Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Justice 1, Do-Gooders 0

In today's Walt Disney educated tattle-tale do-gooder world, Social Just US Warriors are constantly interfering in the lives of the rest of us.   They think their ignorance and zeal trumps the rights of the rest of us to be left alone.  They think that watching a You-Tube video or two makes them experts in whatever they think they are experts in.  Education need not apply.

Case in point, a couple of meddle-some ignoramuses named Kirsten and Michael Markley in Greene County, Missouri deliberately trespassed on a horse farm in their neighborhood, attempted to feed a newborn foal strange food that they provided, and then when the foal died, Markley posted an exploitative photo on social media to label the horse owner as an animal abuser in cyber space. 

The "concerned" citizen not only called to complain about a situation they know nothing about, these activists also trespassed on the farm and interfered with the care of the foal, feeding it an unknown substance, and demanded that the owner sell the foal to them, one of many social media cries demanding the foal be taken away from the owner.  

There's no one but Markely's word that proper and medically appropriate animal "milk" was actually in that bottle.  Who knows what exactly this interfering stranger was forcing down the throat of a baby animal that didn't belong to him and whether or not it was Markely's actions that ending up killing the foal.   

Speaking of spilled milk, any time you turn over rocks, you'll never know what will crawl out.  In this case, a local horse "rescuer" with a criminal past jumped at the media attention and the chance to pick up a free horse.  She didn't get her wish either.  

That would be the same "Tammy Cook" with a criminal record in Florida for passing bad checks and who was sentenced to 38 days in jail for violating probation.  The rescue world is filled with self-proclaimed experts like this who run to the media with their fake stories while they shill for cash from unsuspecting strangers.    

As is typical with these Social Just US Warriors, they complained to cyber space and the media that law enforcement just wasn't doing anything. Whine, whine, whine, foot stomp, LISTEN TO ME these Just US Warriors cry.  The complainer in this case, Michael Markely took offense when investigators dared to ask him if he even knew anything about horses.

It's a fact of life that newborn animals die.   All animals die of something.   Mother Nature is a Serial Killer.  In the wild, the lion eats the lamb, it does not wear a tutu and break out in song.  Horse owners are now answering to law enforcement if their horses dare to lay down and sleep in a pasture.   

Exurbanites who come across horse pastures are illegally feeding and killing horses with their ignorance.  Just two weeks ago the public was mourning when it was announced that the three day old foal of famous race horse Zenyatta had died.  Just because an animal has died does not mean that the owner has committed animal abuse and needs to be locked up to satisfy social media whiners.

The Sheriff wasn't listening to these social media armchair experts because there was nothing to listen too.  They were slandering a stranger over something they knew nothing about.  Because they wouldn't shut up, the Sheriff's Department expended resources to investigate their fraudulent claims and guess what?  Found nothing.

"The owner allowed a thorough inspection of his horses and other animals in both Greene and Douglas counties. There was no evidence of abuse or neglect discovered at either location. The investigation into alleged abuse has been completed and is unfounded. The death of this foal is an unfortunate situation however it is not the result of owner neglect or abuse."
Greene County Sheriff's Department Press Release.

Like it or not, Social Just US Warriors, your Walt Disney view of the world isn't reality.   The Greene County Sheriff's Department deserves a commendation for publicly clearing the reputation of the slandered horse owner and standing by the side of the innocent.  As for the Markelys, they deserve prosecution for trespassing and feeding foreign substances to an animal that wasn't theirs.  

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