Thursday, June 12, 2014

Virginia continues to lead the way in Animal Rights Terrorism

As I am working to finish up final page layout and cover design for my next book on animal rights terrorism, they struck again. In Prince William County, just over the county line from me, animal rights freaks seized 32 Tibetan Terriers from a top World Champion breeder. 

 Seized. Altered. Destroyed. 

Last year the American Kennel Club only registered 700 Tibetans. That’s it. Furthermore, since 2005, the United States has had a population implosion of pet animals. More dogs die per year than are born. “Overpopulation” is a giant myth perpetuated by the animal rights front. They don’t want you to know that they are systematically destroying Americas dogs one breeder at a time until there are none. Tibetans just lost 32 more on their way to destruction.  If you want a Tibetan, you'd better buy one now.  There might not be anymore in 10 years.

The biased media was happy to report the extremist’s point of view verbatim without question and slander the owner and breeder of these dogs. But I ask you, do these beautiful dogs look “abused” to you? I watched the video of the “abused” dogs. They were bouncing, jumping, and filled with happiness and joy. They were delighted to mug for the camera as you can see in the shot below. Their coats were white and clean (though criminally shaved down). Not one single bone is showing, not a rib is showing, they are all in good weight, and not one single “injury” is showing. Where is the abuse?  What makes these dogs "abused?"  Is it simply because they were owned a dog breeder and extremists want them eliminated?  What defines what is abuse of a dog?  Under Virginia law, abuse is whatever the extremists make up.  As I covered in my book, Staring the Dragon in the Eye, Virginians have been convicted of animal abuse for failing to brush their dogs teeth.  

"In my experience, these were some of the worst I've ever seen,” says Lori Leary, president of the Prince William County Humane Society.

Really?  I suggest that Lori Leary needs to get out more and stop drinking the Animal Rights Kool-Aid. Nothing about these dogs looks “abused” to me.  Look at how happy and personable they look.  Abused dogs would not look like that.  Furthermore, why is this reporter interviewing Lori Leary anyway?  Lori Leary does not have custody of these dogs.  In a court of law, a proper court of law, Lori Leary should have no involvement in this situation at all.  She's not a law officer and has no authority to make any sort of judgement about this case.  She's nothing more than a private vigilante who doesn't think dog breeders have a right to exist. 

The "Humane Society" in this article is simply shilling for cash in the largely unregulated and highly profitable “rescue mill” industry. I checked Guidestar and this humane society has only been in existence since 2006 and has not made their tax returns available to the public as required by law.  Nor do they disclose anything on their website about who is behind this outfit.  Apparently the public is just supposed to trust this fancy anonymous slick website calling itself the important sounding, Prince William Humane Society, and send them cash.  

Even more interesting, their website claims they have only existed since 2012. Which is it? Are they 2 years old or 8 years old? Read the fine print on their website as they describe what they are: “A new non-profit organization was organized with the express purpose of promoting animal welfare to the homeless pets located in Prince William County, VA. This goal will be accomplished by advocating for the homeless animals, promoting adoption programs, providing financial assistance when possible and elevating public awareness.”  Check out them apples.

In other words, they don’t house or care for any animals.  They don't do any of the hard work that a breeder does when they are taking care of their animals.  They don't do any of the work they are slandering this dog owner for.  They just want your money out of your pocket and into theirs and they say they will use it to “promote animal welfare” and "elevate public awareness."  Why can’t I promote animal welfare and public awareness with the cash in my pocket? Why does it have to be in their pocket to work?

Here’s another news flash…. Even though they have at least three “donate” buttons on their website and are shilling for cash in this news article, they don’t have custody of these dogs.   In another name confusion, this brand new “humane society” is not to be confused with the Prince William SPCA. That is another private entity in the county with a similar name who does have their tax returns on Guidestar. The SPCA takes in more in profit every year than they spend. They don’t need your donations either.

But again, who has custody of these animals? According to the media, the COUNTY has been given custody of the animals. So why again should anyone donate a dime to this new fake humane society? The county runs their own animal shelter.  Taxpayers are already paying for the upkeep of the animal shelter and the care of these animals out of their taxes, so why should this "humane society" get one single dime?

Funny enough, this humane society in name only brags on their website about how the Prince William Animal Shelter has made amazing progress in the past three years in “improving both the living conditions at the facility and the care and treatment of the adoptable animals in their care.” Really? If the Prince William County Animal Shelter was providing substandard care to their animals and had inappropriate living conditions, then what justifies the County in seizing this breeders’ dogs?

To add to the circle jerk, lets play the Seven Degrees of HSUS Separation game, a "Peggy Bowers" came out hot and heavy to support the destruction of this dog breeder in the comments section on the Fox story. Peggy Bowers is a anti-breeder animal rights activist who supports the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.  This rescue is one of the top hard hitting sales producers in the area.  In other words, they traffic in a whole lot of product.  A whole lot of highly profitable product.  They take in a million and a half in revenue per year, well more than they spend on caring for the animals they are reselling for profit.  They don't need your money either.  

The Lost Dog Foundation is important because they are the sales outlet that Wayne Pacelle, the number one HSUS animal rights extremist in America today, got his fake rescued Beagle from.  You know, the same Wayne Pacelle, who just had to cut a check for almost $16 million dollars to settle a lawsuit claiming that HSUS and others were involved in money laundering, bribery, obstruction of justice, and all that jazz.  
Follow the money and you will always find the truth in any situation. 

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