Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Virginia Legislature to Commend a Terrorist?

I've seen some bad legislation in my lifetime, but the recent bill filed by Delegate Micheal Webert (HR 57) to give official state commendation to an animal rights extremist really takes the cake.  It seems to me that after all the bad press that Hilleary Bogley, Holder Trumbo, the Piedmont Environmental Council and Fauquier County has brought to Virginia in the past several years, do we really need more?  Does Virginia really need to continue being a laughing stock of the entire nation?  

First some back history on Delegate Webert's bill HR 57, in 2003 the Virginia legislature put a halt to the "Humane Investigator" program because of the massive abuse of power these private animal rights vigilante's were displaying on a regular basis.  In a legislative compromise, just a handful were allowed to stay in power.   That was a huge mistake.   One of the handful who was allowed to retain her powers is Hilleary Bogley of Fauquier County.  Since that time, Hilleary Bogley has been the subject of numerous exposes' written about her continued abuses of power.   I personally have written two books, Staring the Dragon in the Eye: The Hidden Victims of Animal Extremists and my recent book released last summer:  F'cker County: The Peyton Place of the Piedmont exposing her activities.   Both books are full of stories of the abuse of power that Hilleary Bogley has committed against Virginia citizens and have been well received throughout this world.   

Delegate Micheal Webert speaks in HR 57 how Scott District Supervisor Holder (Harold) Trumbo nominated Hilleary Bogley for a county award and that's why the state should as well.  What he doesn't say is that Holder Trumbo is famous for bullying and threatening county residents who object to the abuse of power by him, PEC, Hilleary Bogley, et. al.  Things came to a head when Trumbo threatened all the counties residents and claimed that any critics of him and the long standing campaign to harass the threaten farmer Martha Boneta would need a bullet proof vest.  People from across this nation were outraged and demanded that the County censor Holder Trumbo.  

In addition, I have written two nation-wide articles about Hilleary Bogley and the corrupt Judge who backs her abuses of power, Jeffrey Parker.   Part 1:  Virginia Animal Owners Have Much to Fear and Virginia Bureaucrats Bending the Law to Suit their Agenda.   Both of these articles go into the recent litigation when Hilleary Bogley was sued both in federal and state court for committing crimes against Virginia dog breeders by illegally taking their animals away from them, lying about the conditions the animals were in, and abusing her position for her own personal gain.  

"These conduct of Bogley and MHF described in this complaint is outrageous, shocking to the community, reckless, willful and wanton, oppressive, and with such malice as to evince a spirit of malice or criminal indifference to civil obligations, against the legitimate rights of Barrett and with conscious disregard of his rights, and are done with gross negligence, and with knowledge or consciousness that injury would result from the acts complained of." 

Additionally, Hilleary Bogley has acted as a "hit man" for the Piedmont Environmental Council, and Patricia Thomas, and was part of an attempt to frame organic farmer Martha Boneta for fraudulent charges of animal cruelty.   Patricia and Phillip Thomas have been sued by Martha Bonata for their decade long harassment campaign against Martha and recently the Thomas's attempted to use the "affluenza" defense for the lawsuit against them

This bill needs to be retracted in its entirety before Virginia once again becomes a laughing stock for attempting to commend the life of an animal rights extremist and criminal.   Hilleary Bogley deserves to be condemned to a prison cell for her crimes against state residents not commended by the Legislature.

You can contact the Virginia State Legislators and express your outrage at this continued abuse of power and whitewashing of the power players who attacked Martha Boneta here:

Virginia House Delegates

Time is of the essence.  The Virginia legislature could vote on this bill any day now.   Please contact the legislators listed in the links above and express your outrage at bill HR 57. 

UPDATE:   Delegate Webert's legislative aide, Robert Melvin responded to this story and has declared that commending the life of Hilleary Bogley is simply "tradition" in Virginia because Fauquier County has done so and Delegate Webert is simply following tradition.   As I told Robert Melvin, "We the People" are not satisfied with that answer.

Serial Bully Holder Trumbo nominated her simply because his daughter works for her and he's giving political payback.  That doesn't mean the entire Commonwealth of Virginia should do the same.

In Fauquier County it is tradition to:

1.)  Pass ordinances outlawing their wineries (currently being sued for that), should the Commonwealth of Virginia do the same as "tradition?"
2.)  Prosecute chicken farmers for their chickens making too much noise.   Should 
the Commonwealth of Virginia do the same as "tradition?"
3.)  Harass local farmers like Martha Boneta and use the power of government to destroy them. Should 
the Commonwealth of Virginia do the same as "tradition?"
4.)  Prosecute 40+ year old business for being 'illegal' if they can't find their original 70's era permit.  Should 
the Commonwealth of Virginia do the same as "tradition?"

Really?  There is no amount of crime and harassment that can be put forth against anyone if its "tradition" to simply follow along like a lemming and do what the next guy has done.  The response of Delegate Webert's legislative aide is even more outrageous than the original bill.

Should Martha Boneta continue to be harassed for the next decade simply because its "tradition" in Fauquier that she has been harassed for the past decade?

I think not.  

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