Sunday, December 28, 2014

When Christmas Puppies bring Jail Time

During Christmas, many in America woke up to family and friends, presents and loved ones abounding in homes stuffed to bursting with holiday joy. The cries of glee as children opened their presents.  Christmas carols playing on the stereo.  Christmas movies on the TV.  Beautiful aromas coming from the kitchen. But not in the City of Waukegan, Illinois. In Waukegan, former Marine John Bass was in jail for the crime of having a single litter of puppies.  An "undercover officer" from the Waukegan Police had gone in and purchased a puppy from the evil American Dog Breeder who bred it.  Oh, the horrors!

Waukegan Police Sgt. Cory Kelly Stated,
“It’s not illegal to have a dog that has babies, but it is illegal to breed them
 for sale,” she added.

Sgt. Scrooge Kelly says its illegal to sell puppies. Funny how the Keystone Kops of Waukegan raced in to steal this litter of bulldog puppies and handed them over to one of their "best rescues" who is now selling them to the public.  Doesn't that make Officer Scrooge Kelly nothing more than a fence for stolen goods?  Follow that? Illegal to sell puppies in Waukegan unless you are a rescue, then you can sell all the puppies you want. In fact the Joliet based "Wags 2 Wishes" is advertising them for sale as, "Waukegan Puppies Saved from Breeder." Really? If it wasn't for dog breeders, puppies wouldn't exist.   Of course the "rescue" is already shilling for cash to take care of these puppies who don't need their care and offering them for sale before their owner has had his day in court.

"But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime." 

On their Facebook page, the thugs from the Waukegan Police Animal Control Office posted: "The Waukegan Police Animal Control and Neighborhood Policing Unit worked to save the below Old English Bulldog puppies from an unknown fate. John Bass, of Waukegan, was arrested Tuesday night after an undercover operation into his illegal breeding and sale of dogs in Waukegan."

Unknown fate? Turns out that almost all of the puppies HAD owners already. In fact Officer Kelly stated, ""He had paperwork drawn up and wanted me to sign a contract. Once I paid him for the puppy he was arrested," she said." Get that? John Bass cared so much about his puppies that he was selling them on a written contract.  Which means that he knew where they were all going.  "Unknown  fate" my ass.  The other puppies were already sold and the breeder was simply keeping them until they were old enough to go to their new homes.  Seems to me like every single one of those people have a cause of action against Sgt. Scrooge Kelly.  
Now the Facebook Page of the Keystone Cops of Waukegan Animal Control is littered with greedy ignorant people posting "I want one" of these stolen puppies who already have legal owners.  

It gets better. John Bass was charged with the crime of failure to have a $25 permit, but there's a Catch-22 to that permit. Under the Waukegan Sec. 4-67. - Animal breeding license requirement, Mr. Bass is required to give up all of his Constitutional Rights under the 4th Amendment if he wishes to ever breed his dog.   Now many are saying, "well he should have just gotten the permit."  Really?   Which of your rights would you be happy to give up?   The Waukegan ordinance is absolutely unconstitutional.   No American should ever be forced to give up their rights and no law or ordinance can require them to do so.  The unconstitutional ordinance goes on to say that the penalty for violation this ordinance is a $200 fine per transaction "plus costs" whatever those are.  But that's not what John Bass got.  So far, he has been arrested, charged with crimes, and all of his puppies stolen.    

As for the puppies, they have been separated from their mother way too young (Animal Control seized the highly valuable puppies but left the mother behind), and are now shipped through a rescue and placed in unknown homes in unknown conditions around the area exposing them to diseases and poor treatment from incompetent do-gooders who know nothing about the bulldog breed.  These puppies will never recover from the actions of the do-gooders who have deliberately taken them away from their mother way too young.

Seems to me  like the Waukegan Police Department has quite a racket going for themselves.   If you think that the City of Waukegan is wasting tax payer dollars by sending their officers "undercover" to investigate $25 crimes, feel free to send your comments to Sgt. Scrooge at:  You can also tweet the City of Waukegan at:  They have several tweets on their page wishing people a safe and happy Christmas.  Too bad they don't care about Mr. Bass's Christmas or that of his puppies. 

Back in the 90's, ALF activist Kim Sturla said, "Our goal is to make the public think of breeding dogs and cats like drunk driving and smoking." 

If the animal rights indoctrinated Kelly's of this country get their way, no American will ever be able to own a puppy again.   Last I checked, the United States is not a communist nation.  Under laws like this, such iconic American heroes as George Washington would be a criminal.   George Washington, just like many of the founders of this country, was a dog breeder.   We must rise up against corruption in public office and say, "no more!"   Please help John Bass with his legal fees to fight this violation of his constitution rights and the destruction of his puppies.  He has a Go Fund Me account here.  

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