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Vigilantism in Accomack Virginia

Over the last several years accounts of stolen dogs have sky rocketed. Most cases involve vigilante animal rights activists and pet resellers/pet flippers who make a living reselling stolen animals. In both cases, the people involved claim they "rescued" the animal from its owner. In both cases, these self-described do-gooders are criminals.  In this article, I'm here to discuss recent cases of stolen dogs in Virginia and one incident in particular.  

The first thing that you need to realize is that the Commonwealth of Virginia is an animal rights terrorist strong hold.   These criminals are everywhere.  From local animal control positions, to the State Veterinarians Office, to the State Attorney General's Office to many times the Governor's position.  They also control many members of the Virginia Legislature.  Then there are dozens of freelance activist groups operating all over the state, last but not least is PETA's death chambers in Norfolk.  They control the entire state and cause misery to Virginians everywhere.  But more and more the people of Virginia have had it.  Seriously had it.  And they are fighting back. 

Accomack County exploded recently with the news that PETA had been caught yet again stealing and killing dogs.  This is nothing new for PETA, they've been caught illegally killing animals before and went on trial in 2007.   In the recent case of Maya the Chihuahua, they admitted to killing her and offered her owner a fruit basket in compensation.  But Accomack County rose up and said, No More.  Their Sheriff, Todd Godwin, rose up and said, No More.  He arrested the two PETA killers only to watch a lame and wimpy DA drop the charges.  The people of Accomack County were furious.  They protested, they petitioned, they organized, they haven't given up.

What they have also done is to start neighborhood watches to track these vigilante's in action, never knowing they'd catch someone famous while doing so.  On a quiet Sunday afternoon, the news exploded that an activist had stolen a dog yet again.  With baited breath we waited for the news and it was explosive. 

On Sunday afternoon, three animal rights vigilantes were out in a rented U-Haul looking for dogs to steal. Cruising down Matthews Road:

"I seen a U-Haul truck coming this way, it locked up the brakes, and they ran up in this yard right here, grabbed the dog, ran back to the U-Haul truck, opened the door, threw the dog in there, and got in the truck and left," said eye-witness Travis Shreavers.

He wasn't the only witness to the crime, Sonny Hall saw it as well and confronted the two women and a man in the U-Haul as they were leaving with the stolen dog.

"She looked right at me, turned it at me and just gunned it and ran right towards me. Which I had to jump to get out of the way, and when they did, they clipped my foot, ran over my foot with the vehicle," Hall said. 

The U-Haul with a vigilante at the wheel took off with the stolen dog and the chase was on. The police were called and thanks to an airplane pilot and others tracking them, the U-Haul was stopped just before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel but it was empty.  The dog thieves had managed to stop and dump the dog somewhere along the way.

When the police interviewed the dog owner they found out that these vigilantes had been stalking him and just two days earlier had offered him $200 for his dog.  He turned down the offer.  He didn't want their money.  He wanted his dog.  

Now at this point, Sheriff Godwin hasn't released the names of the vigilante dog thieves that his officers interviewed when they pulled over the U-Haul other than to say it was not PETA, but he did say an interesting thing.  He said these two women were present at a raid of a 75 year old man that had just occurred the week before. 

"We think it's the same group — matter of fact, we think it's the same women," Godwin said.

"They have no legal right to take a dog....You cannot go on people's property and steal people's dogs. We will not tolerate it," Godwin said.

Intrigued, I looked up the story of the elderly man who was raided and found three names in the media stories of people who were on the elderly man's property.  Animal rights activists Jayanne Walker, Kristina Cuce, and Jim Mason.  Those are curious names.  Let me tell you who two of the three are. 

Jim Mason is an animal rights lawyer with a quote from the Butcher of Norfolk Ingrid Newkirk of PETA front and center on his website.  In the animal rights terrorist world, he's a rock star.  He wrote a book back in 1980 called "Animal Factories" co-authored with Peter Singer.  Peter Singer is a notorious animal extremist sometimes called the father of the animal rights movement.  Others have called him The Most Dangerous Man In The World Today.  He advocates for no animal use at all.  You can't eat them, you can't wear them, you can't own them, you can't be entertained by them.  Though interesting enough, he doesn't object if you have sex with them.  Under his teachings, you cannot own a dog.   No pets for you!   He also recommends that handicapped people and sick babies should be killed because they are a burden on the human race.  Jim Mason isn't just a follower of this kook, he co-wrote a book with him!  Jim Mason was inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame and has his own page on the website for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), one of the top domestic terrorist organizations in America today.  If you don't believe me, see what the FBI has to say about ALF.  

Jim Mason also is a member of a group called The Two Mauds Foundation that gives "grants" to fellow animal groups and has been an Advisory Board member of United Poultry Concerns, the worlds only group devoted solely to "chicken rights." Yes, Jim Mason advocates for rights for chickens. He referenced this group and it's founder in his key note speech at the 2003 Animal Rights Conference when he talked about how animals are "slaves" of humans and he feels this is wrong.  In fact, he even feels that dogs are wrong because they are nothing more than deformed wolves that we have subjected to our will.

His pal, the President of United Poultry is even wackier than he is.  From my recent book on animal rights terrorism, his fellow wacktivist is happy that America was bombed by terrorists on 9/11 because many of the dead were meat eaters.  

Karen Davis, the President of United Poultry Concerns outraged the public when she claimed that the September 11th terrorist attack on the United States "reduced the amount of suffering in the world" because many of those who were killed probably ate chicken.

Besides Mason, another person who was there at the scene of an animal raid was Kristina Cuce. Cuce and her sister own a vegan 100% "animal free" shoe line called Cuce Shoes that targets professional and college level sports team fans. Amazingly enough, Kristina Cuce does not appear to have a Facebook page, but her sister Kathleen does and it is Kathleen that brags about taking the dogs away from the elderly man. She has a GoFundMe link on her page begging for $10,000 for the dogs.  Not for the man of course, for the dogs and of course, any other dogs that come her way. 

On her page she talks with a friend about being ready and standing by to go and raid the elderly man. Her pal and cohort, Bettina Cuce' Rodriguez, is Facebook friends with Nathan Winograd, an animal rights lawyer and author.  So who was at the raid?  Kristina or Kathleen?  Or both?  They are after all, twins.  

Here's a question for you.  Why are activists of this caliber participating in animal raids?  Why is a celebrity shoe designer (or her sister, or both) on site at an elderly man's home to celebrate taking his dogs away from him?  Why couldn't she help him provide better care to his dogs? Wouldn't that be the more humane thing to do?   What about that Ten Grand she's trying to raise?  Why couldn't she have used money like that to help and assist the elderly instead of destroying their lives?  Why is an animal rights lawyer and author on the property of an elderly man celebrating his destruction?  Was all his staff out sick that day?  And was Mason the mysterious man that one witness places in the U-Haul at the time the dog was stolen?  Of this circle jerk of zealots, who exactly was in that U-Haul?  Inquiring minds think there is so much more to this story.  I hope Sheriff Godwin can ferret it out!  It is long past time that these extremists are put back in the corner where they belong.  Virginians deserve better. 

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