Friday, October 11, 2013

The Good German Rises Among Us

It is a trite old saying that those that fail to learn from History are doomed to repeat it.   Trite, old, and true.   While the animal rights movement has its foundations in the Fabian Society in England, the vicious brutal animal rights movement we have today has its foundations in the National Socialist Movement in Germany.  The Nazi’s. The Nazi Party was notoriously made up of thugs, serial murderers, pimps, alcoholics, blackmailers, fences, crazy neurotics, and other degenerates of society. Is there anyone living today who does not know how that turned out? Under the Nazi’s, animals had more rights than Jews. Over 6 million Jewish people, gypsys, homosexuals, political opponents, and others were slaughtered in concentration camps and openly in the streets, while animals enjoyed protections humans were not entitled too. Animal rights activists have been advocating for the end of medical research since the Third Reich. Today activists scream that we should either experiment on humans, prisoners or use computer modeling. The Nazi’s already pioneered that approach, it was called Dr. Josef Mengele. He was a sick brutal evil man.

There isn't any industry in America today that the animal rights movement hasn't destroyed.  But one that hasn't had front and center attention is their program to destroy the American pet.  The core belief of these activists is “better dead than owned” and nothing shows that better than their march to wipe out America's pet animals.  Dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, gerbils, other small exotic pets, and others.  

The easiest way to destroy America's pets is to destroy the breeders to who produce them.  If you can't buy it, then you can't own and enslave it in their minds.   In the march to destroy all pet breeders and their animals in America today, the APHIS division of the USDA has passed an increasing set of regulations.  As the noose has tightened from the 70’s to today, the Good German among us has played along with the Uberfuhrers.  The animal rights movement has infiltrated local animal control positions, state veterinarian positions, the Attorney General’s offices in several states to include Virginia and many other government positions.  They have infiltrated many federal bureaucracies to include the USDA which they now hold in their iron grip.

It’s common knowledge in government that if you have to release bad news you do so at 4:30 pm on a Friday.   That’s when the fewest people will be around to hear it.   APHIS took a page out of that playbook and released the news about the newest round of noose tightening on America’s pets on the afternoon before 9-11, a time when the fewest people would be paying attention. 

This new regulation affects dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, small exotic animals and other small pets.  The animal rights movement told the public it was needed to solve the problem of "Internet puppy mills."  They lied.  Remember, their movement was founded by the Nazi’s, the masters of propaganda.  Under this new regulation, if you own more than four females of any of those species, literally 1 mouse, 1 cat, 1 dog, and 2 gerbils, you are required to obtain a federal license or you are a criminal.  The regulation says four female animals total.  It doesn't say four females of each specie.   Your daughters hamster counts. 

Now we must remember that the puppet masters of APHIS are the animal rights movement.  When they say, "Don't worry you can avoid our regulations by selling all your animals to buyers in public face-to-face meetings" they already know that such meetings are criminal in many areas.  In areas of California, it is a crime of animal cruelty to sell an animal in public.  The animal rights activists know about this criminal game of gotcha, they designed it, and they are the ones that got that California law passed.  For victim's of this movement your criminal record won't say you sold an animal in public, it will say you were convicted of animal cruelty.   You will be lucky to ever be hired for a job again for the rest of your life.  Additionally, your name could end up on the latest cruel animal rights joke, Animal Abuser Registries.  Just like Megan’s Law was a good idea in an ideal Walt Disney world and in reality has been a dismal failure that has not prevented abuse and has led to vigilantism, so too are Animal Abuser Registries.  Under the proposed legislation that was attempted in Virginia, not only would your name, home address, and home telephone number appear on a public tax payer paid registry leading to vigilantism against you and your family, but the Sheriff was required to personally inform all of your friends, family, neighbors, and employer that you are an “animal abuser.”   Now the Sheriff won’t have the information on your conviction and so won’t know your crime consisted of selling a perfectly healthy animal to a willing buyer in a public place, they will instead simply know the name of your offense, animal cruelty.  That is what they will tell your family, friends, neighbors, and employer.  Guess how soon you will be fired?  The Virginia legislation would have required the Sheriff to track and stalk you for 15 years.

The uberfuhrers of APHIS have encouraged Americans to step forward and self-identify themselves to them in this latest round of ghetto-izing the pet breeders.  I say this with pain in my heart as a German and a student of World War II.   Why are the Good Germans among us, doing it and marching lock step with our government thugs?  Why?  Why are you calling up the animal rights activists at APHIS and telling them all about yourselves, where you live, what you own, and how to come and get you? Why? 

I've heard it all, they say, "but I've got nothing to hide, my life is an open book."

Yeah, and Jesus was innocent too.  He was crucified.  You want to try that again?  Even if you aren’t a Christian, have you seen the Harry Potter movies?  In the last two movies in the series there is a famous scene in which the evil wizards have taken control of the wizard government.  The new Prime Minister says, “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear,” as Voldemort's thugs haul away and imprison an innocent wizard who is suspected of not having “pure” blood.  This scene in a fictional top selling children's book is straight out of Nazi history.  Harry Potter dueled to the death to destroy evil and ultimately triumphed as his friends and family were killed around him. Make no mistake about it, even in this childrens series, good people died.  But in the end, good triumphed over evil. 

They say, "I want the government to know what I have so they won't take my dogs."

Cardinal Richelieu (1585 –1642) said, "If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged."  You want to try that again?

So you have self-identified to make sure your animals aren't taken from you by government agents, bless your heart***, do you understand that APHIS will publicly list your address on their website?   Do you understand that details of you, your home, and your animals will be available to activists by FOIA?  Do you understand that pictures of your home will more than probably show up on the ASPCA’s "puppy mill" website?  Do you understand that YOU will be slaughtered by your local community when they find out a "puppy mill" lives in their town?   Medical researchers in America have had to deal with pipe bombs under their cars for decades placed there by "peaceful" animal rights activists.   You want to be next?   After all, the activist movement will have all your private details.  They will know where to find you and you told them.  Bless your heart. 

Other Neville Chamberlain’s have also come forward to help and assist the Good Germans.  One woman, a passive-aggressive control freak, runs a Dog Law group on Facebook constantly advocating that dog breeders have nothing to fear because her pal and buddy at APHIS, Dr. Rushin assures her that this is true.  Far too many Good German’s are falling for her appeasing tactics. 

The average Walmart shopper of America today is such a low-information voter that they don’t understand that the animal rights movement is today’s modern Nazi’s, specializing in propaganda.  When your name appears on ASPCA’s internet list of American puppy mills, they will believe this.  It doesn't matter that you own the literally 1 mouse, 1 cat, 1 dog, and 2 gerbils of my example above.  No one will bother to look up those pesky little details.  They don't care about the truth.   You will have to answer to your angry neighbors when they read the internet propaganda that will be spread about you and your puppy mill which you will never be able to remove. 

Sure that Q&A that APHIS put out contained some nice pleasant soft platitudes in it that you can still keep your animals in your home and they won't force you to remove them.  Do you believe that?  Can I sell you a bridge while I'm at it?  The Q&A is worthless.  It has no standing in a court of law.  It's nothing more than fluff and nonsense designed to distract you.   No APHIS inspector can authorize you on a "case by case basis" to violate the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).  The AWA requires you to remove those animals from your home.  End of story.   The AWA requirements for absolutely sterile prison cells are not compatible with any private home.  Your home is literally too comfortable for your animals to be subjected too, under the AWA.  Remember, the animal rights movement knows this, they designed this.  They don't want your animals to be comfortable, they won't want animals in your home.  They know that caring animal owners do not want to keep their animals in sterile concrete prison cells.  They want you to simply stop breeding pets, period.   If you stop breeding, then Americans have no pets to buy.  They have achieved their end goal and each one of you Good German's helped them along. 


***Bless Your Heart is southern speak for What an Idiot.  

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