Sunday, December 27, 2015

Stafford Family Ruined by Animal Rights Terrorists

I haven't posted to this blog in quite some time now that I am nationally published on Joe For America and other sources, but a recent story of a terrible injustice out of Stafford, Virginia has me picking up my pen yet again to contribute here.

I have written long and hard about how animal rights ideology and the very terrorists themselves from that movement have taken over our legal system and perverted justice in America.   My home state, the Commonwealth of Virginia, is dominated and controlled by terrorists.  They control the Virginia legislature, the Attorney General, the Governor, the state Veterinary Office, the County Sheriffs, Prosecutors, and Animal Control Officers.  The Virginia State Legislature is so controlled and dominated by these terrorists that State Delegate Rob Bell is in fact famous for sponsoring and getting passed a new Civil Asset Forfeiture Law for Animals.  Every year someone in the legislature sponsors a bill to create an animal "cruelty" registry to list and out your grandfather for targeting by vigilante action.   I've written how Virginia Animal Control Officers receive their training from criminals, quacks, and sex perverts and have no knowledge or training on animals from actual animal experts.  I've written how the Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has embraced these terrorists and formed a new group to destroy the Commonwealth's residents.  

There isn't a county in the entire Commonwealth that is safe for animal owners to live in.   I've written two books on Fauquier County, Virginia, Staring the Dragon in the Eye, and my recently released book, F'cker County: The Peyton Place of the Piedmont, filled with cases of the animal rights terrorism front destroying animal owners in that county alone.  Just this month, the corrupt County Board of Supervisors gave a "Citizen of the Year" award to the most damaging animal rights activist in the entire northern Virginia area, Hilleary Bogley.  Bogley has ruined countless lives in her long campaign to end animal ownership.  She alone is a poster child for abuse of the Humane Investigator program.  It's not just Fauquier County, its everywhere in the state.  

As the entire world knows, PETA is running rampant on the eastern part of the state stealing people's animals and killing them.  The Commonwealth does nothing about it.   People complain to Virginia state legislators endlessly, they don't listen.   PETA continues to kill.  Finally in 2015, the state gave them a $500 fine.   Big whoopie.  PETA continues to kill at their Norfolk slaughterhouse and the Virginia legislature turns their backs.  A poor family has now sued PETA for stealing and slaughtering their family pet.

In Frederick County, Virginia, the corrupt Sheriff and his pals raided a purebred Arabian horse breeder who was an equine certified veterinarian. The victim in this case was a horse expert. The Sheriff and Prosecutor used the Henneke Body Scale against the victim to declare that she was abusing animals. The problem is, Dr. Henneke has issued a public statement refuting the use of the Henneke Scale in ANY animal cruelty or neglect case.  The Sheriff was simply policing for profit.  This owner had valuable animals, and someone else wanted them.  A life was ruined for no reason.

"Over the past decade, the Body Condition Scoring System for Horses (BCS) has become, in many if not most cases, the sole reason for seizure for neglect or abuse. The problem with this is that the BCS was not designed to reflect the health or well-being of the horse." 
Dr. Henneke.

In Page County, the Sheriff invited in a California based vigilante squad run by guess what? A high school dropout with no education in animals (but he loves strippers!), to help him raid a dog breeder. This group had no legal authority to come into Virginia and operate. Many of the stolen dogs were then shipped out of Virginia for resale.   As I wrote about in The Art of Terror:  Inside the Animal Rights Movement, in Virginia Beach, animal control brought a good Samaritan up on animal cruelty charges after she objected to their death rate at their shelter in a vicious form of payback.

Or how about Botetourt County, where a long time SPCA volunteer was brought up on animal cruelty charges because an animal rights veterinarian disagreed with her veterinarians diagnosis. Get that? She wasn't cruel to an animal. She was treating the dog in accordance with what her vet told her to do. In fact, this victim was so well loved in her community that local prosecutors refused to charge her. But don't worry, Michelle Welch, an animal rights activist out of the Virginia Attorney General's Office, stepped in to rectify that and filed charges anyway.

In Virginia, as of 2010, it is established case law that all dog owners are guilty of animal cruelty if they fail to brush their dogs teeth.  In Fairfax County in 2015, they have outlawed the use of a dog leash for more than one cumulative hour in a 24 hour period, making people who exercise their dogs, criminals.  It is now a crime of "animal cruelty" to walk your dog too much in Fairfax County.  

Now in Stafford, Virginia, a family is in hell after the father has been arrested, tried, and found guilty of animal cruelty for failing to kill their dog, who was dying of terminal cancer, just as fast as some paper pushing bureaucrat wanted the dog killed.   

Animal cruelty used to mean that a human being was being physically cruel to an animal.  That they beat an animal.  Mistreated an animal.  That an animal suffered actual physical damage as a result of a human's actions.  But today, under an animal rights world, the definition of cruelty has changed.  It was been twisted into something unnatural and perverted by animal rights extremists.  Under this new idea of what is "cruel" to an animal, every day American families are being destroyed.  Their very lives ruined for ideology.   Their families suffering.  Their children's lives impacted as they witness their parents arrested and put on trial for cases in which no animal was ever harmed. 

Now in Stafford County a family suffers.  Their beloved dog, their families companion, was diagnosed with cancer.  You know what?  We are all going to die of something eventually.  Every one of us.

THIS is what happens when animal rights terrorists control the legal system.   This is what happens when a dog is no longer your property but some dubious ward of the state.  When you are your dogs guardian, not its owner.  A family is put through hell. A father gets a criminal record and can't find a job. Children suffer. For what?

Because some prosecutor who doesn't know the dog and never met the dog while it was living claims the family waited too long to put down a dog with terminal cancer??? How long is too long? The family says the dog was up on its feet and eating. Dogs are property in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the owner has the right to make that decision not some paper pushing bureaucrat looking to pad their prosecution rate.  In this case, this prosecutor is arguing over a four day period.  The prosecutor, who again, never met this dog while it was alive, claims the family should have killed their dog four days faster.  

There was no cruelty here.  No human action can cause a dog to come down with cancer.   Cancer is a sad fact of life for animals and humans.   It is never an easy decision to choose when to have a beloved pet put down.   Caring owners want to give their pet as much time with the family as they feel they can.  No one wants to deliberately see a family dog suffer.  Do you honestly think this father deliberately made his dog suffer in order to let his children see that?  Of course not!  Only in an animal rights dominated world can such crazy thoughts even see the light of day.  These owners tried their best by their dog.  That should be good enough.

It is long past time that Virginia legislators stop pandering to animal rights terrorists and supporting the destruction of Virginia's families over ideology instead of science.  It is long past time that our legal system was restored to the rights guaranteed us in the Constitution.  It is long past time that terrorists and their fruitcake ideologies do not control our lives and touch our children.

Stafford County Prosecutor Jennifer Lindsey deserves to lose her job for giving a criminal record to an innocent man for no reason. She deserves to have her license to practice law revoked. She is a disgrace to her office and the Commonwealth.  It is time we stand up and say no more to these terrorists and shine the disinfectant of sunshine on their crimes.   The taxpayers of Stafford County pay Jennifer Lindsey's salary.  I believe they deserve an accounting of her time. 

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