Wednesday, October 1, 2014

No Surprise, Alleged Arsonist was Animal Rights Extremist

A neighborhood was terrorized recently by a string of eight arson fires that destroyed a seven block radius of Alameda, California. The fires torched houses, two apartments, five businesses, four delivery trucks, two cars, and various trash bins. The main target heavily hit was Angela’s, a Mediterranean restaurant, that was uninsured and under renovation at the time. Also destroyed were a dry cleaners, a single family home and other buildings.

Shocking no one who follows animal rights terrorism, one of the two arson suspects arrested was a vegan animal rights extremist. Many news articles quote his friends and family who referred to him a pacifist who could never have done this. The very last thing that an animal rights extremist is, is pacifist. Dead last.  If he was a pacifist, why is he a member of the Vegan Anarchist/Total Liberation Network on Facebook?  That doesn't sound very pacifist to me.  Here's his views on eating meat.  

In this massive arson attack businesses have been destroyed, homes were destroyed, personal possessions destroyed, and lives were put at risk, all so two boys can play with matches.  After being caught at the scene of one of the arson fires, Stephen Michael Petersen is currently in jail on a $750,000 bond (now reduced to $375,000).  Here's another one of his lovely Facebook postings.  Wonder if he's being served "vegan" food in jail?  

Then there is this gem he posted on Facebook, showing him protesting against legitimate and necessary medical research with fake propaganda from an animal rights group.  I guess his college studies in "English Literature" and his work as a "folk singer" really prepared him well to talk with coherence and experience about medical research, right?  

At the same time as this left wing over-educated carrot was allegedly playing with matches, the FBI announced that they are going to be tracking crimes of "Animal Cruelty" in their databases.  Fun times!   Why?  Because the FBI is going to be tracking farmers, dog breeders, zoo owners, and other animal owners, and NOT dippy carrot-heads like Stephen Michael Petersen.  The animal rights front has been responsible for the passage of laws in many areas that make every day animal owners guilty of "animal cruelty."  Examples include: in California, if you sell an animal in a public place, that is "animal cruelty."  In Virginia, if the animal is living and has a pulse, you can be convicted of "animal cruelty" under the gaping holes in their laws that have already convicted or charged people for the crimes of fleas, failure to brush a dog's teeth, and the horrific offense of feeding stray cats.  In New Jersey, the SPCA threatened to charge people with animal cruelty if they failed to put a seat-belt on their dog.  To the FBI, these are the criminals they'll be tracking, not Junior Firestarter here.  

Once again, animal rights terrorists prove that they are the real criminals, not animal owners.  

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