Friday, February 6, 2015

Dogs Deserve Better, Deserves Prosecution

I have said for a long time that Virginia is an animal rights terrorist strong hold. Pound for pound we rule them all with the most nut bags per square inch. People don’t believe me. They think I'm exaggerating. Some think I'm whacked. But am I? Take for example the so-called animal rescue group that calls itself "Dogs Deserve Better." The owner of this shady group, is a convicted criminal, and refers to herself a "Peaceful Dog Warrior" but is she? You be the judge.

Tammy Grimes was convicted of dog theft in Pennsylvania.  She changed her name to Tamira Ci Thayne and moved to Virginia to continue her nefarious activities. Yeah, us. Because the fake Retail Rescue field is coining new millionaires like a drunk on a bender, its no surprise that Grimes aka Thayne was able to raise enough money from gullible supporters to buy Michael Vick's former Virginia mansion to be her personal pad. Not only enough money but enough money to completely pay it off.  Of course it’s all for the animals she whines, while living in the mansion for free. Yeah, right.

Being charged with animal crimes in Pennsylvania is not her first rodeo either. Here in Virginia, local authorities charged her with animal cruelty in 2012. Dogs Deserve Better and Grimes aka Thayne were accused of:

"Animals are being maced and tased on a regular basis."

"There have been several dog fights and injured animals are not being vetted."

"Dogs are being crated in unsuitable size crates for a minimum of 19 hours a day."

When animal control served a search warrant on the former Vick property, now owned by Grimes aka Thayne they found nine cans of mace and two tasers that whistle-blowers testified she was using on dogs.  Unfortunately the criminal charges were later dropped when a key witness who now lives in South Carolina didn't make it to court because the subpoenas were not served in time. Grimes aka Thayne, of course, claimed total innocence of the charges and said it is because county officials wish to force her from the Vick property.

I wonder why they would want to do that? Maybe because Grimes aka Thayne with her crazy animal rights beliefs is giving Virginia yet another black eye? Grimes aka Thayne claims she’s an innocent woman who is being attacked for no reason. But again, is she?

On social media, Grimes/Thayne and her supporters make a habit of criminally stalking people and stealing private property all across this nation and have for years.  Here's some recent examples.  In the past two days Grimes aka Thayne has been stalking innocent animal owners in Ohio and Michigan, posting their street addresses and any other information they can find out.  Animal owners that local authorities have investigated due to these false police reports and have said are INNOCENT.  

Then there's this one below.  Thanks to Dogs Deserve Better's fraudulent social media postings, someone went to this dog owner's home and threatened his daughter-in-law with a gun.  All because the dog had an allergy that was being treated by a veterinarian and was NOT being treated as DDB claimed it was.  

"I can't have people coming around the house, making threats and brandishing pistols and everything else. I've got kids, That's not ok," said dog owner Shawn Brown. For 
him, it all started with a Facebook post by his neighbor. She shared a picture of Samantha to the "Dogs Deserve Better" Facebook page, saying she shouldn't be out in the cold, 
her skin was raw, fur patchy and she couldn't get to her food and water. 
"It's went haywire from there to I don't take care of my dogs to I don't deserve to live," Brown recalls.

Yet this convicted criminal has the nerve to issue a press release in 2014 claiming that she has sued Surry County, Virginia for falsely accusing her of animal cruelty.  What about all the innocent animal owners across this nation that Grimes aka Thayne and her supporters have falsely accused of animal cruelty? What about them? Don't they have rights? Don't they deserve to be protected from these ignorant vigilantes? It is long past time that Dogs Deserve Better is shut down for good and everyone of these vigilantes promoting terrorist threats and stealing animals from innocent owners are imprisoned.  

If Surry County is truly trying to force her out, they have the right idea.  

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