Friday, October 17, 2014

Why do Haters, Hate? What's in it for them?

No matter what happens in our lives, we have to move on. It's human nature.  If you stay stuck in the past, you die.  Every day I wake up and thank God for giving me another day, then I spend that day in hard work to justify this gift he has given me.  Burning the candle at all ends, I've got a full time job and I'm renovating a new home that I purchased recently from an elderly woman with dementia.  The house hasn't been cared for in 20 years.  It needs serious work.  I need both a new roof and a new HVAC system before winter hits just to start.  No one is helping me with that, its all on me.  I'm not whining, just stating facts.  As I write this, I am also working on the Kindle version of my last book on Animal Rights terrorism, and writing three more books.  I fall into bed exhausted every night.  Yet as I work every day to move on with my life, there are those that will try everything they can to hurt strangers they have never met and continue to attack me.  Why is that?  What is it about Social Media that encourages people to attack others that they have never met?  Where does this anger come from?  Where does this deep seated need for destruction come from?  I just don't get it. What is it about Social Media that encourages people to make snap judgments about situations they know nothing about?  I don't get that either.  My life is hard enough, I don't have time to concern myself with what strangers are doing.  Why are they so concerned with me?  What are they afraid of? 

Blaze and I in happier times.

Four years ago I suffered an event that no one should ever have to suffer.  I admit it.  I was a dog breeder.  I'm damned proud of that fact.  Until April 10, 2010, no dog of my breeding had ever seen the inside of an animal shelter and no one had ever complained about my dogs.  I stood behind my puppies for life and I still do.  My old poodle website remains up and active and it will do so for the natural lifespan of the Whispering Pines Poodles.  When I was attacked, animal rights extremists didn't just hurt me, they hurt every one of my puppy families by extension.  Whispering Pines Poodles exist from as far north as New York, as far south as South Carolina, and as far west as Arkansas.  WP's Poodles are therapy dogs, service dogs for the disabled, champions, agility dogs, obedience dogs, 4H dogs, and just plain beloved family pets.  Many are still in contact with me to this day and update me on their dogs as you can see in the photos below.  Yet while trying to do everything "right" on April 10, 2010, an animal rights activist who makes her living by reselling the animals she takes away from others, raided me and illegally stole all of my dogs.  Make no mistake about it, what she did was absolutely illegal.  

This is Joy, at Camp Hatteras, 2014

Instead of crawling into a hole of misery or killing myself, I used what happened to me to write the story of my dogs lives.  Why?  Because they didn't deserve what happened to them.  THEM.  Not me, them.  Whatever you may think of me, my dogs were absolutely innocent in this. They did not deserve the misery and terror that was put upon them to give the extremists images of "suffering" that she could use against me and are still doing so to this day.  I also used the book to discuss the illegal case against me and how my constitutional rights were violated ten ways from Sunday.  For all those of you screaming "guilty," did you know that no Judge ever pronounced me guilty?  Did you know I was denied a trial which was my right under the law?  Under Virginia law, the civil asset forfeiture hearing was required to have been held as a trial.  The prosecution was required to put on a case against me and prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.  They didn't.  They didn't even present a case.  Not one witness testified against me.  Not one.  I have plenty of witnesses who were in that court room who know that no witness took the stand and presented testimony against me.  Instead of presenting their evidence in a court of law, they choose instead to try the case against me in the media and on the internet.  So you think I'm guilty because you read it on the internet, do you?  More fool you.

Animal rights extremists have now left 30 negative reviews on Amazon under Dragon's listing to continue to destroy the memory of these beloved dogs and to stop you from reading what happened to them.  Why?  Why is it so important to these 30 people that no one reads my book?  Why do they care?  What are they afraid of?

Just two months ago I released my second book which covers the stories of hundreds of other Americans just like me who have had their lives destroyed by animal rights extremism.

Extremists have now left seven negative reviews for my book on Amazon and they are only getting started. 

Today, more than four years after the incident that destroyed my life, I still receive threats and perfect strangers leave negative reviews on my Amazon page to try and stop others from reading my books. If you don’t want to read my books that’s fine. Don’t read them. But these strangers glory in leaving threats, slander, and other false details about me as "reviews" on Amazon. They simply do not want the public to have the chance to hear both sides of the story and make up their own minds. Whether they like it or not, I have the right to speak and offer my side of the story. 

This is Turtle, 2014.

Examples include, Amazon reviewer: "Ricky Brune" who stated that I was a "puppy mill owner" and accused me of a "total lack of humanity." Ricky Brune went on to say, "In my opinion she deserves to be locked away in a small plastic cage standing in her own excrement until she is no longer capable of standing." "There is a special place in hell for people like you."  Ricky Brune has never met me and doesn't know who I am.  What does Ricky know of my humanity?  Who is Ricky Brune to say that I belong in hell?

Amazon reviewer: "Sharon A Kinsley" who has never met me or my dogs in her life posted slander about me that, "Many of these dogs were unable to stand and were covered in their own feces." And she knows this how?  Members of the public who do not know me will have no clue that "Sharon A Kinsley" doesn't know me from Adam either, and may believe the slander she has posted.  Why does this woman think she has the right to try and stop people from buying my books by lying about me? 

This is Mr. Darcy, 2014.

Another Amazon reviewer who didn't have the guts to leave her name posted under the alias "Barbwire" and said the following massive lie about my dogs: "I read a letter from one woman who had adopted a poor little bitch that had only two teeth left and had been repeatedly bred and had bald spots from living in a cage in her own filth." Not one Whispering Pines Poodle was missing a tooth, any tooth. NONE, zero, zippo, nada, none. No dog I owned had ever been bred more than twice in their entire lifetimes, 2/3rds of the dogs taken from me were puppies or juveniles (for easy profit by the raiders) and had never been bred in their lives. One of my males was almost 5 years old and had never sired a litter.  Who is "Barbwire" to falsely tell the public that I treated a dog such a way?  And why does Amazon allow people to post reviews of books they have never purchased? 

This is Zoey with her mom, 2014.

Rowan Greene posted on Amazon that my dogs, "lived in conditions far worse than the average maximum security prison." Really? Are you sure about that? Have you ever seen and experienced a maximum security prison? And have you ever seen my house? I’m pretty sure that no one named "Rowan Greene" has ever stepped foot on my property unless he was one of the anonymous terrorists who raided me on April 10, 2010 and whose names the police would not tell me.  Some how I doubt it.  Except for the lead raider's boyfriend, all the rest of them were female. 

This is Harper Dog with his little girl, 2013.

I was even so lucky to score the troll of all trolls, "John Dopplar Schiff" who is notorious on the internet for his animal rights extremism. Of a book he never purchased, he wrote, "Aside from the revolting content, this self-published rant is poorly written, fact-deprived, and ignores the most basic rules of spelling, capitalization and grammar. The writing is on par with what you will find on Facebook and amateur blogs." Fun words from a man who spends his days trolling newspaper articles on animal stories and posting poorly written fact deprived rants against animal owners.  I consider it to be a badge of honor that JDS has posted a negative review on Amazon about me.

Yet at the same time as almost 40 negative reviews were posted to my books to stop people from buying them, others stepped forward in support such as "Jauson" who said, "Im thrilled she put herself out there. It took real courage to write this book and do what she did. Good for her. Maybe someday the courts and legal system will see how sick some advocates are and that those who own and love their animals are the real victims. I hope she has the courage to stay out there as long as it takes and I hope many people join her."

Thank you!  The Whispering Pines Poodles and their extended family, Thank you.  This war is not over.  I will never give up.  All that I do, I do in the memory of my destroyed dogs.  Thanks to the actions of these extremists, the Whispering Pine Poodles will never die.  I still wake up weekly with nightmares of what happened.  I wake in tears recalling my dogs terror at what was happening to them. I lost a lot of former so-called friends over this. I will never get over it.  But I will go on and continue to expose evil where I find it in the name of my lost dogs.  

The main thing that all of these Amazon reviewers have in common is that they do not know me, have not purchased my book, have never been to my home, never met my dogs, and do not know anything about my case.

A friend of mine, Thomas Kirby nailed it when he said, "They "raid" good people, give the proceeds to organized crime.  That's how I see it.  Everything else is a poor style of window dressing."  The Amazon reviewers are nothing more than the friends of organized "fences" redirecting attention away from the fact that they are trafficking in stolen property and covering their misdeeds with fake sob stories designed to flim-flam you and get you to not question what you are being told.   No wonder they are afraid of what I am saying.  

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