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When Cyber Bullying becomes a Felony

It's winter.  Which means its cold out.  We are all cold.  But do you know who isn't?  Animals.   Animals in general are not cold.  Wildlife live their entire lives outside and never come indoors.  Ever.  No one is putting blankets on a deer and herding them into barns.  Many horses, cattle, and other livestock are used to living their entire lives outside.  This is normal.  This is natural.  There are many dog breeds, yes, dogs, who are also used to living their entire lives outside.  This is normal.  This is natural.  This is not animal cruelty.  

Yet this weekend, multiple cases crossed my desk of criminal stalkers who have crossed the line from being do-gooders to belonging in handcuffs wearing a nice orange suit.  The first case I covered yesterday, you can read it here, the second case is covered here.  

Stalkers:   Marsha Chambers/Ashlee Rogers, Oregon.

Marsha Chambers runs a business that she calls an animal rescue called Hopes Haven in Salem, Oregon.  Guidestar lists no tax returns for an entity calling itself Hopes Haven anywhere in Oregon.   I also searched the Oregon Department of Justice's website that has a searchable database for registered charities.  No Hopes Haven in Oregon.  Oregon law requires charities to register with them.  No Hopes Haven.   When you check website for Hopes Haven, they admit that they are not a charity yet they still want you to donate money and goods to them.  Why is that?  Why should the public donate anything to this for-profit business?  What I want to know is, is Marsha Chambers paying all of her Oregon taxes on her business proceeds?  Every single animal she sells, is a property sale.  A sale of a product.  She's required to pay taxes on the 100% market value of the sale.  Has she? 

Oregon imposes a corporate tax based upon corporate taxable net income attributable to Oregon. If your Oregon income is solely from sales in the state, you may be able to pay a lower, gross-receipts-based tax. If you operate your business as a sole proprietorship or via a pass-through entity, then you must report your business income on your personal tax return.

Marsha Chambers crossed over into criminal territory while running her business when she started a cyber lynch mob by posting a photo of a chocolate Labrador Retriever and then saying, "This is Brewer this dog is in Marion that is suffering and nothing is being done about it."   Her claims are common.  Animal rights zealots all over America are using the power of social media to whip up lynch mobs which they send after innocent victims.   Chambers went on to post that Brewer the dog had no straw or blankets in his dog house and that he had no water.  The problem is.... this property had already been investigated by the Marion County Sheriff's Office, Marion County Dog Control and the Oregon Humane Society for the past month and found no wrong doing.  Get that?  Nothing!   Brewer's owner was not violating the law and no animal neglect was found.  Brewer's owner has a fenced yard, the dog has free range of the yard, has a dog house with blankets, food and water.  Additionally, Brewer doesn't always live outside, the activists even admit that his owner had taken Brewer inside for the night.  But of course they said, it was only their pressure that caused Brewer's owner to do this.  Right.   But these animal extremists think that they know more than law enforcement and can dictate the terms in which owners keep their animals.   The activists even posted they had offered Brewer's owner $200 for his dog but he said NO.  He wants to keep his dog, period. 

"County dog control, the Oregon Humane Society and the District Attorney's Office, along with deputies, have investigated numerous complaints and found nothing criminal about the way the owner was caring for Brewer, said Sgt. Chris Baldridge of the Marion County Sheriff's Office." 

Then the lynch mob started on the Hopes Haven Facebook page encouraged every step of the way by Marsha Chambers.   Fellow activists asked if she had contacted "Dogs Deserve Better" the outfit owned by a convicted criminal and run out of Micheal Vick's former mansion in Virginia.  Others recommended contacting multiple media outlets from Fox News to Oprah Winfrey and suggesting that they "create the story" for the news.  Fellow activist Ashlee Rogers posted that she was going to go to Brewer's home and take pictures of him and his location.  She went on to urge that everyone keep calling the Marion County Police.  Ashlee Rogers then went on to post that she was going to contact the employer of Brewer's owner on Monday to continue her stalking of this person.  Others posted the direct phone numbers of Marion County Dog Control and Marion County's Sheriff's Office to keep up the pressure to fraudulently charge Brewer's owner with a crime.   A Craig Ziegenhagel posted all of the Counties phone numbers yet again and suggested that some one drive to the home and dump dog food over the properties fence.  

Still others commented that complaints had been filed with the Marion County Sheriff, Marion County Dog Control, and Oregon Humane Society.  Then the inevitable happened.  Some people started posting talk of stealing the dog.  A "Jackie Robinson Davis" discussed using the Underground Railroad and moving the dog quickly and as far away as possible.  The AKC has reported on this issue repeatedly over the recent years.  Dog theft has skyrocketed in the past ten years, up over 70% at a minimum.  Some of it can be traced back to these activists who think they have the right to steal your dogs just because they don't like the way you keep them. 

"Dogs are being stolen out of cars, yards, off sidewalks and even out of shelters at an alarming rate, according to the American Kennel Club."

Marsha Chambers deserves to be arrested for whipping a lynch mob.  She now claims total innocence in this case but her own actions in posting this story and then constantly whining that no one was helping created this situation: 

First Post:  January 3rd, 10:43am

Continuous posting to stir up the mob:  

January 3rd, 10:45am
January 3rd, 10:47am
January 3rd, 10:57am
January 3rd, 11:07am
January 3rd, 11:09am
January 3rd, 11:10am
January 3rd, 11:13am
January 3rd, 11:19am
January 3rd, 11:19am
January 3rd, 11:27am
January 3rd, 11:29am
January 3rd, 11:33am
January 3rd, 11:34am - Posts that Brewer's owner IS following the law. 
January 3rd, 12:02pm
January 3rd, 12:02pm

Guess what happens after dozens of posts claiming this dog is suffering from massive cruelty even though Marsha Chambers herself admits that Brewer's owner is following the law?   Surprising no one, an animal rights extremist stole Brewer and in the process, committed a Class C Felony.   The Marion County Sheriff's Office issued a press release offering a 48-hour amnesty to whomever stole Brewer as long as he is returned.  

"Sgt. Chris Baldridge says the dog named Brewer disappeared Thursday night from his owner's fenced yard near Marion, Oregon, south of Salem.  The sheriff's office calls that disappearance a theft.  It followed recent Facebook posts that indicated interest in rescuing the dog." 

Suddenly after she personally whipped up the mob, Marsha Chambers posts her total ignorance of the situation.  She just isn't sure what happened here but of course none of it is her fault. The activists of course don't give up and are now talking of how they can lobby for more laws to help take animals away from their owners.  Marsha Chambers posted that Oregon Lobby Day is February 12th so everyone can come and give their twisted views of animals to legislators.    Then Marsha Chambers posts a second "save her ass" posting to the Hope Haven Facebook page saying, "WE DID NOT POST THIS FOR SOMEONE TO TAKE BREWER."  Oh really?  Cry me a river.   And again the post degenerated into another thread about how all of these activists that Chambers riled up all need to attend the February 12th lobby day to get Oregon laws changed to how they want them.   After reading post after post I'm beginning to wonder if this entire cyber lynch mob was stirred up simply to get a larger attendance for their Animal Rights Lobby Day?  

In my opinion, both Marsha Chambers and Ashlee Rogers deserve to wear orange.  They contributed to a felony.   I'd like to see some handcuffs and then a nice civil lawsuit against both.   You don't get to determine who is allowed to own a dog and who isn't.  You don't get to call people's employers and accuse them of animal cruelty.  You don't have that right.  I'd also like to see an investigation into Marsha Chambers tax returns to ensure that she is complying with all Oregon laws in regards to her for-profit business in flipping and reselling animals.  Marsha Chambers is currently offering 18 dogs for sale to the public.  By her own boasting, she has flipped and resold  at least 1,200 animals.  She is not a "rescue," she is running a for-profit business and she needs to be held accountable to all of Oregon's business laws. 

Additionally, I recommend that law enforcement spend some serious time investigating a "Allen Marks" who posted on Hopes Haven Facebook page.  Allen Marks admitted that he has conducted "similar rescues" to Brewer's theft.   If he has, then Allen Marks is a criminal and deserves prosecution.   Brewer's owner was investigated three times.  He WAS following the law.   He is not the criminal here, the activists are.  It is about time they are held accountable. 

Update:  The Marion County Sheriff's Office has reported that Brewer was returned to their office by the animal rights terrorist who stole him.  He looks just fine doesn't he?  Not starving, not emaciated and certainly not "suffering".

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