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Sex, Violence, and Animal Rights: Part 2

Today, the world has turned upside down.  What is good is called evil and what is evil is called good.   I have previously written about the many violent criminals and just plain lunatics who are now "animal cops" heading up various animal rescues and shelters.  I've written about urban vigilante and private Rambo Richard Couto who targets poor farmers.   I've written about quacks such as Ohio's Adam Herrera who stirred up a public firestorm over a fake story of dead skinned puppies.  I've written many times about serial dirtbag Scotlund Haisley who operates a private SWAT team because being in the "animal protection field" gets him better lap dances from strippers.   In part 1 of this continuing series, I covered more of the criminal backgrounds of many leaders in the animal rights movement who spoke at this year's Animal Rights Conference. 

Part of the problem is that almost all of the training local, state and federal law enforcement receives is conducted by animal rights extremists.  Almost no training is conducted by actual animal experts.   Particularly egregious are the law enforcement seminars that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) gives for free to law enforcement nationwide.   This free training is conducted by fringe lunatics.   Sex perverts and convicted felons have infiltrated the National Sheriff’s Association and are now providing the majority of training that law enforcement receives on farming, zoo’s and pet owners.   Local animal control training is even worse.   While many localities take advantage of free training by HSUS and PETA, even more lunatics jump aboard in localities.   In 2013, the Virginia Animal Control Association offered law enforcement four hours of training on animal sex.  The 'certified expert witness' who taught the animal sex class has a degree in Business and Accounting, not veterinary medicine.

While the animal rescue field is awash in legions of criminals who have jumped on the 'cute puppy or kitten' bandwagon to con you into opening your wallets, an even more dangerous criminal has infiltrated, that of the sex pervert.  One of the biggest exposes came by accident when reporter John Stossel, then working for ABC's 20/20 program in 2005, ran an expose on celebrated animal cop Dave Garcia of the SPCA of Texas and other out of control SPCA's across America who were stealing animals for profit. 

When Stossel ran with his story on Garcia illegally raiding the homes of women to steal their dogs from them and frame them for charges of animal cruelty, even he had no idea the time that Garcia was  a convicted rapist.    Garcia served three years in prison in Arizona for kidnapping and raping a woman.   He also had drunk driving arrests in Arizona, Texas, and Missouri and an outstanding warrant at the time of the broadcast.    Garcia had a long history of working in the animal rescue field.  He worked for the Houston SPCA, the Humane Society of Greater Miami, the Humane Society of Missouri and the Denver Dumb Friends League.  Even more frightening, this convicted rapist was a "guest instructor" at the National Cruelty Investigators School. 

Even more famous is the scandal that hit the Louisville, Kentucky animal shelter in 2009.  Louisville Metro Animal Services head Giles Meloche was forced to resign after his sordid history became public.   From losing his medical license in his native Canada after he pled guilty to 27 counts of selling anabolic steroids without a license to massive sexual assault complaints filed against him.   He was replaced by Wayne Zelinsky who lasted just 14 months when it was discovered that he owned and operated a porn business

Then there's the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) alumni Arthur E. Benjamin who was sued by the federal government for fraud and sued multiple times for raping women.   According to these lawsuits, Benjamin has a 20 year history of sexual assault.    Then there is former HSUS Vice President accused pedophile and convicted felon with mob connections David Wills.

Wills, whose criminal convictions date back to 1973, was formerly the head of the Nashua Humane Society in New Hampshire, leaving in 1978 just before money was discovered missing from their books.   He resurfaced at the Michigan Humane Society and worked there until 1989, resigning suddenly when the board started an investigation into $1.6 million in missing money.   He surfaced again at HSUS and worked there until he was sued in 1995 for sexually harassing multiple female employees.    The law finally started catching up to him once again when he was arrested in Maryland and pled guilty in 1999 for embezzling money.   Since 2015, Wills has been fighting federal sex trafficking charges for his alleged long term sexual assaults of a 9-year old girl. 

Besides assaulting the little girl himself, Wills is also accused of forcing her to work as a prostitute.  Wills ties to HSUS continue today.  He is a close friend of current HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle, who recruited Pacelle to join HSUS in 1994.

Lasoya pled guilty to selling her nine year old daughter to David Wills for sex while at the same time he wrote and released a self-aggrandizing book on his 'career' in the animal rescue world.   As for Wills, he's currently out of jail, released on a $5 million dollar bail.    Let that fact sink in the next time you are tempted to open your wallet at some sob story an animal rescue is promoting.  Think of a man who worked his entire life in various humane societies amassing enough money to pay a $5 million dollar bond. 

In Illinois anti-puppy activist Kathy Mehalko routinely slanders pet stores and claims they are all fronts for deplorable puppy mills raising dogs in horrific conditions.   In 2016, an Illinois pet store had enough and sued her for defamation.   Mehalko, using typical activist tactics, posted a picture of a dog kennel on social media and then claimed this kennel was the source of the puppies sold by Furry Babies of Illinois.  The pet store owner sued claiming they had never bought a dog from the kennel posted on social media by Mehalko. 

In  August of 2017, Mehalko's 38 year old son Jason was arrested for criminal sexual assault of a child going back to 2008.  He was arrested by the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department in Illinois for charges out of  Kenosha, Wisconsin.    He was released on a $25,000 bond pending trial and is barred from having any contact with any female under the age of 18. 

Booking photo of Jason A. Mehalko

Shocking no one who has interacted with Mehalko, she immediately posted that she was proud of her son.  

The cases listed here are just the tip of the iceberg.    Sadists, felons and rapists have discovered that the quickest way to get to your child, your sister, your girlfriend or your wife is through images of sad eyed puppies and kittens.  

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