Sunday, June 15, 2014

Prince William County's Terrorism Problem Deepens

In my previous article on the destruction of a World Champion Tibetan Terrier dog breeder by animal rights extremists, I followed the money trail and proved that a fake new “humane society” was fundraising off of this situation when apparently they didn't have custody of the dogs. The supporters of this new group appear to be 100% anti-dog breeder like this human hating woman below.

Several posters to the story commented that the dogs appeared to be perfectly fine. Happy, healthy, in good weight, and very social and outgoing.  They weren't sick, they weren't injured, and there is no appearance of abuse at all.  Why were they stolen from their owner under Virginia's horrific civil asset forfeiture law for animals?

This brain-dead commenter came out of the wood work to redirect the conversation, because you know, if the 'authorities' say it's true, then it must be.  Right?

If the dogs aren't sick, then why is the owner being charged with animal cruelty? What basic care wasn't she able to do? And why couldn't this 'humane' society help her out with that basic care if it was needed?   The dogs in the video showing the “cruel conditions” are in excellent condition with no illnesses, sores, or injuries. In fact, the commenter’s to the story go on to post that the dogs couldn't walk, a charge that they also made against me. But miraculously, after a “nail trimming” they all suddenly learned how to walk. That must be the same thing as the “magic bath” that so many of them undergo. You know that magic bath that immediately cures them of the cruel treatment of their former owner and makes them readily available for sale to a new owner.  I wonder why chop shops never thought of this one.  Just give that stolen car a bath and it magically becomes your property and ready for resale.  Runs fine!  Only been stolen once! 

 In this case, that “magic nail trimming” taught them how to walk. In my case, they couldn't walk because every single one of my poodles refused to go with their captors. They recognized the evil that was around them and soundly refused to go with these human hating zealots. They had to be dragged and carried away because they refused to leave my home and the only love they had ever known to be carried away by evil.  If given a choice, would you willingly walk to the boxcar or would you refuse?

Speaking of money, the Prince William County Humane Society Facebook page has multiple requests to go to the Fox news story and their website to "donate" money to care for these poor dogs (while they continue to delete any detractors who post on their page). What they don't tell you is that they don't have custody of these dogs. They want to you give them your cash, but they don't have the dogs. Its nothing more than rescue scam.

Because these zealots were not getting the overwhelming love and support they expected (let alone mountains of cashola they expect to gain from this illegal theft of property), this one chimes in with some nice emotional redirection.

Peggy needs to put down the Kool-aid and listen to the sound of Whiny Wayne scream as he has to cut that check for almost $16 million to the Ringling Bros circus to settle claims of money laundering, witness tampering, bribery, wire fraud, and others.  Who's defaming who?  HSUS has admitted that they lied about Ringling's elephants.

Another interesting tidbit comes to light.  The two McCracken women posting in support of the Tibetan theft here in 2014, admit that they took part in the theft of my dogs back in 2010.  

You bet they made a financial killing.  I've read their tax returns.  They are building a brand new $3 million dollar private animal resale warehouse out of the money they made.  

Funny, how her daughter who helps in these 'rescues' has a standard poodle named Tony who just died. I wonder how many of my stolen standard poodles she owns now.   Or was "Tony" one of my poodles?  My beloved Wulfie would be about 12 now.  Did she rename him Tony?  Just where did she get "Tony" from in the first place?   Even chop shop owners aren't this bold.  Where is the FBI?   Why aren't they investigating and prosecuting these obvious violations of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act?

You can read that book "full of lies" that details what Pam McCracken and her pals did to me here.  Ignore the pile of negative reviews from the animal rights terrorists determined to make sure you don't hear the truth and decide for yourself what is real and what isn't.  

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