Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Undermining of the Judicial System by Terrorists

"Pet ownership is an absolutely abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation" Ingrid Newkirk, PETA

The internet is aflame this week with news that PETA has been caught killing a pet dog in Accomack County, Virginia. If that wasn't bad enough, the Accomack County Sheriff Todd Godwin, after an investigation, pressed charges against the two animal rights terrorists who slaughtered the Chihuahua and who then offered the owner a "fruit basket" to take the place of his dead dog.  Even other animal rights activists hate PETA's killing ways.  You'd think that these extremist dog killing wackos would be in jail, denied bond.  But no, the Accomack County Prosecutors office dropped the charges.  On Purpose.   They say that PETA had no criminal intent when they stole and killed the dog.  Accomack County Prosecutor Gary Agar is up for for re-election in 2015.  You can drop him a polite love note here.  Mr. Agar does not deserve re-election.  He is operating on the taxpayer dime, not PETA's.

This recent incident that has gone viral across the United States may be 'news' but its not new. PETA employees have been caught in the past running mobile death vans and killing perfectly healthy dogs and cats and dumping their bodies in dumpsters.  It was called the "Piggly Wiggly" Dumpster Incident.  Google it. Nor is it news that the Prosecutor dropped the charges. What is news is that the Sheriff pressed charges at all.

You see, the animal rights terrorism movement has been infiltrating law enforcement (LEO) in general, and in specific, animal control officers, Sheriffs and Prosecutors for years.  I previously wrote about the National Sheriffs' Association's cozy little relationship with with animal terrorists.  As I wrote in that article and in my recent book, The Art of Terror, America's Prosecutors receive their education on animal "crimes" from convicted terrorists and quacks.  Virginia Animal Control Officers have it better.  They cavort with sex perverts.  The upshot of all of this is that no law enforcement officer in Virginia receives any training on animals and animal crimes from proven animal experts

Virginia Sheriffs' in general have been proven to take part in animal rights terrorism in both Prince William County here and here, and Page County here and here, let alone the animal extremist stronghold of Fauquier.  Additionally, my recent book contained stories of LOE infiltration in Frederick County, and Virginia Beach, stories of the destruction of Virginians lives to enrich terrorists with LEO assistance.  My first book, Staring the Dragon in the Eye, contains stories of LEO infiltration in Staunton, Virginia and other Virginia localities.  The terrorists are so afraid of my exposes' that Dragon now has 30 negative reviews slandering my reputation from people who have never purchased a copy and have no idea what it says.  Virginia as a whole is in fact an animal rights terrorist dominated stronghold as I wrote about here.

Now that Sam Simon, known for giving money to pirates and terrorists, is giving PETA $50 million dollars, you can expect more dead animals to follow.  He thinks the money will be used to save animals and the Sam Simon Foundation is dedicated to Service Animals, but he fails to understand that PETA is utterly opposed to the use of animal "slaves" as service dogs.

It's long past time that PETA be held accountable for their extremist actions. It's funny but most Americans do not know that animal rights activists do not believe that animals have the Right to Life.  The most fundamental right of all and from which all other rights follow.  

UPDATE:  The Fruit "Basket" was actually a media reporting error.  Maya's owner is Hispanic and when he said PETA left him a Fruit BUCKET, the media assumed that he made an error.  He didn't.  It was actually a bucket.  

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