Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fairfax Free Citizen, not so Free

How timely that the Fairfax Free Citizen has published this article, "Puppy Mills can be Outlawed," just as Burger King announced they are potentially moving to Canada to avoid excessive American taxation.   The author has put forth several misstatements in his piece and advocates that the government violate the Constitution.   First off, all American "puppy mills" were outlawed in the 1970’s under the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA).   Those nasty stories you see on the mainstream news today are usually fake, staged, or took place in foreign countries.   Here in Virginia, we are the hothouse of the animal rights movement.  All legislation starts here and is tested here before being rolled out across the rest of the country.  Therefore, as you can expect, in Virginia, dog breeding is almost a lost art.  Virginia has the fewest dog breeders of the entire nation.  The fact that the author has been a dog breeder in the past yet advocates for forcing his former peers to pay more government fees for "permission" to breed an animal means he's simply trying to control the market share to his own advantage under the "guise" of some sort of altruism.

What the animal rights terrorism movement doesn't want Americans to know is that by and large, massive sections of American dog breeding have already been outlawed across this nation.  We hit net zero in 2005.   Since 2005, more dogs die per year in America than are born.  Which means, we are literally running out of well-bred American dogs.   The author makes a massive unsupported leap that "unwanted pets" are euthanized as some sort of fact that indicates that we have an overpopulation of intact dogs when the two facts have nothing to do with each other.   Euthanasia occurs for many reasons, and not always because an animal is unwanted.   In some communities, the local shelter offers euthanasia services to low income families but those numbers are reported as if they were unwanted pets.  They weren't!   Other localities report wild animal road kill in their numbers.  The problem is that there is no mandatory shelter reporting across the United States.   What one locality reports one way, another reports differently making the data mismatched and confusing.   What we do know is that we are euthanizing the lowest number of animals ever in history.  That should be celebrated.  

But fear not, like all other industries regulated out of America, dog breeding has been outsourced!   Fraudulent rescue mills are importing hundreds of thousands of foreign bred dogs to resell here in America as all having been "rescued" from something.   Just one heavily trafficked pipeline runs from the Bahamas to Georgia, to Maine, Massachusetts and other northeastern states.  People buying these puppies in Massachusetts and Maine will be told a sob story that they are "saving an animal from a high kill southern shelter" but it’s all a lie.  The dogs were deliberately bred in the Bahamas and other foreign countries for the American rescue market. 

Finally, just this month, the APHIS division of the USDA has issued brand new regulations that take effect on November 17th, banning the importation of puppies under 6 months of age for resale by the rescue trade.   Fraudulent rescues are reselling a high volume of animals for all tax-free profit causing a massive public health emergency here in America with all of the constant disease outbreaks that they cause.  I wrote about this just days ago.  For more information see, Retail Rescue Fuels Deadly Diseases.  Animal rights groups such as HSUS and others are spinning this story as if they were behind this regulation and that it covers "puppy mills" but they are 100% wrong.  They were not behind this regulation and it is directed straight at the rescue mill trade.  Congress directed APHIS to make this import rule back in 2008 but APHIS took years to release the new regulation.

The author winds down his article by advocating a massive violation of the 4th Amendment by suggesting that Animal Control personnel should conduct door to door searches looking for intact animals and demanding proof of citizen’s animals reproductive status.  It seems to be a contradiction in terms that the Fairfax "Free Citizen" publishes articles promoting statism instead of freedom and liberty.   Americans everywhere should be celebrating and supporting the America bred dog and the dog breeders who supply them, not advocating to regulate and tax them to death. Otherwise our grandchildren will never know the love of a well-bred family pet.  

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