Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Yawner, Dog Breeder Infiltrates the USDA

Stop the Presses!  Stop the Presses!

The USDA has temporarily hired a dog expect.   Gasp!  Shock!   Be still my beating heart! 

Can it be true?  The USDA finally has an expert on staff that actually knows something about animals??  Seriously!!!  Get out of here!   If you aren't familiar with the standing joke that is the USDA, you might not be aware of the fact that the USDA actually knows zippo about animals and is currently being led by the most hard core animal rights leaning secretary ever.   As I wrote in my recent book, The Art of Terror, USDA Horse Inspectors have admitted in email that they know nothing about horses and hate them.   It is their job to destroy horse owners and they revel in it.   USDA Elephant Expert Denise Sofranko has admitted in court (in a case in which the USDA was targeting an elephant owner) that she knows nothing about elephants.  She has no hands on experience with them.  And on the drum beats....  Just google "USDA" and "Boondoggle" to see all the fun and games that this hapless agency has involved itself in.  

Being the cynic that I am, I don't give the latest "earth shattering" dog news that much credit. There will always be those comfortable with statism as long as it’s their brand. I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly care to form a committee to determine the size, shape, length, and color of the noose that’s about to hang me. As far as I’m concerned, if you are trying to take my liberty away, you can use that noose on yourself. Statists can go pound sand in my world.  

But what am I talking about? That would be the ripples across the dog world that the APHIS division of the USDA has hired NAIA rep. Julian Prager for a short term appointment to advise them on how dog breeders actually breed dogs.  Get out of here!  People are acting like this is serious hard hitting news instead of being the yawner that it is. As someone else said on their blog You Can't Serve Two Masters.  I don't care how much of a "strong advocate" Mr. Prager is.  I've been assured that he's a stand up nice guy.  That's great at a cocktail party, but immaterial in government.  No matter how nice he is, he still ranks several rungs below Uber-thug Sarah Conant, the Enforcer.  Putting one dog lover on the payroll is a drop of sand in the desert.

Let me tell you a story about the nature of government and how the USDA APHIS Division is destroying breeders to enrich their budgets. I've never worked for the USDA but I have worked as a contractor for almost a dozen other government agencies. I have witnessed an agency in action that is doing something similar to what APHIS does and every ounce of it is unconstitutional. They exist to combat racism in the workplace and no it is NOT the EEOC.  Good guess, but you are wrong.  The program I'm talking about is one of probably a dozen duplicative and useless programs across the federal government that does work that others already do. It's sort of like jobs programs for veterans. There are dozens of programs in all different agencies all staffed by bureaucrats that don't provide a single job to a single veteran while at the same time they suck down the tax payer dollars to fill their pockets.

This program employees an H1B visa holder from India who develops
"spreadsheets" of companies to be raided to proactively look for racism. The visa holder has never heard of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and doesn't care. All they care about is maintaining their visa status so they can stay in this country. They are given an assignment to develop a spreadsheet every quarter of every year with let’s say, 2,000 names on it each time. All they are required to do is find companies that are still in business and find their addresses and add them to this spreadsheet. Staff then load the spreadsheet into a database for enforcement and creates "lists" for every office of companies to raid.  Shades of the Third Reich.  Employees in these offices have new lists every quarter to choose who they will raid next. They select a company off the list, create an official case file, and send them a letter demanding their company records. Most companies freak out and send the government everything they ask for. Only a handful contact lawyers and ask "what the bloody hell?" The agents review the company’s records, apply quotas to the number of employees they have, and issue official notices of fines for "discrimination." The companies send money to the government immediately to settle the claims because they are terrified that their competition will use the notice to defame their company's reputation and accuse them of racism. No one has ever complained that this company has been racist. No one has filed a single discrimination complaint against these companies. This government agency is "pro-actively" looking for racism. The agency then monthly, quarterly, and yearly issues figures to show how much "racism in the workplace" they have combated and solved to justify their budget. If you operate a slaughterhouse and you don’t meet the government mandated quota of Asian woman over 50 working the slaughter line, you too are racist.

Let’s equate this to APHIS since no one in government has ever invented anything new. They re-invent each other’s wheels daily. They have someone develop a spreadsheet, hey, look! The animal rights freaks at HSUS, or ASPCA, or PETA, or whomever already have a spreadsheet. Sweet! They load the lists of breeders into their enforcement database.  Daily each office has their inspectors select a breeder off the list, create an official case file, and send them a letter demanding their breeder records. Most breeders freak out and send them all their records.  Only a handful will have the guts to contact a lawyer and ask, "Can the government do this?" Less than 1% of all contacted will tell the government, "See the Fourth Amendment and go pound sand." The agents view the breeder records, count how many female animals they have, match it to the government quotas and issue official notices of violation for violating the USDA rules. Now remember, the USDA has never issued any real meaningful guidelines on what is a "breeding female." To the government, if it is female and you are a breeder, it is a breeding female. The agent inspecting you knows nothing about dog breeding and doesn't care (see their stance on horses and elephants).  All they care about is their lists and their numbers.  You can argue all you want that your dog is 15 years old and not capable of being bred. The government doesn't care. Remember, they don't care if a company actually performs any acts of racism or not, they just care about numerical quotas. If they don't care about actual acts when it comes to living breathing humans, what fairy world are you living in that you would think they would care about dogs?  If you think I’m joking, just remember Sarah Conant and APHIS attempted to fine the Dollarhite Rabbitry almost $4 million dollars for a supposed illegal profit of $200 and failure to have a USDA license. This is proven fact. Think this can't happen to you? Have you forgotten about the APHIS Request for Proposal that they put out last year looking for a data mining company to track down all pet breeders on the internet?  Remember that?

Dog breeders who embrace statism argue that Julian Prager will help educate and advise these bureaucrats are living in a fantasy world.  Government doesn't care. In fact, many of the bureaucrats in Washington, DC are now third generation idiots. Just like third generation inherited money, they are dumber than a box of rocks. Many of them actually believe with the fervor of a zealot that they are "doing good." Dog breeding has an extremely short shelf life. Most females have 4 potential years that they can be bred, some of them up to 6 years. That’s it! You can spend that many years and more simply fighting the government over your case while your dogs age out and can't be bred. The USDA knows they simply have to wait you out and they win.

The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals.
 Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. 

One declares so many things to be a crime
that it becomes impossible for men
 to live without breaking laws. Ayn Rand

Am I against Julian Prager working for USDA? Absolutely not! I really could care less.  I wish him well in his task to beat his head against the wall.  He'll get a tax payer financed migraine.  Do I think he will have an ounce of effect in the USDA's war on pet breeders? No, not really. If he does have any affect at all, it will take years and be of limited effect. Does it really matter if that noose around your neck is purple or pink? You’re still dead. If Julian Prager is able to save any dog breeders from destruction at the hands of government forces, it will take years and many will be destroyed along the way. Dog breeders argue, but he’s on our side! Yeah, so what! The government doesn't care! What does it take to get that through your head? Instead of focusing on infiltrating the USDA with real actual animal experts, why not simply cut off their power through lobbying for budget cuts and regulatory repeal through Congress? There is nothing that the USDA does that is constitutional. Congress passes a budget every single year. Each year is a new opportunity to punch APHIS in the face. Do it!   Contact your legislators today and file your complaints against the USDA overreach and demand that they cut the USDA's budget.  No Money = No Power.

Getting Julian Prager hired at USDA is simply the little Dutch boy holding his finger in the dike. In the fairy tale, he saves the town.  In real life, the USDA is a typhoon that is making landfall.  It is long past time to defund the USDA and stop the madness.   

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