawsuit was ultimately settled out of court.  Just weeks before he was fired, John Hoyt and Paul Irwin, sadly both former ministers, resided over Wills' lavish Mexican wedding to Laurie White, the former wife of PETA president Alex Pacheco.  Besides other charges, board members questioned why HSUS funds were used to pay for the wedding and to cover Wills debts from previous failed businesses.  Wills then filed for bankruptcy to protect him from the allegations of misusing money, to get out of having to lay the two Michigan legal settlements and to avoid paying a paternity judgement against him in Washington state. 

Washington lawyer Lynne Bernabei delivered a 21-page letter to Hoyt and Irwin on behalf of Virginia Bollinger, an animal cruelty investigator, and Cristobel Block, a legal investigator. The letter, included in court files, paints a lurid picture of unwanted sexual overtures that Wills allegedly made over a two-year period starting in 1993, from kissing and offensive comments to, in Bollinger’s case, nonconsensual sex while she and Wills were traveling on assignment.

Cristobel "Kitty" Block rose to the position of HSUS president after former president Wayne Pacelle was forced to resign in 2018 after serial sexual harassment charges were made against him.   HSUS has a long history of sheltering convicted felons and sex perverts.   Pacelle was recruited to HSUS by David Wills.   Block is a former employee of the dog killers of PETA.  Every time one of these con artists is exposed, they just move on to a different group with another whitewash of their background.  

A fondness for prostitutes is common in the animal 'rescue' field, just look at dirt bag and fellow ex-HSUS alumni Scotlund Haisley.  The law finally started catching up to Wills once again when he was arrested in Maryland.

Since 2015, Wills has been fighting federal sex trafficking charges for his alleged long term sexual assaults of a 9-year old girl in various locations in Texas.

Lasoya pled guilty to selling her nine year old daughter to David Wills for sex in 2017 while at the same time he wrote and released a self-aggrandizing book on his 'career' in the animal rescue world.

As for Wills, he's
currently out of jail, released on a $5 million dollar bail. Let that fact sink in the next time you are tempted to open your wallet at some sob story an animal rescue is promoting. Think of a man who worked his entire life in various humane societies amassing enough money to pay a $5 million dollar bond and afford enough high powered legal help that he's been able to avoid trial for 4 years while he plays around on his Twitter account.  

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Animal Rights Hall of Shame: Giles Meloche

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet Giles Meloche (also spelled as Gilles Meloche)

Canadian Giles Meloche is famous for one thing. His attempted destruction of the city of Louisville, Kentucky. Meloche, like all animal rights activists, has a long and sordid history. It started back in Canada when his veterinary license was revoked after he pled guilty to 27 counts of selling anabolic steroids without a license.  He moved to the United States and magically managed to get a new veterinary license issued to him. Just how does that happen??? It happened because the state of Kentucky didn't bother to do a background check on Meloche and he was buddies and pals with the Mayor. He was then hired by the Louisville Metro Animal Services Division to be its new leader. One of his first acts in office was to get a new 91 page ordinance rammed through that stripped Louisville animal owners of most of their constitutional rights. The ordinance was so bad that even the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife came out against it.

"The Louisville Kennel Club then sued the Louisville Metro Animal Services over the ordinance overturning key parts of it. HSUS tried to enter the lawsuit as an amicus curiae since HSUS state director Pamela Rogers had assisted."
 The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement

That's right, the vegan lawyers of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) wrote the new law.  
While citizens had their constitutional rights violated left and right, two damning reports were released in 2007. They alleged massive mismanagement, multiple failed audits, thousands of animals missing or unaccounted for, botched or illegal veterinary procedures, animal cruelty and open sex occurring among shelter workers who created graphic sex chambers in the animal shelter itself.  After the reports were released two long years of scandal followed where female employees continuously reporting that Meloche forced them to endure sexual assault on a regular basis. He forced himself on women making them accept his kisses, his groping, his daily hugs and his never ending inappropriate comments. He treated Metro Animal Service employees as his own personal harem.  Still the city did nothing.  

Meanwhile, now that animal control was being run by an animal rights patsy and convicted criminal, officers started a campaign to stalk every pet owner in the city. They read the Louisville Courier-Journal newspaper daily to see if anyone was daring to try and sell puppies like they were some sort of black market contraband.

James and Angela O'Neill were doing nothing wrong. They have a constitutional right to breed their two American bulldogs if they wish to do so. Only in the animal rights world do puppies become equal to cocaine. In September their girl had a litter of eleven puppies. As first time breeders, they had no idea that animal rights activists regularly pass themselves off as potential puppy buyers in order to steal puppies from breeders.   Blackmailed into paying a huge fine to retrieve their stolen dogs, they took them home to discover they were spayed and neutered, microchipped and they all had now had respiratory infections from the filthy public animal shelter.  They sued the city, Gilles Meloche and Wayne Zelinsky. 

Finally Meloche was forced to resign over graphic photos that emerged in August of 2009 of his flooded shit hole of a shelter and a stack of dead kittens. Record floods hit Louisville in early August 2009. At least 10 kittens and a dog drown in their cages before shelter workers and volunteers evacuated the shelter. In media reports he tried to portray himself as an innocent victim and ultimate hero as all these ignorant activists do.

“The water came up so fast,” Meloche said. “It went from three inches to three feet in about 30 minutes.” Capt. Wayne Zelinsky, an officer with Animal Services, said about 20 people worked frantically to save the animals as the water rose. “By the time we got to the (second) building, the dogs’ heads were the only thing above water,” Zelinsky said.

Two days later, Meloche announced he was moving all the animals back into the wrecked shelter even though it was still flooded and hit the airwaves asking for volunteers to clean up what his workers were being paid by the taxpaying citizens of Louisville to do.   The outrage over the dead kittens is what finally forced Meloche to resign in September of 2009. 

He was replaced by Wayne Zelinsky who lasted just 14 months on the job before citizens reacted in outrage when it was revealed that he owns an 'adult entertainment' business. Yeah, he's a porn king.  And he was a party to the O'Neill lawsuit and the corrupt city of Louisville still picked him anyway.  He was replaced in turn by a 26 year old animal rights activist named Justin Scally who has no formal education in animals and now makes $90,000 to continue the raping of Louisville citizens.  More on him later.   What is important now is that the O'Neills won.  

What many Americans do not know is that all across this Nation, animal control divisions everywhere have instituted regulations stripping you of your constitutional rights just like Louisville did. Does your city or town have a license for 'multiple' animals? Do they promote it as being 'cheaper' to license all your pets under one license? You'd better check your ordinances. You may have just declared your private home to be a 'kennel' and as such, you have waived all of your rights under the Fourth Amendment. This was the ordinance on the books in Louisville. The court ruled in the O'Neills favor and stated that at no time in the history of Kentucky had a private residental home ever been declared to be a kennel. Furthermore, the act of having a litter of puppies does not at any time magically transform that residential home into a kennel. Not now, not ever. The court ruled that the O'Neills were not running an "illegal kennel" and as such, the city of Louisville had indeed violated their Fourth Amendment rights.

That wasn't the only lawsuit. Dr. Kendall Clay sued the Louisville government, Giles Meloche and Wayne Zelinsky in 2010 for sexual harassment and violating her civil rights.

Dr. Kendall Clay claims it all started in June 2008 when Meloche set up a meeting with her and animal care manager Dawn Simpson to discuss work issues. Clay says she showed up for the meeting at the restaurant, Proof on Main at 700 W. Main Street, as did Meloche. But Clay says Simpson was never invited. Clay says Meloche told her he was drunk and continued drinking and never discussed work.A few days later, Clay claims Meloche brought her coffee and later ran his tongue around the rim in a sexually suggestive manner in front of several witnesses.The lawsuit states that over the next few days, Clay received multiple calls to her cell phone from Meloche with sexual comments like: "I want to lick your toes and work my way up" and "You look so damned cute on the bus today, I wanted to grab you and hold you and kiss you."

When she complained to the city Human Resources department she found out that Meloche was already facing other sexual harassment complaints as well which were investigated and found to be true

Where Meloche will resurface next is anyone's guess.

Animal Rights Hall of Shame: Kevin Johnson aka Kevin Oliff

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet Kevin Johnson (also known under the alias of Kevin Oliff).

In 2013, Kevin Johnson and his fellow felon Tyler Lang drove from California to Illinois to deliberately attack a mink farm and release 2,000 animals. They brought with them tools of their trade. Masks, bolt cutters, a police scanner and a handwritten plan of action.

These entitled elite brats brag to this day how wonderful they are and they are being unjustly punished for 'speaking out.' What they don't tell you is that their actions caused the deliberate cruel and needless death of many of the mink. Dozens of them were run over by cars and many others were never found and probably starved to death never having known life in the wild.  Ultimately 400 of them died.  That's not all they did.  They poured acid over two of the farmer's trucks and destroyed barns and fences.  Ultimately their act caused $200,000 in damage to the farm. 

When caught, this career criminal was on his way to attack a fox farm.  Originally charged in state court with a slap on the wrist charge of possessing burglary tools, Johnson was recharged in federal court for violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA).   This act covers anyone who crosses state lines to deliberately financially harm an animal business because you are ideologically opposed to it.   He was found guilty and sentenced to three years in prison.   He appealed on the grounds of killing 400 animals and stealing 1,600 more was 'free speech' and that he was being unfairly labeled as a terrorist for his 'non-violent' acts.   The court wisely rejected his ludicrous argument.  What was non-violent about cutting open and destroying fences?  What was non-violent about causing hundreds of animals to die a cruel death? 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Raging Judge Assaults Walmart Clerk

In the elite playground of the uber-rich, Fauquier Virginia Judge Jeffrey Parker is used to running his courtroom as his own private gulag.   Known for his courtroom outbursts in which he routinely belittles the common people who appear before him, Judge Parker has a history of making up his own law as he goes.   However, at long last, Judge Parker is finally on the receiving end of the legal system that his actions have warped.   On September 5th, Judge Parker was arrested for assaulting a clerk at a Stafford Walmart.   

Judge Parker's Booking Photo. 

Parker claims he found some jewelry in the Walmart parking lot and turned it in to store’s customer service desk.   There he demanded that he be given a receipt for the items so he could claim the property later if the owner wasn’t found.   Finder’s keepers may be a nice saying but it’s not the law.    All property has an owner and belongs to someone.   Whether you find a stray dog or a cheap necklace in a parking lot, they do not belong to you.   As a long time Judge approaching retirement, Parker apparently thinks he’s above the law.    When the clerk told him that store policy would not allow her to give him a receipt for property that was not his, he threw a temper tantrum, reached across the counter and played grab hands with the clerk violent enough to cause pain and then called the police when he didn’t get his way.    As if a lowly paid clerk is responsible for a store’s corporate policies?   When the cops arrived, the situation took a turn that this rage filled Judge wasn’t expecting.

After interviewing other employees who verified that Parker was aggravated, aggressive and had manhandled the clerk.   Parker was taken into custody on an assault and battery charge and released on bond.   He appeared with his attorney Robin Gulick in a preliminary hearing on September 19th to set his trial date. 

Judge Parker has a long outrageous history of screwing over the citizens of Virginia.   Parker is ranked dead last in Virginia as literally the worse Circuit Court judge currently sitting on the bench.   155 of his peers reviewed his job performance and only 56% found that he had any knowledge of the law, only 55% found him faithful to the law, only 54% said he allowed lawyers to properly present their cases in his courtroom.   Last year yet another protest against his appointment to the bench took place in Virginia.

During the House Judicial Panel reviewing Judge Parker's position on December 2, 2016, victims of his bad rulings such as Greg Harrington, Deborah Napier and Valerie Garvey spoke in opposition to his appointment.  Yet once again, crony legislators reappointed him to another term knowing Parker is the literally the worst Judge Virginia has in a state already known for judicial corruption.   

I’ve written extensively in the past about Judge Parker and his rulings against local farmer Martha Boneta.   I've written about Judge Parker's insane rulings taking children from parents that aren't even subject to Virginia's laws.  I wrote about his destruction of the Marterella Winery in my 2015 expose of Fauquier County.  I've written half a dozen articles about Judge Parker and his connection to the animal rights extremist movement.  He appointed local thug Hileary Bogley to her powers and then dismisses lawsuits against her when she’s sued for exceeding her power.

Speaking of the long laundry list of Judge Parker’s victims, shoved under the rug has been the family of murder victim Michele Mueller.  Beaten to death in 2001, she made two dying declarations to the paramedics and a Fauquier County Detective implicating her former boyfriend local sports journalist Christopher Jones in her death.   Prosecutors brought Jones to trial on murder charges claiming he killed Mueller because he wanted sole custody of their son and didn’t want to have to pay child support.   Investigators had painstakingly built a case over 15 months gathering over 100 pieces of evidence including hair fibers, blood samples, and fingerprints besides the victim’s dying declarations all pointing to Jones.   Judge Parker threw the case out and set an accused murderer free.    Who was the lawyer defending Jones in Judge Parker’s courtroom?   Robin Gulick.   A man who calls himself a powerful litigator on his website.  A man who is Judge Parker's own personal attorney.   In the years since her death, no one else has ever been prosecuted for her murder leaving her family and her orphaned son without any closure. 

One of the people testifying against Judge Parker’s appointment at the December 2016 hearing was Valerie Garvey who has the neighbors from hell.   Neighbors who spent year’s illegally stealing timber from her land.   She tried many times to file criminal charges against them for criminal trespass and was shut down by Fauquier’s notoriously corrupt Sheriff’s Department.   Instead, Garvey claims corrupt cops tried to charge her with criminal trespass when she hired a survey company to prove that her neighbors were illegally logging her land.   Finally Valerie Garvey sued Allan and Susan Chacey for illegally trespassing on her land and stealing her trees.    Judge Parker refused to allow a timber expert to testify to the value of the harvested trees.   A tree that has no declared value is not a crime to steal and resell.     Judge Parker in a single move, destroyed Garvey’s entire case and made her a double victim.   

Judge Parker refused to allow a timber expert to testify to the trees value and deliberately undercut her entire case.   In her lawsuit, Garvey asked to be compensatefor all the legal fees that it took to finally stop her neighbor from illegally logging and damaging the road onto her land.  After a 3 day jury trial Garvey was awarded legal fees by the jury but Judge Parker also cut the jury award down by $110,000.

All I can say to Ms. Garvey is Welcome to Fauquier County, literally the most corrupt county in Virginia.    Her case, originally heard in Judge Parker’s courtroom was appealed all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court.    Virginia Supreme Court reversed the jury award due to the lack of timber testimony leaving Valerie Garvey to lose everything.   The Virginia Supreme Court claimed that Virginia law just wasn’t clear even though Virginia Code Code § 55-331 states that if any person, firm or corporation cuts  timber belonging to another, the owner has the right to a summary remedy for recovery of damages.  Section of the Virginia Code § 55-332 then sets out the “[p]rocedure for determination of damage” and the person who stole the timber must pay “any directly associated legal costs incurred.”    You’d think that was clear but Virginia’s corrupt courts bent over backward to find a loophole to say that’s not so.    After all, Parker's son presented the case to the Supreme Court while his Judge father sat in.   No conflict of interest there.  A month after the Court’s ruling, legislation was filed in the 2016 Virginia legislative session to amend this section of law and declare for all time that yes, attorney costs are part of this law.  Unfortunately it came one month too late for Valerie Garvey. 

Another witness who testified against Judge Parker at the legislative hearing was Deborah Napier who said Parker had colluded with local lawyer Lorenzo Bean against her in a case that was heard in Parker’s courtroom.    Bean is yet another Fauquier good ol’ boy with a shady history.   His stack of cards finally came tumbling down when he was arrested in 2014 on six felony counts of embezzlement, one count of money laundering and later two counts of filing false tax returns.   It wasn’t the first time Bean’s been caught with sticky fingers.   The Virginia State Bar disciplined him in 2009 for ‘mishandling’ $60,000 of a client’s money that he had deposited into his own personal bank account.  Bean was finally disbarred in 2015 after admitting the charges against him were true yet at the same time, he managed to weasel out of the actual criminal charges which were dismissed on a technicality five months after he admitted his guilt.

After Parker’s long and notorious judicial career, Fauquier elite continue to protect one of their own.  The Fauquier Times (formerly the Democrat), wrote an editorial that had locals busting out in laughter.

Total impartiality?   Parker is a bully with a pulpit.   In fact, Fauquier County’s judges are ranked as some of the worst in the state.    A county in which the cops, the lawyers and the judges are all in each other’s pockets.  Fauquier protects their own.    A judge is supposed to be fair and impartial.   Judge Parker has a long history of being neither.     In Fauquier, if you have something the power elite want, whether it’s your land, your business, or if you have crossed one of them in any way, they drag you into their corrupt courtrooms and bankrupt you.   

The chance this judge would ever be found guilty of assaulting some poor minimum wage clerk at Walmart is zero.  She should be commended for even trying to defend herself against one of the Fauquier power players.  Surprising no one on Fauquier, the charges against Parker were quietly dropped the minute the media spotlight was off.  

Think about that one. The fact that Parker assaulted the clerk is not in dispute. He was caught on video. Yet the charges were dropped anyway. It gets better.

Just like that, he gets a clean record.  

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dead Animals Follow PETA Around

There are only two things that the misnamed People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are really good at.  Bamboozling the public and killing animals.   Recently PETA has agreed to pay $49,000 to Wilber Zarate, the owner of Maya, a dog that PETA operatives were recently caught stealing and killing in Virginia.   The complicit mainstream media has gone along with PETA to rewrite Maya’s history by portraying Maya as some sort of unowned stray that they picked up out of the goodness of their heart and then accidently killed.   The media used such words as “unattended” and “unleashed” in their stories to make it look like Maya was some sort of abandoned stray but in fact, PETA stole Maya off her owner’s porch.   Of course she wasn’t leashed, she was at home!   To add insult to injury, PETA tried to give the Zarate family a vegan fruit basket in place of their dead dog.  This isn’t the first time PETA has been caught stealing and killing animals.   Back in 2005, the Piggly Wiggly Dumpster trial in North Carolina was front page news.  

"In 2005, two PETA employees were caught in North Carolina operating a mobile death van.  These activists were driving around collecting up animals to kill inside the van and dumping their bodies behind a Piggly Wiggly grocery store dumpster before heading back home to the Norfolk headquarters.  The two employees, Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook, were caught after police set up surveillance on a dumpster behind a grocery store after regularly finding trash bags filled with the bodies of dead dogs and cats in them."   Staring the Dragon in the Eye:  The Hidden Victims of Animal Extremists.

So much for PETA’s unfortunate accidents.   PETA claimed that Mr. Zarate sued them simply because “no kill” activists encouraged him to do so because they are upset that PETA kills almost every animal they get their hands on.    The complicit media helped them neatly side step the fact they were caught stealing someone’s dog. 

Killing innocent cats and dogs aren’t the only animals that activists harm.  I've written extensively in my book, The Art of Terror:  Inside the Animal Rights Movement about the animal rights infiltration into the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).    As I wrote in my book, their head elephant expert knows nothing about elephants and their horse expert hates horses.   Activists cozy up to government in order to shut down businesses they are ideologically opposed too.   If you want proof, just look at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

In an effort to shut down all of America’s zoos, PETA has sued or threatened to sue one zoo after another.    After targeting the DeYoung Zoo and others, the animal abolitionists from PETA are now targeting Cathy Stearn’s 22-acre Dale City’s Wild Things animal rehabilitation and zoological facility in Florida.   Surprising no one in the animal industry, PETA sent two activists in to work undercover at Wild Things to find abuse of animals.   PETA’s subsequent animal abuse video has caused a social media firestorm among young Americans.   Blogs and petitions wallpaper the Internet claiming Wild Things abuses baby tigers with no proof other than the word of a 20 year old brainwashed high school dropout.   Wild Things has now sued PETA operatives Jenna Jordan and Delena Pennington.   

At the same time, Wild Things is fighting against a PETA/USDA lawsuit.   Of the USDA lawsuit, "On Monday, Stearn's called the USDA lawsuit unfounded and said the agency has piled on violations for minor infractions like having a nail sticking out of a wood plank. They are throwing the book at me," Stearns said. "I have some of the fattest and healthiest tigers people have seen, so tell me I'm doing something wrong."     Wild Things owner Cathy Stearns was forced to do an emergency evacuation of her tigers to save them.   Stearn's 19 tigers were transported to a private zoo in Oklahoma.   Tragically 3 tiger cubs died during the emergency evacuation.   Not willing to give up, the vegan lawyers of PETA convinced a Judge that they are somehow some sort of animal experts and demanded and were given the right to inspect a private business. 

Let that one sink in.  The U.S. Marshalls escorted a vegan extremist group with a sordid history of killing animals into a private business and gave the extremist group protection while these private activists searched through private property.    One of the activists who accompanied PETA on their inspection was Jay Pratt, who spoke at the 2014 USDA anti-exotic animal conference. 

Once Stearns and about 20 Wild Things supporters in shirts reading "PETA kills" moved aside, the group followed PETA experts throughout the two-hour inspection, "making abusive remarks" and doing "everything they could kind of physically getting in our way," said PETA legal counsel Jenni James.
Stearns' husband, Kenneth, and son, Randy, were also armed, "touching their holsters and posturing, following us every step of the way," James said.
The court filing from PETA reads like their typical side show circus.   PETA objects to the fact that the Oklahoma Zoo sedated the tigers to safely remove them from the transport trailer then they claim the unloading was highly stressful to the animals.

Really?   I thought the animals were sedated?   How can they be so highly stressed if they are asleep?  Meanwhile, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, one of PETA’s mobile slaughterhouse vans, euphemistically called the “Community Animal Project” was allegedly spotted in Houston, Texas.   

To prevent animal looting in the aftermath of natural disasters, state legislatures need to pass laws outlawing animals from being exported across state lines by anyone but their owners.   I’ve written extensively in the past about shady rescues that steal animals out of their owner’s backyards and ship them out of state to resell as tornado/hurricane rescues.  Now activists are swooping in to simply kill them on the spot while businesses such as Wild Things struggle to recover from a natural disaster.    

Sex, Violence, and Animal Rights: Part 2

Today, the world has turned upside down.  What is good is called evil and what is evil is called good.   I have previously written about the many violent criminals and just plain lunatics who are now "animal cops" heading up various animal rescues and shelters.  I've written about urban vigilante and private Rambo Richard Couto who targets poor farmers.   I've written about quacks such as Ohio's Adam Herrera who stirred up a public firestorm over a fake story of dead skinned puppies.  I've written many times about serial dirtbag Scotlund Haisley who operates a private SWAT team because being in the "animal protection field" gets him better lap dances from strippers.   In part 1 of this continuing series, I covered more of the criminal backgrounds of many leaders in the animal rights movement who spoke at this year's Animal Rights Conference. 

Part of the problem is that almost all of the training local, state and federal law enforcement receives is conducted by animal rights extremists.  Almost no training is conducted by actual animal experts.   Particularly egregious are the law enforcement seminars that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) gives for free to law enforcement nationwide.   This free training is conducted by fringe lunatics.   Sex perverts and convicted felons have infiltrated the National Sheriff’s Association and are now providing the majority of training that law enforcement receives on farming, zoo’s and pet owners.   Local animal control training is even worse.   While many localities take advantage of free training by HSUS and PETA, even more lunatics jump aboard in localities.   In 2013, the Virginia Animal Control Association offered law enforcement four hours of training on animal sex.  The 'certified expert witness' who taught the animal sex class has a degree in Business and Accounting, not veterinary medicine.

While the animal rescue field is awash in legions of criminals who have jumped on the 'cute puppy or kitten' bandwagon to con you into opening your wallets, an even more dangerous criminal has infiltrated, that of the sex pervert.  One of the biggest exposes came by accident when reporter John Stossel, then working for ABC's 20/20 program in 2005, ran an expose on celebrated animal cop Dave Garcia of the SPCA of Texas and other out of control SPCA's across America who were stealing animals for profit. 

When Stossel ran with his story on Garcia illegally raiding the homes of women to steal their dogs from them and frame them for charges of animal cruelty, even he had no idea the time that Garcia was  a convicted rapist.    Garcia served three years in prison in Arizona for kidnapping and raping a woman.   He also had drunk driving arrests in Arizona, Texas, and Missouri and an outstanding warrant at the time of the broadcast.    Garcia had a long history of working in the animal rescue field.  He worked for the Houston SPCA, the Humane Society of Greater Miami, the Humane Society of Missouri and the Denver Dumb Friends League.  Even more frightening, this convicted rapist was a "guest instructor" at the National Cruelty Investigators School. 

Even more famous is the scandal that hit the Louisville, Kentucky animal shelter in 2009.  Louisville Metro Animal Services head Giles Meloche was forced to resign after his sordid history became public.   From losing his medical license in his native Canada after he pled guilty to 27 counts of selling anabolic steroids without a license to massive sexual assault complaints filed against him.   He was replaced by Wayne Zelinsky who lasted just 14 months when it was discovered that he owned and operated a porn business

Then there's the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) alumni Arthur E. Benjamin who was sued by the federal government for fraud and sued multiple times for raping women.   According to these lawsuits, Benjamin has a 20 year history of sexual assault.    Then there is former HSUS Vice President accused pedophile and convicted felon with mob connections David Wills.

Wills, whose criminal convictions date back to 1973, was formerly the head of the Nashua Humane Society in New Hampshire, leaving in 1978 just before money was discovered missing from their books.   He resurfaced at the Michigan Humane Society and worked there until 1989, resigning suddenly when the board started an investigation into $1.6 million in missing money.   He surfaced again at HSUS and worked there until he was sued in 1995 for sexually harassing multiple female employees.    The law finally started catching up to him once again when he was arrested in Maryland and pled guilty in 1999 for embezzling money.   Since 2015, Wills has been fighting federal sex trafficking charges for his alleged long term sexual assaults of a 9-year old girl. 

Besides assaulting the little girl himself, Wills is also accused of forcing her to work as a prostitute.  Wills ties to HSUS continue today.  He is a close friend of current HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle, who recruited Pacelle to join HSUS in 1994.

Lasoya pled guilty to selling her nine year old daughter to David Wills for sex while at the same time he wrote and released a self-aggrandizing book on his 'career' in the animal rescue world.   As for Wills, he's currently out of jail, released on a $5 million dollar bail.    Let that fact sink in the next time you are tempted to open your wallet at some sob story an animal rescue is promoting.  Think of a man who worked his entire life in various humane societies amassing enough money to pay a $5 million dollar bond. 

In Illinois anti-puppy activist Kathy Mehalko routinely slanders pet stores and claims they are all fronts for deplorable puppy mills raising dogs in horrific conditions.   In 2016, an Illinois pet store had enough and sued her for defamation.   Mehalko, using typical activist tactics, posted a picture of a dog kennel on social media and then claimed this kennel was the source of the puppies sold by Furry Babies of Illinois.  The pet store owner sued claiming they had never bought a dog from the kennel posted on social media by Mehalko. 

In  August of 2017, Mehalko's 38 year old son Jason was arrested for criminal sexual assault of a child going back to 2008.  He was arrested by the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department in Illinois for charges out of  Kenosha, Wisconsin.    He was released on a $25,000 bond pending trial and is barred from having any contact with any female under the age of 18. 

Booking photo of Jason A. Mehalko

Shocking no one who has interacted with Mehalko, she immediately posted that she was proud of her son.  

The cases listed here are just the tip of the iceberg.    Sadists, felons and rapists have discovered that the quickest way to get to your child, your sister, your girlfriend or your wife is through images of sad eyed puppies and kittens.