Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gail Kiefer Coats - Dog Thief

There have been so many cases occurring in the last six months of animal rights terrorists stealing animals that I'm calling as I see it.  I am just that fed up.

Gail Kiefer Coats is a dog thief. 

She deserves a nice part of steel handcuffs decorating her orange suit.

All across Social Media there are a never ending litany of "save this suffering animal" posts made by animal rights extremists. They have many things in common.

 They feature an "abused" animal photo, frequently fraudulent, altered by software, or staged.
2.) They feature a physical address, phone number, email addresses, etc., of the targeted victim.
3.) They feature numerous calls to action like:

The police will do nothing.
We have made many complaints and nothing is done.
We have called animal control a dozen times and they won't do anything.
The animal is suffering.
The animal is dying.
The owner is a horrific abuser who has done this before.
We need your help to save this dog. 

And on and on. The posts will say whatever it takes to get action against the targeted victim.  These lynch mobs will say anything, any lie, that gets action.   No one questions them and assumes that all information is 100% accurate.  They also assume that these activists actually know anything about animals.  They don't.  
On the other end is an innocent American family going about their business unaware (though not for long) that they are the target of a fraudulent cyber lynch mob determined to steal their animals.  

In this case, at the heart of a dispute is a dying 17 year old dog in Eugene, Oregon.  17. Years. Old.  Did you get that?  Did it sink in?  This family has owned their beloved dog for 17 years.  Now at the end of her life, Zena is blind and dying from cardiac disease.  Her cardiac condition has caused a secondary condition called chronic wasting.  It happens.  It's life.  Have you visited a nursing home lately?  My Grandfather went through the same thing at the end of his life.  He wasted away to nothing.  When you are dying, there isn't much that can be done except to keep them comfortable and say your goodbyes while you can.  

But animal rights terrorists are convinced through their own deafening wall of righteousness that they can do no wrong. They are always right.  There is no other way but their way.   In this case, inflamed by fraudulent reports on social media, activists stalked the property while the owners were not home.  They claimed they couldn't see food in the backyard and therefore Zena's owner must be starving her on purpose.  Of course they couldn't find food.  Zena didn't live in the backyard.  She lived in the house and only went outside occasionally.  They claimed that Zena was a "young mixed breed dog" being starved by a heartless owner.  They lied.  They had no idea what Zena's age was or her breed.  They filed fraudulent reports with local animal control claiming the dog was being neglected.  Animal control visited when the owner was not home on five occasions and never found Zena in the backyard.  Never.  Zena was kept in the house.  Not only was Zena in the house but her owner had hired a pet sitter to care for her when he wasn't home. 

Here enters in the dog thief, Gail Kiefer Coats.  She waited until the pet sitter came to the house and put Zena outside.  She then broke into the fenced backyard and stole her.  She immediately renamed her "Hope."  The authorities have this misconception that they were simply dealing with an overzealous do-gooder.  They are wrong. 

"This is a difficult case to investigate as it involves people with good intentions who felt they were doing the right thing, but did not have all of the information," Eugene Police Spokeswoman McLaughlin said.  "The pet owner was faced with difficult end-of-life decisions for his pet of 17 years."

No, this woman is a dog thief.  Coats does not have the right to steal someone else's dog no matter what she thinks about its care.  If she found the dog in the backyard she should have simply called animal control and notified them that the dog was outside.  There is literally nothing that makes Coats actions morally or legally right.  It's not her dog.  

The owner filed a police report on his stolen dog.  The Eugene police department tracked down Coats and had Zena examined by an emergency veterinarian.  The emergency vet confirmed that Zena was 17 years old and dying of cardiac disease, a heart murmur and chronic wasting caused by her heart condition.  It gets better.

"According to the emergency veterinarian, who last checked the dog, she was in relatively good condition, despite her age, blindness and heart disease," McLaughlin said."  

Get that?  Zena was in good condition for being 17 years old.   Even with this new information, Gail Kiefer Coats is not apologetic that she stole someone else's property.  No she's proud of her actions. She insists that she was right to steal the dog.  She's so proud of her actions that one of her supporters has a petition now to pressure the police to continue to investigate the innocent family whose dog Coats stole.  The petition has 208 signatures and counting from people who believe Coat's lies about her actions.  The police continued their investigation into the dog owner instead of into the dog thief as they should have done.

"An investigation showed the owner had Zena on a healthy diet to try and put weight on and kept her mostly inside the house,"  McLaughlin said.  "The owner has had Zena since she was a young puppy.  He told police that over the past year, she has lost a significant amount of weight but that she still seemed happy.  Yesterday, the owner made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize his well-loved pet."  

His well loved dog spent the last week of her life, stolen by a stranger and shuffled from facility to facility being terrorized by animal rights indoctrinated strangers meddling in a situation they had no business being involved in.

"If I have to go in front of a judge and explain to him why I did it and show him the pictures of why I did it I want the owners standing next to me to explain to the judge why they let their dog get that bad," said Kiefer.

Actually "Hope's" life was not saved by this idiot who's now shilling for cash.  In fact, Zena has now been humanely put down after Coats actions.   Being dead earlier rather than later is not 'saving' an animal to anyone except an animal rights activist who believes animals are better dead than owned.  Don't worry, these wack-a-jobs have instead formed a "Justice for Hope" Facebook group to continue spreading their lies about Zena.  They continue to justify their actions and claim that "Hope" was murdered by her "abusers."  In fact, at least one activist posted a threat to the life of Zena's owner.  

Everywhere in America today, animals are growing old and dying. That is a natural part of life.  We all die eventually.  The same day that I read about Coats boasts that she stolen a strangers dog, I also read a heart warming story going viral on BuzzFeed about a family in Maryland who took their dying dog to the beach. They documented his last days of life to include taking him to see the beach for the first time before he died.  In the pictures it is obvious that he's frail and in some shots you can easily see his protruding backbone.  No one commented on the story saying that someone should steal this dog.  Yet the two situations are the exact same. 

The animal rights activists involved in the Zena case are instead determined to change Oregon law to make their actions justified.  They claim that Zena's case shows that Oregon needs stronger "animal cruelty" laws.  Why?  Zena was not being abused.  She was not treated cruelly by her owner.  The only laws that need changing would be stronger laws against property theft.  It is the animal rights terrorists who were 100% wrong in this case and they need to be held legally accountable.  As of today, Gail Kiefer Coats still stands behind her actions and refuses to admit she was wrong.  In fact, she thinks that she is the only person who has shown love to Zena.

The only thing to be done in a situation like this is to slap a pair of handcuffs on every person who look part in the theft of Zena.  Besides Coats, I recommend a second pair of handcuffs for Tamara Barnes who is also involved in this situation.  It is no surprise that this animal rights activist is a member of the "Direct Action Everywhere - Eugene" group on Facebook.  Direct Action is an animal rights term that means committing crimes to liberate every animal under human ownership.   Direct Action Everywhere is a new offshoot of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), an FBI certified domestic terrorism organization.  Funny enough, she admits to owning chickens.  Isn't that human ownership of an animal?   Or is it a case of:  Do as I say, not as I do.  

But Barnes and Coats are correct on one thing.  Zena deserves justice.  Zena deserves justice because of the animal cruelty that was committed against her by Barnes and Coats.  Charges need to be filed now.  Or these wack-jobs will only steal more animals and slander more innocent animal owners like Zena's. 

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