Thursday, July 3, 2014

Virginia Sheriff Invites Dirtbag Vigilante to Raid Citizen

Sheriff John B. Thomas of Page County has violated the Virginia and United States Constitutions, and the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act by inviting in a dirtbag animal rights activist into Page County, Virginia to raid a local citizen. Scotlund Haisey of the “Animal Rescue Corps” has never graduated high school and has no demonstrated education in animals or the law, yet he runs his own private SWAT Team stealing animals away from Americans for profit. What part of that is right or legal? 

Scotlund Haisley is featured in my upcoming book, The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, for his illegal raids of pet breeders nationwide. Haisley is currently defending against a $5 million dollar lawsuit in South Dakota for his illegal raid of a dog breeder. This is just one article on his illegal raid activities and impersonation of law enforcement. In the South Dakota lawsuit it came out that Haisley likes to conduct raids for the thrills and kicks but also because it gets him better lap dances from strippers. Just what kind of company does the Page County Sheriff like to keep? Haisley was also accused of stealing two horses in Iowa. Getting better lap dances from strippers has nothing to do with proper care of animals. 

According to this article in the Daily News-Record, Haisley conducted this raid in Page County Virginia, yet he has no law enforcement authority, no education in evidence collection or the law, and is so uneducated he didn't learn to read until he was 16. Why did the Page County Sheriff allow an out of state private vigilante to conduct a law enforcement raid? In the article on his Virginia raid, Haisley said, "A lot of suffering ended here today."

You might think that is a GOOD thing, until you know the outcome of his raid of Lasandra Walter of Tennessee. Haisley raided her and stole all of her valuable exotic birds. He described her raid as, "These are the worst conditions for birds I've ever seen," except for the fact that he has no education in proper bird care to be making that statement. One of Haisley’s raid members was Beth Lindenau who runs The Bailey Foundation out of Maryland. The world exploded in horror when 40 dead animals were later found at Beth Lindenau’s house in Columbia, Maryland. There were 40 dead animals in cages and another 19 dead animals in the freezer. Electricity, heat, and water had been turned off and Lindenau walked away from the townhouse and was living elsewhere. She didn't give a damn about those animals. Some of those dead animals were probably the ones stolen from Lasandra Walters. Just how are they better off now? The birds owned by Lasandra Walter, an elderly cancer patient, were alive and well under her care. Under Haisley’s pals care, animals DIE. 

Lest you think I’m exaggerating about this case and point out that in the Page County Raid, the "state veterinarian" deemed the conditions deplorable, you should know that the Virginia State Veterinarians office was infiltrated by animal rights activists a long time ago. I discussed the infiltration of the Virginia State Veterinarians’ office by animal rights kooks in my last book, Staring the Dragon in the Eye: The Hidden Victims of Animal Extremists

What I want to know is, where are the actual licensed and educated animal professionals in the Page County Raid? Where are the actual professional law enforcement officers upholding the law? If conditions were so bad that they justified a raid of a private citizen, where is the professionalism on the part of the Sheriff's Office in conducting this case? Why did he have to go out of state to get a private vigilante team run by a man with a history of lawsuits to conduct the raid? 

It’s about time that Virginia citizens rise up and demand that their elected Sheriff’s obey the law and defend the Constitution before they come for your animals. Out of state vigilantes have no business conducting raids and seizures of Virginia property.

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