Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sex, Violence, and Animal Rights

In the eight months since President Trump entered the White House the radical left has engulfed America in one long protest after another.   Like a two year old melting down in an epic temper tantrum, the left is unable to grasp the fact that they lost the 2016 elections.   From Pussy Marches, to accusations of Russia hiding behind every door, panic stories about Junior Zippersuit over in North Korea; to black shirted Antifa protesters attacking inert stone statutes and conservative speakers, the left seems determined to sink America into a second civil war.    These mask wearing street brawlers are attacking American citizens with clubs, baseball bats, knives, bricks, urine, feces, mace, and bottles filled with concrete and rocks.

After all, everyone knows the best way to make your point about racism is to throw bottles of urine at people.   Right?   Boston has the right start, publicly name and shame every single one of these violent extremists.   Portland and other cities should follow Boston’s example. 

In San Francisco residents are outraged that some American’s have been granted a permit to pray in public.   To protest against this horrific activity they threatened to layer a public beach in dog poop and celebrate with a parade of drag queens.   Nothing says ‘save the earth’ like deliberately infecting a beach with feces while perverts dance in the streets.   Meanwhile city authorities degenerating into a hysterical quivering mass at the thought of mass prayer have asked law enforcement to deploy every available cop in the city and leftist propaganda masters like The Southern Poverty Law Center are screaming that a permit for public prayer will attract ‘hate groups.’    Don’t worry, San Francisco police are promising “over-whelming” force at this rally. 

Violence from the left is nothing new.   You need look no further than at the violent extremists from the environmental and animal rights movement that the mainstream media has constantly white washed.    In the past 40 years, animal rights activists have stolen dead bodies and held them hostage, murdered animals and framed their owners for false charges of animal abuse, stolen little girl's dogs and killed them, burglarized and vandalized homes, conducted cyber-attacks, liberated and murdered tens of thousands of animals, fire bombed research labs, and on the list of crimes goes.  

Yet in 2017 just like their fellow alt-left Antifa cousins, animal rights activists are now saying their past crimes are not enough!   At this year's annual Animal Rights Conference attendees were repeatedly encouraged to commit more violent crimes.   This year’s conference was a who’s who of convicted criminals and violence supporting agitators hosted by the Farm Animal Rights Movement, Compassion over Killing, Mercy for Animals and the dog killers of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).   Joining in the fun were the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act violators of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and other offshoots all gathered together to discuss their campaigns to rid America of hamburgers and the farmers who produce them, household pets, and fun family entertainment like zoos. 

During the conference, these agitators made it crystal clear that their targets are all American farms.   For the first time activists openly boasted that organic farms and free-range farms are now all open targets for destruction.   Every animal business is a target to be shut down.   Every zoo, every pet breeder, every research lab.  They are all targets until these fanatics get their way and remove all animals from human lives and to achieve their goal of ‘total animal liberation.’  

Another conference speaker was convicted criminal Nick Cooney, founder of The Humane League, a conference sponsor, who in the past threatened to kill the children of a drug company’s employees.   At last year’s conference, one of his employees stated, “When it is time to launch the campaign, find a vulnerable target, prepare everything for at least a few weeks and then assemble an overwhelming force to utilize from day one. The crueler it is, the quicker the fight is over.””   If anything Cooney and company are tame compared to fellow speaker and former PETA alumnae Bruce Friedrich, who has remarked that “blowing things up and smashing windows” is “a great way to bring about animal liberation.”

At last year’s conference, Groff advocated, ““All of these events [agricultural fairs, eating contests, political rallies] need to be interrupted and shut down.” – Zach Groff of Direct Action Everywhere (a group that has seen run-ins with the Secret Service).”    Another one of the players at the conference was a front group calling itself the Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) run by convicted felon Kevin Kjonass aka Kevin Chase who has bamboozled the daughter-in-law of President Trump.   Lara Trump, wife of Eric, appeared via video at a fundraiser for this felon shocking everyone since HSUS’s legislative arm spent $200,000 attacking President Trump.    These extremists think they’ve trumped Trump by co-opting his daughter-in-law. 

You can look no further than the plight of a small business owner in Berkeley, California who had to deal with terrorists from the newly reincarnated Animal Liberation Front, now calling themselves “Direct Action Everywhere” picketing his shop for four months in a row.

 Local law enforcement did nothing to protect this small business owner from a sustained terrorist attack, ultimately forcing the shop owner to give in to the extremist’s demands.  Just as was shown in the recent Charlottesville, Virginia protests, law enforcement today routinely stands by and allows these violent thugs to get away with destroying American lives. 

In Part 2 of this continuing series I will uncover the sordid history of rapists and pedophiles that fill the upper leadership of animal rights organizations and your local rescues and animal shelters.  

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