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Cyber lynch mob attempts to destroy New York dog breeder

On the internet there are multiple roving bands of animal rights activists who from long distances set up cyber lynch mobs against specific targets they have identified.  One mob targeted and took down the Olympic Animal Sanctuary Washington only for some members of that internet mob to turn their attentions to a border collie breeder in New York state just 24 hours later.  There are two reasons behind this campaign, 1.) to put pressure on legislators to pass a bill to outlaw dog breeding in New York and 2.) money.  It's always about the money.  No, not the money the breeder is making, but the massive profit these cyber "rescuers" are making.  All tax free, mostly undocumented.  

At the end of December 2013, a massive cyber warfare started against a breeder called Flat Creek Border Collies in New York state, led by an animal "rescuer" named Eric Bellows.  The first thing to keep in mind is that almost none of these people involved in this situation have actually ever seen the conditions they testify to extensively on the internet.  They usually have one or two local people ready to take money from the public for the "rescue" and dozens of homes lined up to resell the animals too, but it is nothing more than a gigantic theft ring that law enforcement all too often goes along with.   It is long past time this was ended!   Would it be legal if someone started cyber warfare against you to take your car away from you because they feel they had a better garage than you do?  Or if they feel that their brand of gasoline is better than the brand you are using?  Of course not!  Theft is theft, no matter what your intentions. 

"We have over 50 homes and organizations that are ready to help these dogs and give them the homes and attention that they deserve."  Eric Bellows.  Facebook post January 2, 2014. 

Really?  Why aren't those 50 homes interested in helping save a dog from a local animal shelter instead of stealing one away from a home it already has? Why is it being celebrated that 50 homes are already lined up to accept stolen goods? Why is this ethical?

"Is this the place with the electric fence? Get a group together, wear rubber gloves, cut the fence and hoist them over. Liberate those dogs! Watching from Wisconsin." 
Mary Meyers. Facebook post January 1, 2014.

Mary Meyers goes on to say that she has just "rescued" a dog herself. I wonder how she did that. Was it the same way she's advocating here? Stealing a dog out of someone else's yard? If so, then the Wisconsin authorities need to investigate Mary Meyers.  Theft is theft no matter what the property is.  How would you like it if Mary Meyers decided she wanted YOUR dog?  

Leading the lynch mob against Flat Creek is local animal rights activist Eric Bellows who runs the "Pack Ethic Rescue, Inc."  Me thinks he needs to reconsider that name.  Then again, with the word "ethic" in his name, he must be ethical, right?   He posted dozens of posts per day the first week of January 2014 about how the dogs were literally freezing to death and absolutely no one would help him. He posted inflammatory postings like, "This dog waited to be let inside, circling every now and again to remove the sting from her frozen paws. I fear what is waiting inside..." Just how exactly would he know this? And why would he fear what is waiting inside? Or other hysteria drawn posts like this one. "Let me know what you guys think, I am going nuts here... Their eyes are burning a hole in my heart, I can't get their eyes out of my head... Sticking out from inside those barrels pleading for help, shivering...."  Again, how would he know from a photograph that these dogs are shivering?  Members of the internet lynch mob who jumped on the bandwagon posted conflicting stories about just how many dogs were "freezing to death" or "starving to death."  When that doesn't work, there's always the old chestnut of "dead dogs in a wheel barrel."   Funny how there is always a wheel barrel and it always has dead dogs in it.  You'd think these animal rights activists could think up something new once in a while.  

How many dogs are there?  

"This section here has over 12 dogs and this isn't even a quarter of the property." Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 1, 2014.

"The investigated tells me that there is only 30 dogs there... Really because when I went yesterday there was 30 in the first 4 pens..." Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 1, 2014.

"By now these pups will almost be snowed in and the rest of the almost
100 dogs on the property are trying to survive the storm called Hercules which will be dumping between 12-15 inches and be minus degrees with wind chill." Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 3, 2014.  

"So along with overlooking the living conditions and lack of proper shelter but during the police visit it was determined that even though she has 60 + dogs, there are only 47 rabies compliant dogs on the property. Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 3, 2014.

"So I just can't get straight answers, the police are calling this a hoax? I wish it was. They are telling me there are only 30 dogs on this property. Well when I went there three days ago the second you get out of your care to your left is at least 12 dogs, the "house yard" had around 15 Shitzu and 5 border collies, to the right of that at least 14 puppies ranging from 10 weeks to 6 months, beyond them 2 yards with 6 dogs a yard, beyond that is more yards more dogs, do I have to keep going to show that the police math is off? Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 3, 2014.

"On one hand you are being told to bring all pets inside to protect from elements yet on the other we are forced to watch 60 plus dogs brave the elements." Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 4, 2014.

"When I was there, there were at least 70 to 80 dogs running around that property," said Bellows. "There was no bedding except for old, wet, nasty stuff that was in there. When I first got out of my car there were over 40 dogs within the first six or seven yards."

40 dogs in six or seven yards?  And you believe that? And just how would this animal rights activist know anything about their rabies shot records?  He can't even make up his mind how many dogs are there even when he claims he has visited this property in person.  

What kind of dogs are they?  

Not only that but the actual breeds started changing and activists were claiming that not only were there hundreds of dogs there but there were French and English bulldogs, Shih Tzu’s, Chihauhau’s, Scottish Terriers, and later they started claiming Havanese were there too.  And the puppies!  Oh, help me save the puppies!!!   Eric Bellows reported that they had 14 puppies they couldn't sell that he had tried to buy off of them.  Interesting.  Now if they had 14 puppies for sale, then why couldn't he buy them?  That doesn't even add up.  Then it was 25 puppies with many more coming from multiple pregnant dogs.  Eric Bellows is not a veterinarian and has not examined any of these dogs.  He cannot possibly know if any of them are pregnant or not.  But rampant speculation like this is designed to drive up internet hysteria.  

"There are over 25 puppies on the ground right now maybe more and god knows how many pregnant why would you need 4 more pregnant dogs?"  Eric Bellows.  Facebook post January 2, 2014. 

"I can not confirm the report of 2 dead dogs being removed this morning. What I can say is that when I first went there on New Years Eve there were around 11 puppies on premises. Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 4, 2014.

He can not confirm?  That's sort of like the old, "when did you stop beating your wife" line.... 

He posted aerial photos of the property taken from online map websites claiming the property was covered in dogs, he posted on Facebook the statement that, "every inch is covered with dogs." He posted at least 18 inflammatory stories about this breeder on January 3rd alone claiming multiple dogs were freezing and starving to death and begging for help. Others starting claiming the local authorities were "covering up" the problem leading to the lynch mob becoming even more inflamed. People were calling the local and state authorities to include politicians and the Governor, and dozens of members of the media from foreign countries and other states demanding that something be done. NYS Assemblyman James Tedisco jumped on the bandwagon and urged people to call the Governor to press him to sign the anti-dog breeder bill that was on his desk. I think we just uncovered the motivation for this cyber lynch mob.

When people attempted to point out the lies in this cyber lynch mob whipped up by Eric Bellows, they were met with comments like this:  "If all you breeders would commit suicide it would be a much nicer world!!"  Tim Ostrander, Facebook post January 5, 2014. 

Instead of asking these people if they had ever been to America, let alone New York, and how exactly they knew what was going on there, politicians such as James Tedisco jumped to help destroy a dog breeder.  Each and every bureaucrat that was contacted assured these lynch mob members that they would conduct an investigation into the target instead of demanding proof of their outrageous allegations.  The state police and state veterinarians visited the property to inspect it three times in as many days and not a single violation of New York law was found.  All the dogs were found to have food, water, shelter, heat, and were reportedly brought inside at night.  Yet Eric Bellows kept up the daily cyber harassment.

"Collies aren't Siberian Huskies and they're not sled dogs," says Eric Bellows, an animal rights activist, who lives near the Rappa Road farm, "They can take the cold but this kind of cold is on a whole other level."   WNYT. 

And what exactly makes him an expert on the border collie breed?  Absolutely nothing!  The activists just howled louder screaming that dogs were in immediate danger of freezing to death, that all of the dogs were "limping" and other hysterical accusations, and hard-hearted authorities wouldn't do anything about it and were "covering up" something.  Just how can you tell all the way from California that a dog in someone's back yard in New York is "limping" anyway?   Other activists started passing around the rumor that the dog breeder was failing to provide any veterinarian care to her dogs. 

The State Police were forced to issue a statement:  "Several visits to the kennel have not revealed any violations of New York State Law or local codes. The Owner of the kennel has provided shelter, food and heated water as required."

The truth means absolutely nothing to animal rights activists.  They started calling the Governor and fellow animal rights lawyers to see if they could sue for custody of the breeders dogs.    Then Eric Bellows posted "Matt Albert from NY Citizens Against Puppy Mills and Rich Rosenthal from The Lexus Project are working on helping the dogs of Flat Creek.  They will be going before the judge at 2:00 at the Montgomery County Supreme Court."  January 6, 2014.   What is important about this post is not only that private citizens are apparently going to court to somehow shut down a lawful breeder and potentially steal their property, but the comments.   Immediately dozens of supporters of this lynch mob posted their support and more importantly, their locations

"My heart and prayers are with you from North Carolina."
"Good luck from Kentucky"
"Prayers and Paws Crossed from Florida"
"Paws crossed from Philadelphia Pa"
"Hoping for the best from Tucson, AZ"
"prayers from SW VA"
"Prayers and blessings from California"
"Good Luck from TN"
"Good luck from Ohio"
"Prayers from TX"
"Good luck from Toronto Canada"
"Best wishes from Germany"

Immediately after that on Eric Bellows Facebook page was a posting that said, “Help Pack Ethic Rescue Inc. every time you shop” and a link to give him donations.  Why again are the New York authorities giving one ounce of time to these activists?  Eric Bellows is shilling for cash, while the vast majority of his supporters do not live there. They are obviously NOT in New York and have no clue what is actually happening there.  They have zero right to have a say in anything going on in Montgomery County, New York.  They aren't taxpayers and they aren't voters.   Tell them to shut up about their complaints and direct their attention to their own back yards and leave New York alone.  Additionally, an investigation needs to be made into Eric Bellows who led this effort.  

If you look into his back story, Eric Bellows has quite a history.   He was part of the disgraced gansta “Rescue Ink” scam and went out on his own to form another rescue to collect donations from the public.   I found an interesting blog that covered a case of mass hysteria on Facebook that the blog claims was founded by Eric Bellows.  In this case it was a story about nails being found in scattered dog food at dog parks. The fake story was cross posted on Facebook over 15,000 times with over 12,000 comments to the story.  The blog claims that he received over 1,000 new followers to his "rescue" as a result of his heart rendering "nails in dog food" pleas.  I wonder how many of those followed up with monetary donations to this dirt bag?    He also apparently has frequent health issues which require pleas for more monetary donations.  Seriously?  I'm supposed to believe this man has suffered from 13 concussions in his lifetime and is seeking treatment from 11 specialists?  Who the hell is paying for that?  This also makes me wonder just how he thinks he's capable of saving 100+ dogs from Flat Creek if he gets a concussion every time he turns around?  Turns out he was also involved in the campaign to destroy a long time Rottweiler breeder in Wallkill, New York.   Just what exactly does this internet cowboy know about Rottweiler’s?  Here's the real story behind what happened at Wallkill.  But there's more to this, so much more.  One of the serial dirtbags behind the lynch mob that destroyed the Olympic Animal Sanctuary was Scotlund Haisley.  Funny enough, Eric Bellows tagged some of his Facebook posts about Flat Creek with Scotlund Haisley's name.  I wonder who is going to be the next target of one of Haisley's illegal raids?  Will it be Flat Creek?  Only time will tell.  

What I really want to know is, how can I tap into this never ending supply of gullible people on the Internet so I can sit on my rear day after day posting inflammatory stories about strangers on Facebook and get people to donate money to me to support my lifestyle and destroy the livelihoods of others.  That's a talent I just don't seem to have. 

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