Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sunshine Patriot David Ramadan Answers to Leftist Masters

I had an interesting run in with a Sunshine Patriot the other day, David Ramadan. I met him for the first time at the 2014 Boots on the Ground political event sponsored by the Virginia Federation of Republican Women held at the historic Liberty Farm owned by Martha Boneta. Martha was kind enough to give Ramadan the opportunity to be a speaker at her event. I spoke to him privately afterwards about the corruption of the Virginia Judicial System in particular those laws involving animals. Ramadan had no interest in what I was saying. He was looking to charm and shake hands. He was looking to impress the voters with the magnificence of his soothing words promising everything this audience wanted to hear. In other words, Ramadan was all about himself. A typical politician. 

To my stunned surprise I found a bill introduced into the 2015 legislature sponsored by Ramadan and written by a vegan animal rights lawyers group out of California with mirrored bills in both the House and Senate. These activists have been trying to get this legislation passed all over this nation for a so-called "animal abusers registry" and it's failed in every state except New York. It's a horrible piece of legislation that will do nothing to prevent animal cruelty but will instead increase crime as these terrorists stalk and kill whatever victim is on the registry. This legislation has been introduced in the Virginia legislature before and has always failed to pass. I sent Ramadan a letter detailing what was wrong with his bill and asked him to withdraw it. No answer. I then gave him ample time to get a form letter response back out to me and still no answer. I then asked him on his Facebook page about my letter, his lack of response, and asked him who he was sponsoring this bill for. He responded that he came up with this legislation all on his own, a statement I know to be a lie. Then he deflected the conversation into non-issues, belittled me as someone of no consequence and then banned me from his page. Very professional.

Since that time I've talked to a number of liberty advocates about Ramadan's typical politician two-facedness and I've reflected upon the old Republican blind spot of being "harsh on crime." I reflected upon the fact that Ramadan's host, Martha Boneta herself has been a target of vegan animal rights activists. On several occasions the vicious stalkers who have instituted an eight year campaign of horror against her have tried to frame her for the crime of animal cruelty.  A crime she is completely innocent of. Fortunately for Martha, they were not successful. But what if she didn't have as many supporters as she did? What if she was someone more vulnerable? Wouldn't it be ironic if the very first victim of Ramadan's terrible legislation was Martha, the very host that allowed this windbag to speak at her farm? Ramadan reminds me of a bad Republican politician from Tennessee who I named and shamed in my recent book, The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement.

William Lamberth, a former prosecutor ran on a platform of low taxes and small government. He talked of God, Country, and Farmers. He talked about how he was tough on crime and said that he worked to "punish wrongdoing in a way that will ensure it doesn't happen again." What he didn't say was, he padded his prosecution resume by prosecuting the elderly for animal abuse crimes they had not committed. They were just soft targets to pad his resume for higher office. He didn't care less how many lives he ruined, just like Ramadan who seems to refuse to believe that the Judicial System has never made an error. In an interesting co-incidence, that same vegan animal rights lawyers group out of California behind Ramadan's bill also issued public congratulations to Lamberth for his destruction of the elderly.

It is no secret that the judicial system in this country is so corrupt that it frequently allows the guilty to walk free while at the same time, the innocent are sent away for long sentences. If Sunshine Patriots like Ramadan refuse to acknowledge that fact then they are not fit to serve office. His bill deserves to die a quick death before more Virginians are harmed by his outdated ideas.

Update:  The mirror bill in the Senate passed by until next year, but Ramadan's pal in constitutional violations, Senator Stanley, is consorting with known racketeers at the worlds largest animal rights organization, HSUS.   

"Research shows a link between the treatment of animals and the early identification of violent criminals," added Stanley, who is an attorney. "History shows that people who commit crimes against animals often do the same to people." Senator Stanley

This information is 100% false and comes from the pseudo science that the animal rights front publishes. There is no connection between human and animal abuse; and in fact, most people who commit violent crimes have ZERO history of cruelty to animals. In 2011, the Virginia State Crime Commission studied the issue and voted to oppose animal abuser registries, a fact that was missing from the 2015 fight.

Update: The House bill has been tabled after the Senate bill failed to advance. Ramadan still refuses to acknowledge that California vegan animal rights puppet masters are behind this bill and vows to introduce the bill again as soon as Virginia's financial situation looks better.

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