Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Musings on Government Sanctioned Animal Abuse

Seven days ago, uneducated, ignorant and cruel brown shirts from the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) committed a massive act of both human and animal cruelty when they raided the Tiger Ridge Exotic Farm in Stony Ridge, Ohio.  I covered the details of the unconstitutional raid here.  I say uneducated because the vast majority of these bureaucrats involved in this raid have no education in animals. They are nothing but paper pushing mini-me's enforcing the "law" on animals they know nothing about and terrorizing the very people who pay their salaries through taxation.

Hitler would so be proud.

There is this funny saying about those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it and here America is, repeating all the failed policies of dead dictators all across this globe.  How's that working for you folks?  Are you tired of it yet?  Are you ready to take up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights back from those who are trampling on it?

Seven days ago, ODA forcibly took possession of these well kept and loved animals and refuses to return them even after courted ordered them to do so.  Their response, "Nah, I don't think so."   This is not surprising.  All over America, most animal owners never win these cases. The animals are quickly shipped over state lines, hidden, and never found again. But what can we do to stop these events?  My feeling is, we need more Bundy Ranch style confrontations. When the word goes out by social media that raid trucks are on the scene of an American home, patriots need to race to the scene and block the roads.   You paid for it, it's your road.  If the Tiger Ridge Supporters had blocked the road out of the farm and refused to allow the trucks containing the stolen animals to pass.... and video/photographed every raid member and posted their identities to social media on the fly, what would have happened then?   

Here's one of the lead terrorists of the raid, David Hunt of ODA, who has zero education in animals.  Look at this smarmy ass-clown who gets his kicks conducting forced raids on our senior citizens. 

What would have happened if this doughnut stuffing thug operating his unconstitutional raids on the Ohio taxpayer dime had been met with this?

And what about the Wood County Sheriff? While he is on record stating that no complaint has ever been filed against Tiger Ridge, where is his backbone? Why did he go along with this raid? His position is sovereign in his county.  County Sheriff's hold the highest power in this country.  Why wasn't he protecting the constitutional rights of the owners of Tiger Ridge against out of control state bureaucrats? He had that power to say, "you shall not cross into my county." Why didn't he? Taxpayers of Wood County need to be asking the Sheriff this very question.

Listen to what constitutionalist Sheriff Mack says about the office of Sheriff: "Sheriff," he writes in his book, "you are the sworn protector. You cannot shrink from that duty merely because the violator comes to town with a three-piece suit and a fancy attache case."

The Wood County Sheriff had a duty to protect the citizens of his county.  He didn't.  It is time to hold him accountable.

Check out this video of American patriots on the Tiger Ridge Farm repairing all of the damage and destruction that the brown shirts of the ODA caused in the raid so that they can force the thugs of ODA to give back the stolen animals.

This is powerful, this is America. We don't need these paper pushers to keep us safe from made-up threats.   Every action they take to warn us of "dangers" and keep us "safe" from some bogeyman only strips our liberty away.   The Tiger Ridge animals are best served by being returned to their loving owner who knows best how to care for them.  Wake up and smell the coffee America before its too late.

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