Saturday, January 10, 2015

When Cyber Bullying Goes Criminal Part Deaux

It's winter.  Which means its cold out.  We are all cold.  But do you know who isn't?  Animals.   Animals in general are not cold.  Wildlife live their entire lives outside and never come indoors.  Ever.  No one is putting blankets on a deer and herding them into barns.  Many horses, cattle, and other livestock are used to living their entire lives outside.  This is normal.  This is natural.  There are many dog breeds, yes, dogs, who are also used to living their entire lives outside.  This is normal.  This is natural.  This is not animal cruelty.

Yet this weekend, multiple cases crossed my desk of criminal stalkers who have crossed the line from being do-gooders to belonging in handcuffs wearing a nice orange suit. The first case I covered yesterday, you can read it here, the third case is covered here.   Featured here is the Second in the Series. 

Stalkers:   Nora Reed Zeller, Animal Rights Activist and "rescuer", Ohio.

Nora Reed Zeller is an animal rights activist and cat lover who wants you to give her money.  She claims to be part of a group called Fairborn Community Cat Committee, on Facebook under the name of Fairborn Cat Chronicle.  She loves to post on GoFundMe to ask people for cashola but don't worry, she promises it will go to the animals.  Right.  Here she's claiming she saved a dog from being hit by a car and people gave her $1,100.  In her most recent campaign she's asking the public to give her $3,000.  Thankfully not too many have donated so far.  Which means she probably needs a splashy case to raise her profile and get more funds coming in, right?   Well here you go.  Now you might wonder what dogs and chickens have to do with cats, but don't worry.  The fact that these animal rights extremists know nothing about proper animal care never holds them back. 

In Zeller's case, she views her animal activities as some sort of positive "outreach" and today she posted on her Facebook wall that "the kids" are too whiny, touchy, disobedient while she's trying to focus on her animal advocacy and how frustrated she is that she hasn't been more successful in her stalking case against Cecil Benjamin.  Zeller isn't stalking people... no, in her fertile imagination she is simply conducting positive research and "outreach."  Outreach is a common term among animal rights zealots to cover their bullying and illegal behavior.  

The case that has this woman so frustrated and angry at the children in her home is the stalking she has been doing of a local man named Cecil Benjamin because she doesn't like the fact that he owns two double coated husky mixes that live in his backyard oh, and he has chickens.  Double coated husky mixes are supposed to live outside.  Many huskies do not like to live indoors.  It's a breed thing.  Keeping a Husky outside is not animal cruelty.  

Moral outrage abounds on her Facebook page where fellow activists have moaned and rung their hands over whether or not he has provided heat to the chickens let alone his abusive behavior to the dogs.  Animal rights activists have filed at least 10 complaints against Cecil since 2013 in a coordinated campaign of cyber stalking simply because they want to steal his dogs.  Zeller has posted photos of Cecil Benjamin's house, and posted his home address numerous times with repeated hysterical claims over his dogs.  Then on January 8, 2015, she posted a call to protest at his house since he was refusing her "help." 

On the same day, Zeller posted an aerial photo of Mr. Benjamin's house at least twice with calls for people to blow up his mailbox and phone.  She claims this action is necessary because one of Mr. Benjamin's dogs is "broken in spirit."  Right.  What the hell does that mean?  And just how is this wingnut qualified to determine that?  She has no demonstrated knowledge of the Husky breed.  She then went on to slander Mr. Benjamin and his wife and called them "real backward" for refusing so-called help from animal rescuers. Others chimed into the thread that the Benjamin's were potentially cock fighters because they were adverting eggs for sale.  Oh, so any farmer who sells eggs to the public is now a cock fighter?  Give me break! 

"apparently the guy caught wind of what we were planning and that's why the sheriff was at his house yesterday morning. He said anyone stepping on his property was to be arrested, then he called the news station and threatened them with a lawsuit if they did a story. Since he is technically within the law, the station decided not to do the story." Nora Reed Zeller. 

Awww, cry me a river!  Given the fact that Nora Reed Zeller has this photo shown below on her Facebook page, Mr. Benjamin was right to call the Sheriff and demand protection from her.   He should also go to court and get a restraining order against her. 

Besides Nora the Wingnut, several other activists joined her in protesting at Cecil's house including the "Backyard Dog Project" who complained that they offered the Benjamin's some hay and they turned it down.  Numerous activists have now apparently driven by Cecil's house because they posted up to the minute comments like, they saw a dog bowl out but he must have "just" put that there.

Cecil Benjamin has been investigated at least 10 times in the past year and a half and found to be in compliance with the law.  His dogs are just fine.  These do-gooders need to mind their own business and focus their zeal on animals who do not have homes like the ones in America's animal shelters.  Protesting at a private home because you disagree with the home owner is wrong.  Protesting at a private home because the home owner refuses to sell you his dogs is wrong.  Publishing his home address at least a dozen times with calls for people to do drive-bys is wrong.   Publishing his home phone number with fraudulent information about the Benjamins' is wrong.   There is nothing about Nora Reed Zeller's actions that is right.  I would suggest she spend more quality time with those kids in her home that she seems to disparage on her Facebook page instead of stalking strangers. 

In all three of the cases I documented this weekend the media and the local law enforcement need to go after the do-gooders, they are the criminals wrapped in a faux blanket of moral outrage that borders on mental illness.   People today have this idea that their viewpoint of something somehow trumps the rights of others to have a differing point of view.  In these cases its easy.  The United States Constitution guarantees all of us the right to own property.   These outraged zealots need to be taught a lesson.  Their views do not give them the right violate the constitutional rights of others especially those who have been investigated and proven to not be doing anything wrong.

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