Friday, October 11, 2013

The Rise of the Gauleiter

While the animal rights movement has its foundations in the Fabian Society in England, the vicious brutal animal rights movement we have today has its foundations in the National Socialist Movement in Germany.    One of their very first acts when Hitler obtained power was to issue the following decree:

 “Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications; and warrants for house searchers, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, the crime of disturbing the peace carried the death sentence.  Students of history know that after Hitler came to power, Germany attacked and destroyed a sovereign nation without a single shot fired.  It was called Austria.   One of Hitler’s orders, issued by General Keitel said, “Spread false, but quite credible news, which may lead to the conclusion of military preparations against Austria.” Yes, Austria gave in under extreme pressure believing they were about to be attacked after a four week campaign of physiological terror against them. 
As part of their program to control all areas of society, the Nazi’s appointed local bureaucrats to control and subjugate the population and given the title of Gauleiter.   If you aren’t a student of history, perhaps you have seen the famous movie and stage play, The Sound of Music? There is a famous struggle near the end of the movie between Captain von Trapp and Herr Zeller who has been appointed as the local Gauleiter after Germany destroyed Austria.  The von Trapp family ultimately fled for their lives after Captain von Trapp refused to serve the Nazi’s.  Here in Fauquier County, Virginia we have our own Gauleiter.  Her name is Hilleary Bogley.   Saint Hilleary the Blameless who continuously reinvents her own past. 

Her new so-called past when she lived in Denver, Colorado:  “I was basically living out of my car with my five dogs! We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies," she laughed.”   Saint Hilleary goes on with her story about moving back to Virginia and opening an Ice Cream Shop in Middleburg, Virginia and a “humane society” in Marshall, Virginia.  “She was still living under pretty terrible conditions. “I only cared about keeping my animal family intact,” she says. “I really didn't care where I lived as long as they were with me. I rented a house in the Plains that hardly ever had running water or electricity. My landlord was Mr. Pickett. He told me I could only have two cats. I actually had 10, but they were all black, so whenever he came around, he always thought he was seeing the same cat over and over again. It was pretty funny!”  (Hilleary Bogley:   A Life Devoted to Animals by Janet Hitchen.  The Virginia-Maryland Dog. February 17, 2011.)

Unfortunately for Bogley, I was raised with critical thinking skills.  My first thought was, with a multi-millionaire mother who inherited somewhere around $140 million when Bogley’s father died during her childhood, why was Bogley living in a car?  Secondly, when she moved to Virginia, suddenly the five dogs in the car disappeared.   Suddenly she no longer has five dogs in her car, but instead ten identical black cats.   What happened to the dogs?   How on earth did she suddenly then get ten all black cats?  Fauquier County does not have a homeless animal problem as she claims.  I’ve lived here 14 years and only seen a truly stray cat and dog once.   Another thought.  Where did a homeless woman living out of her car find the funds to buy and start an Ice Cream Shop in extremely high rent Middleburg?   Middleburg is the home of billionaires and the famous.  Hilleary Bogley also owns the land the “humane society” sits on in Marshall.   She also of course owns the Humane Society, a Delaware chartered corporation.  Where’d a former homeless woman living out of her car in Colorado get the money for that?   Bogley’s story sounds all warm and fuzzy to the soft-hearted but to the logical minded, it simply doesn’t add up.   There is massive money behind her family and her lawyer father was a master of Foxhounds for the Potomac Hunt.  He died a multi-millionaire.  Why was Bogley’s life such a ‘struggle?’

Her present:  In 2008, she bragged that she had busted a woman who had been foreclosed on and was living in her car and took all her purebred cats. "On Tuesday, April 15, Hilleary seized 20 cats that were being housed in a car.  Their owner has been moving and/or homeless for the past two years and did not understand that this was not a safe or healthy situation for her cats." Apparently it is a case of do as I say, not as I do.  It is saint like for Bogley to live in a car with dogs and later with 10 cats she admits she hid from her landlord which shows her compassion and endless love for animals, but the same behavior is criminal for a fellow citizen.  Bogley goes on to brag on her website that she won custody of 18 of the 20 cats which she self-describes as, "gorgeous Ragdolls and Himalayans."  Gorgeous?  If they were so gorgeous, why did they need to be seized for resale by Bogley?  

“We must always demand so much that we can never be satisfied.”  This quote could easily have come from Spray Tanned Wayne, the Supreme Leader of HSUS but instead this is a quote from Adolph Hitler.    The egg farmers of America know all about this as they have been under a multi-year physiological campaign to drive them out of business.  They too have their own Neville Chamberlain who leads the United Egg Producers, anxious to appease the Crocodile.  Here in Virginia, Spray Tanned Wayne’s field troops have also been in action, mainly trying to outlaw dogs.  They sneak in limit laws into zoning restricting your right to own a dog and constantly attack hunters who hunt with dogs.   One who can never be satisfied is local animal rights zealot and Pacelle Pal is of course Hilleary Bogley.   I have firsthand experience in this.  I watched in horror as she attacked a friend of mine screaming in her face like a Schutzstaffell, the famous Nazi death’s head S.S., smelling fresh blood in a gas chamber transport.  The S.S. struck terror far and wide throughout Europe during the Third Reich.  My cherished friend never recovered from Bogley’s brutal physiological attack on her and died earlier this year.  I lay her death at Bogley’s doorstep.   She died completely disillusioned with the “animal rescue” field that she had spent her life supporting. 

Like Bogley in Virginia, how many other local fake rescue groups are ramping up their efforts and firing up the raid trucks with the passage of the APHIS regulations?   After all, it is no stretch of the imagination to believe that the HSUS employees now employed by APHIS are in fact answering to the mother ship and not the USDA.  How many APHIS inspectors will return back to the USDA, load their findings into APHIS’s computer systems, listing how many animals each American they inspected had, the layout of their property, the security systems in place, how many employees they have, their employees schedules, and other personal details of their lives and watch animal rights extremist Sarah Conant then turn that information over to HSUS and the local Gauleiter for enforcement?  

Now Pacelle had gotten a ton of push back over the decades because he was not an animal owner.  While at Yale, Spray Tan Wayne wrote an article for the Yale Daily News, in which he said, “I don’t love animals or think they are cute.”  Just a few years later he said, “We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States.”  Not owning an animal all these years wasn’t fitting in with his Ken Doll image as a dedicated animal lover, as the bloggers at Humane Watch have been constantly exposing.  In order to keep the softhearted in line and keep those funds rolling in to HSUS, Whiney Wayne got himself a fake poster child “Beagle” in the summer of 2013.  The dog was given a back sob story slamming Virginia hunters and paraded around for pictures.  In the pictures Pacelle posted on Facebook, the dog shown did not resemble a dog that had used for hunting in any way.   But then again, Pacelle is famous for his anti-hunting stance, and activists have been attacking hunters in Virginia for years, so of course the dog would be given a history claiming he was a dumped former hunting dog from Virginia.  Another interesting picture was posted.   It featured Whiney Wayne posing with the token dog in front of Bogley’s Ice Cream Shop while he was eating a “vegan mango cone” and giving a shout-out to Bogley’s animal resales outlet.  Yes, if you too have critical thinking skills like I do, you were probably wondering how on earth an animal rights extremist could own an ice cream shop since these activists are 100% opposed to ice cream.   Well you got your answer.  Bogley serves vegan ice cream.  

Thanks to the bloated federal government taking over our lives, the era of the Gauleiter is here.  Are you going to be a Good German and willingly give up your liberty and rights?  Or are you going to follow the example of Captain von Trapp and say, “I will never serve the Nazi’s.  I would rather give up my beloved Austrian home than serve evil.”    The choice is yours.   The lives of your animals depend upon the choice you make.  Choose carefully. 

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