Monday, January 12, 2015

When Animal Rescue is Mental Illness

I covered three cases over the weekend of animal rights activists stalking animal owners on social media.  Three cases in which the activists crossed over the line and committed criminal acts without any penalty. One case involved a chocolate lab named Brewer.  You know what was behind this case?  A simple neighborhood dispute in which one neighbor decided to retaliate against another.  In Animal Rights Dominated America, activists love these types of feuds. 

A highly profitable animal flipper named Marsha Chambers running a for-profit business called "Hopes Haven" in Oregon used her Facebook page to whip up a cyber lynch mob to go and steal the dog out of his yard. Someone did. The Sheriff threatened felony charges if the dog wasn't returned to his lawful owner in 48 hours.

The dog was returned.  The Sheriff's Office has stated that the dog is FINE.  He is healthy, he is happy, he is in good weight.  He was NOT abused by his owner.  

The activists are crying in their tofu.  

Marsha posted the story yet again on her Facebook page to use this "injustice" to gain more supporters for an upcoming HSUS Animal Rights Lobby Day in Oregon.  Note:  HSUS is an animal rights lawyers group who run no pet shelters anywhere in America and recently settled a RICO Act lawsuit against them last year. 

Look at Brewer, doesn't he look perfectly fine?  Unfortunately Marsha Chambers didn't post this to show his excellent condition.  She had another motive. 

This HSUS/PETA/Hopes Haven Supporter needs serious mental help.  He is upset that Brewer was returned to his owner.  

He's been crying over the fact that Brewer the stolen dog was returned to his lawful owner?  Off and on all night and day?   Seriously?   Get a grip guy.  Brewer looks perfectly fine and always has.  But these mentally ill activists can't accept that.  On the Hopes Haven page there are calls to steal the dog again and to slap a shock collar on the owner.  Both crimes.  

The Marion County Sheriff's Office said there would be no investigation if Brewer was returned.  I think they need to take that back.  After all, activists on Hopes Haven are recommending that he be stolen again. Enough is enough!   They do not get to dictate their twisted views to the rest of us.  Handcuffs and orange suits all the way around.  And a mental health evaluation for Daniel Hartley please.  He needs it.  

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