Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Liar by any other Name is still just a Liar

It is no secret that between animal rights activists and their cousins in the environmental movement, America has pretty much been screwed. Milton Friedman had a famous saying, "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand." In that light, it should surprise no one that environmentalists know nothing about the environment and their policies ruin it. If you don't believe me, read:
Eco-Fascists: How Radical Conservationists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage. It will scare the pants off of you.  Similarly, anim
al rights activists know nothing about animals, and their policies cause animals to die. Here in Fauquier County we are blessed by the fact that this county is ground zero in the Agenda 21 Destroy The Earth and All Who are On It movement in Virginia. Or as a friend of mine once said, Fauquier is literally the depths of hell.

Having lived here for over 14 years, I can tell you that Fauquier is full of scam artists, hucksters, and general all purpose cons aside from the environmentalist mafia and activists from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). None better is the counties animal rights enforcer, Hilleary Bogley.  Now her supporters (*cough* cult followers) believe she's a Saint.  Her victims,
of which I am one, view her quite differently.  Let me explain why.  

The Bogley empire includes her Middleburg Humane Foundation (MHF), which is not located in Middleburg, and is in fact a Delaware Chartered Corporation, plus two for-profit businesses located actually in Middleburg.  I should clarify that while the Middleburg set dominates Fauquier, Middleburg is not actually IN Fauquier.  A fact that irritates the snot out of the rest of us.  Why can't Middleburgers just go back to their own county?  She also owns the property that the Middleburg Humane Foundation sits on (worth over $500,000) and the foundation pays her rent for it.  In fact, a review of her tax returns shows that she's paying herself left and right out of MHF funds and making a bundle.  But more on that later.

MHF was originally founded as a 100% anti-horse slaughter group that later added cute kittens and puppies to its inventory to make more money.  The horse-slaughter issue is long and contentious but only two things need to really be known about it.  The animal rights movement caused the collapse of the horse industry when they successfully got Congress to defund the inspectors.  If a market has no bottom, nothing in that market has a set value.  Everything in the market freefalls down.  Now you can't give a way a horse in many areas of this country.  Secondly, in many areas of the country, it is illegal to bury a dead horse.  In fact, all of the state of Utah has outlawed it.  If you can't bury a 1,800 pound dead carcass, how are you getting rid of it?   It is unfortunate, but for many areas of this country, slaughter is truly the only way to humanely end the life of a horse.  It's quick, easy and painless for the horse.  Hilleary Bogley is opposed to that.  Flash forward to today, she sidesteps the issue by declaring that she supports horse slaughter now, she's just opposed to transport.  Really?  Got a bridge to sell me while you are at it?   If it is illegal to bury a horse, it's most certainly illegal to slaughter it right there on your farm!  The only way to humane slaughter it is to bring it somewhere, where that is legal, safe, and USDA inspected.  In other words, you just transported that horse. 

Bogley then enlarged her power by completing the Virginia "Humane Investigator" program, an old bogus state run program so simple a third grader could pass it and earned quasi-police powers to raid Commonwealth citizens.   Back in 2003, the Virginia legislature put a halt to this program after listening to years of stories of abuse of power by these vigilante's.  Here in 2013, only seven appointments exist in the entire state, two of which are in Fauquier.  Joy!  The entire rest of the Commonwealth has said NO THANKS to these private extremists.  After completing the course, Bogley was appointed to her powers by local infamous Judge Jeffery W. Parker, the same Judge who threw out the famous Marterella Winery jury verdict that was overturned by the Virginia Supreme Court.  

Hilleary Bogley, thriving off of raids of local animal owners who all seem to be practicing "deceptions" against her, and the creation of horrific animal pornography pictures to slander their reputations, has made herself a bundle of money.   Funny enough back in 2010, a month after she stole my dogs under the color of law, she was whining to a local newspaper that her "rescue" (*cough* Delaware Corporation) was running on a shoe string budget and was 'struggling' to make expenses.

Of course she's struggling to make expenses!  Local citizens are running out of animals for her to take away from them and resell for profit.  After all, Bogley, tried to take local farmer Martha Boneta's animals and failed.  Life wasn't looking too good then.  Then Bogley attempted to destroy local dog breeder, Irina Barrett, but Barrett has now sued her claiming that much of Bogley's activities are illegal under Virginia law and constitute defamation and fraud under the Lanham Act.  You'd think she'd have a better track record now that the animal rights movement has completely subverted the Fauquier Sheriff's Department and Animal Control.  But then, as I explained in my book, Staring the Dragon in the Eye, Bogley and her followers are so ignorant of proper dog care, they couldn't even tell the difference between a male dog and a female dog.  All they knew was, poodles have a high resale value on the second hand dog market and they'd make a fortune off of taking my Champion dogs away from me.  

But that was then and this is now.  Now suddenly, Bogley is the owner of 23 acres of "donated" land that she wants to build a three million dollar facility on if her buddies and pals in the Fauquier government approve her rezoning request.   From a woman who claims to be struggling to meet expenses, she wants a rezoning request approved to build a 12,000 square foot "headquarters" which will supposedly look like a fancy high end barn, a dog kennel, an eight stall horse barn, paddocks, bunny barn, hay storage, a veterinary clinic, grooming and training shops, a retail store, a residential duplex, and 61 parking spaces.   61!!!  Why does Hilleary Bogley need 61 parking spaces?  The horse barn is defined as "may be 48' x 34' with eight stalls; two of the eight stalls may be 24' x 12' and used to store and sell donated tack."   The residential duplex is further defined as "two apartments."
It gets better.  The County Staff Plan claims that MHF has 13 employees.   Funny how the MHF tax returns from 2011 claims MHF has no employees at all except... drum roll.... Hilleary Bogley.  Either MHF is on a hiring binge or they are committing tax fraud.  Which is it? Now from my 14 years in the county observing MHF's present location behind the county dump in Marshall, they never seem to have more than 10 animals at a time over there.  But this County Staff Plan claims that Bogley is going to be caring for "not more than 200 animals per day."  WOW!  Gonna ramp up that raid truck is she?  

But it gets better.  County Staff interjected some humor into these dull tedious works.  They said that allowing Bogley to build this massive complex to assist her in her illegal activities will help the "Marshall Service District Plan" accomplish its goals and policies one of which is:  "In the year 2050, Marshall will be known as "The Town That Works."  Excuse me while I clean the coffee off my computer monitor that I just spit all over it by reading that.  The statement goes on to say, "It will be the service center for the surrounding agricultural community, where agriculture and history-based tourism underpins the local economy and culture."   Fauquier, you kill me!   Marshall is an armpit.  It’s been an armpit the entire 14 years I've lived here.  Any single day you can drive down "Main Street" and observe that 50% of the business are vacant and for rent.  It's always been that way.  Businesses start up and then fail in Marshall continuously.   Why?  It's an armpit that everyone avoids and shops elsewhere. 

The stand-up comedian routine continues.  The County Staff Report says, "The Middleburg Humane Foundation has a quasi-government function as it is used by Fauquier County Government for some animal rescue."   Quasi-government function?  I haven't laughed this hard in ages.   Is Bogley going to be siphoning off some Fauquier taxpayer dollars to pay for her private Delaware Corporation?   The report goes on to say that "care will be provided for 25-30 dogs, 40 cats, and 15 equine.  The total number of animals on a normal day will be around 50, but may increase to 100 in emergency situations."  "The applicant is now suggesting a condition that allows care for not more than 200 animals per day."  Yep, she’s ramping up the raid truck.   Furthermore, what does she need the bunny barn for?  Is she building a bunny barn just to sit empty?  Or how many bunnies does she plan on seizing from county residents?  And why aren't they detailed here? 

Riddle me this Batman, if the official county animal shelter normally has less than 10 dogs available for adoption on any given day, why do we need a second "quasi-government" shelter to house up to 30 more?   Fauquier as no homeless animal problem.   Zero.  Zippo.  Nada.  None.  I've been here 14 years, I know.  The official county animal shelter is half empty much of the time. Another good question.  Who's running that Veterinary Clinic?   After all, Hilleary Bogley is NOT a veterinarian.  She fools a lot of locals into believing she is, but she is NOT. 

But back to those tax returns from 2011.  Line #5 says MHF had employed 16 people in the year and taken in $647,066 in revenue.  Yet under Section A., Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees, only one person is listed as making a salary.  Hilleary Bogley.  She is listed as President and Executive Director making $65,912.  The other five listed have no salary.  The IRS form lists up to 25 spaces for employee names but only Bogley and five others are listed.  If she has 15 employees, why aren't they listed? (the 2010 tax returns are the same) But on to more fun and games.  MHF ended the year with $110,031 in cash on hand and $213,8901 in savings.  The MHF Schedule L:  Transactions with Interested Persons says that MHF paid Hilleary Bogley an addition $14,662 for the "Rent of Facilities."   Yeah, Bogley rented her own property back to herself using MHF funds.  There are other fun gems in the 2011 tax returns like the fact that 300 silent auction items were donated to MHF who grossed $79,498.19 off their sale.  Yeah, 80 grand.  Poor Bogley.  She grossed almost 86 grand at auction in the year before.  When you read Bogley's full taxes, all kinds of fun things pop out.  For instance in 2010, MHF wrote off $3,103.07 in electricity and heating expenses for the thrift shop she owns in Middleburg.  It also wrote off $9,100.00 in rent for the thrift shop.  In years past, she wrote off her truck.

All in all you have to wonder about this new 23 acre behemoth she wants to build in Marshall.  All of that will be funneled through her "non-profit" Delaware corporation.  The rent off of those two apartments will be washed through here.  The proceeds of that veterinary clinic, grooming shop, and training facility will be washed through here.  The traffic for the retail store and the rest of this that needs SIXTY-ONE parking spaces will be funneled through there.  Just how much money does Bogley think this is going to be pulling into her pocket?  And all of it will be tax-free.  Marshall will get nothing out of this except more notoriety. 

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