Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Government For the People and By the People and the People are Pissed!

24 hours later, 24 hours of reflection, and I'm still pissed.   In fact, I'm even more pissed than I was yesterday.  As I think over the nitty gritty, the small print, the fine details, I'm even more pissed.  There is never a more important day to be pissed.  Today is 9-11, the day America was attacked by foreign terrorists.  But while we are focused on enemies from without, we completely miss the enemies within, the statists of both the right and the left who spend their days dreaming of ways to take our rights away.  And we let them.  The United States Constitution, which is the highest law of our land spells it out very clearly.  The federal government is tasked with just four limited and defined powers.  The power to make war, peace, negotiation and promote foreign commerce.  That's it!  All other powers are reserved to the states.  The vast majority of what our government is doing today is unconstitutional.  

"The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined… (and) will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected."   James Madison, Federalist #45.

Does that resemble the vast behemoth we taxpayers are supporting today?   We are paying unelected bureaucrats to take our rights away.  As I listened to the APHIS/USDA teleconference yesterday, the animal rights activists dominated the call.  Over and over again they expressed to the APHIS bureaucrats by personal name, just how thrilled they all were with this massive regulatory overreach by APHIS.  Thrilled I tell ya!  Which means they already knew what it said.  Which means, while Americans had no more than 12 hours notice of this teleconference call and the resulting new regulation which has the power of law, the animal rights front already knew all about it and what would be said.  Right Kevin?  Dog breeders, exhibitors, cat breeders, rabbit breeders, all were taken by surprise by this sudden announcement just one day before 9-11.   Animal rights activists already knew it was coming.  And why not?  After all, they wrote it.  You can tell because they are all on a first name basis with the bureaucrats and representatives of three major animal rights groups all got through on the call while most of the animal industry was shut out.  It should then come as no surprise that the mother ship of animal rights extremists posted their gloating joy at the early Christmas present, at the same time as the APHIS press release.  Now just when did Whiney Wayne have the time to write, edit, and proof all of that if he had no clue about this Rule's release until the rest of America did?   Yeah, whatever.  Spray Tan Wayne, we aren't that stupid.  

Now the final rule has not yet been published so I can only go with what was said in the teleconference and the newly released FAQ's.  But twice during the call, APHIS Airheads specifically said that dog show exhibitors are covered under this rule.  They also said ALL animals on a person's premises would be covered and counted.  ALL.  A breeder managed to get through on the call and told the government lawyers and animal rights activists listening (idiot) who she was, what she raised, and that she owned five females and her daughter owned three females, but that they lived in the same house.  Hey, want to tell the world your street address and GPS coordinates while you are at it?   The government lawyers said, we don't care who owns the animals.  We see them, we are counting them.  You own eight, you are covered under this law.  People you just don't get it.  The government does not care!  You are nothing but a number to them, nothing but a revenue source and that federal monster is hungry.  That government inspector who forces their way into your home in violation of the Fourth Amendment is going to count everything they see with a pulse, no matter what specie it is.  Destroyed Virginia dog breeder Jean Payne-Cyhanick already knows that.  She was caring for several of her daughter's dogs when state and local inspectors came looking.  They all counted and Jean was convicted of criminal charges for having too many dogs, failing to brush their teeth, blah, blah, blah.  Guess what professional dog show handlers, this means you.   APHIS said at least twice that dog show dogs are covered and APHIS doesn't care who the owner is.  They can see it, its counted, and you are out of luck.

I can hear handlers screaming, "I'm untouchable.  My dogs are healthy and beautiful."   Repeat after me, the government doesn't care.  When are you going to get it?  They don't care!   One brilliant commenter on the Internet said, when your head is in the sand, your ass is in full view to be shot down.  You betcha!

Now think about this.  The USDA maintains minimum cage size standards for "primary enclosures" and mandates that your business must be available for inspection during normal "business hours" 365 days a year.  Think about that one dog show handlers.  You aren't there.  You are on the road with your string of show dogs.  Which means you will have to provide your road schedule to the USDA just like any other traveling "animal exhibitor."  What's your dog's primary enclosures at a dog show?  Is that USDA compliant?  Hell no!  You think the USDA wouldn't come and shut down a dog show and go from exhibitor to exhibitor demanding to see your license?  Why wouldn't they?  Just six months ago, Jack booted thugs from the Rhode Island Environmental Police raided a Pedigreed Cat Show.  Men in combat gear armed with guns and tazers were interrogating little old ladies over their cats at a professionally sanctioned cat show.  Think that can't happen to you?  PETA, HSUS, and ASPCA are just drooling to raid a dog show.  

The animal rights movement has already convinced a large segment of America and most of the legal system that all dog show dogs are mistreated and kept in cruel and inhumane conditions.  What you say?  You have Champions?  Let me tell you from personal experience, the animal rights moment doesn't give a shit about your Champions.  While you were off in your fancy goldfish bowl floating in the sky showing your dogs, oblivious to what is going on in the real world, the animal rights movement has been propagandizing to America that your fancy show dogs are mistreated.  You were oblivious.  You thought you were untouchable.  You were wrong.  Since all America heard was their viewpoint, guess what they believe?  

But what about cat breeders?  Rabbit breeders?  APHIS said clearing during the teleconference that ALL ANIMALS that fall under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) count.  ALL.  Thought this rule was about closing down puppy mills?  Think again.  Are those cat and rabbit cages used at exhibition shows USDA compliant?  There's a giant nail in the coffin of all sanctioned dog, cat, and rabbit shows.  

Should you be worried about raid trucks as I said yesterday?  I don't really think so.  Animal rights activists are lazy.  They want to destroy you and they want your money but at heart they are lazy.  It's about power, money, and control. It's not about the animals.  Most activists actually hate animals.  So what will they do?  Why not do what they have already demonstrated that they are capable of doing.  Why not simply just send out an "enforcement letter" to you like they did to the Dollarhite Rabbitry, discussed in Rand Paul's most recent book.   Like the Dollarhite case, the letter will simply state that their judgement of you is final and issue a fine. No appeal.  The Dollarhites were fined over $90,000 for an alleged illegal $200 profit.  How much will your fine be?  Quick, easy, and painless for them.  The power and might of the federal government used to destroy you by paper.  I'm sure that uber HSUS animal rights lawyer, Sarah Conant, now Chief of the Branch of Enforcement at APHIS is already dreaming of the days....

Now Chief Deadhead Kevin Shea kept saying the costs to Americans who are covered under this rule will be minimal and just a one time cost.  He's right.  The vast majority of people who face a choice between removing all animals from their home and putting them in a sterile concrete kennel in their back yard and give up their rights under the Fourth Amendment will say no.  They will simply spay and neuter everything they have and retire.  No puppies for you!  After all, vegan Whiney Wayne ever so famously said, "One generation and out."  There you go.  45 AKC dog breeds are already facing extinction.  Just what do you think this regulation will do for that situation?  There might be those that are willing to consider building a USDA compliant kennel and maybe they have the tens of thousands of dollars to do so, but most zoning laws in America now forbid that.  The APHIS knows this.  Just try to get your local zoning board to approve your permit for a USDA complaint kennel, I dare you!  You will get nothing but public ridicule and the run around when you go before your local zoning board and all the animal rights activists in your community rise up against you and tell the zoning board they don't want no puppy mill in their town!  Who do you think the local bureaucrats will listen to?  Let me tell you, its not you.

What about the pet industry.  Shea says the costs are going to be minimal.  How long will it take before the pet industry notices a massive blow to their business?  After all, under USDA rules, soft plush "stuffie" toys are illegal to give to dogs and cats.  How many millions of those things are sold per year?  You think the industry wouldn't notice?  You think dog show magazines like the Canine Chronicle and ShowSight won't notice when all their advertisers slowly trickle away?  What about all the groomers who will eventually be driven out of business?  What about veterinarians who will have fewer customers?

The government doesn't care.  I can't say that enough.  You can attempt to appeal to their common sense, their empathy  and how your situation is "different" but you just don't get it.  The government doesn't care.  The cold hearted and clueless bureaucrats at APHIS don't care.  They have been on the firing line of the animal rights movement for decades and they don't care about your 15 year old dog you didn't spay for health reasons.  They don't care that you have been a professional dog handler for 20 years and have no other way to make a living.  They just don't care. 

The animal rights movement is deliberately targeting the knowledge base of the dog breeds.  They are trying to wipe out that insider knowledge that you can't find in a book or on the internet.  Breed magazines run articles on the history of their breeds, certain dogs, and breeder interviews but that is still nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.  They have figured out that wiping out the knowledge base is the key to wiping out the breed.  You.  And APHIS is coming.  One generation and out is here.  

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