Saturday, January 31, 2015

Those who Fail to Study History are Doomed to Repeat It

The Virginia legislature is currently debating a retread bill from years past.  A so-called "animal abuser" registry. Sounds like a good idea, right? Well not so fast. This legislation has been around for years all across this nation. It was written and promoted in each state by a California vegan animal rights lawyers group. This is Virginia. Surely we don’t need some Californians to tell us what to do? But it gets better. This year's bill is very limited in scope because legislators in the past have been fooled into throwing everything but the kitchens sink into a bill of this kind. In the past, these bills have included clauses where the Sheriff has to stalk every person on the registry for 15 years. The Sheriff was to personally notify all neighbors in a grid around the offender's home. The Sheriff was to personally notify the employer of the offender that they are employing an offender. So called offenders had to report to the Sheriff regularly or if not, that was another separate crime with jail time. Some might say that still sounds pretty good, after all most people think these are vicious people who have harmed animals.

But have they? Currently Virginia animal control officers (ACO) receive just 84 hours of instruction in both animals and the law sometime in their first two years on the job. They are out there enforcing laws before they are even being trained in what is the law. They also receive almost no valid training on animal care. You'd think that local law enforcement would look to hire people with a proven educational background in animals but they don't. ACO's aren't paid every well and most people do not want the job. As a result we have untrained officers enforcing laws they don't understand, prosecuting people for fraudulent standards of care, and convicting them of "animal abuse." Some might say that's still okay. They might say most people understand what is "abuse."

Actually most law enforcement officers (LEO) have no idea. Do you know who offers free training to law enforcement and ACO's nationwide? Animal rights extremists do using false science, propaganda, and outright lies in their training sessions. I covered this in a 2013 article titled, Virginia is for No Animals Left. In that article and others I have written on this subject, I revealed that most LEO training on animals is conducted by convicted criminals, terrorists, exposed quacks, and sex perverts with no valid education in animals. There is almost no valid training conducted from actual animal experts. Take for example Frederick County, Virginia. There the Sheriff fraudulently used the Henneke Body Condition Scoring System for Horses (BCS) to charge an equine veterinarian with animal abuse.

"Over the past decade, the Body Condition Scoring System for Horses (BCS) has become, in many if not most cases, the sole reason for seizure for neglect or abuse. The problem with this is that the BCS was not designed to reflect the health or well-being of the horse." Dr. Henneke.

You may wonder why the Sheriff used a system that the owner of which has publicly stated is NOT to be used for animal cruelty cases but that traces right back to the fraudulent training that ACO's and other LEO's receive from the animal rights front. Unfortunately even though this victim was a certified horse expert, the animal rights indoctrinated bureaucrats won and she was convicted of Animal Cruelty. 

To animal rights extremists, every animal owner is an animal abuser and that's who they really want to see on these lists. All of us. It is no surprise that today's modern animal rights movement has its origins in Hitler's Third Reich. We all know how he used "lists" right?

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