Friday, July 4, 2014

Does a Virginia Sheriff Hang Out with Strippers?

Dear Virginia Legislators,

Happy "Independence" Day 2014!  I say that in quotes because Virginians have no independence.  Today we live under tyranny.  

In 2008, the Virginia state legislature passed an unconstitutional civil asset forfeiture law for animals.   Were you one of the ones that violated the United States and Virginia constitutions? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself. Thanks to your efforts, animal rights terrorists are operating state wide seizing and destroying animals and their owners lives, for ideology and profit. The sponsor of that illegal bill famously stated that "we have to pass it to see how it will be implemented." My, my how familiar those words ring. Perhaps it is because Nancy Pelosi copied them just a few years later.

Over the Fourth of July weekend while Americans everywhere celebrated Independence Day and LIBERTY, a Virginian lost their liberty.  As a member of the Virginia legislature, you are to blame. You brought about this situation when you passed a law stripping all Virginians of their constitutional rights to property.    In Page County during the Independence Holiday, Sheriff John B. Thomas, turned over the powers of his office to an out of state animal rights vigilante from the "Animal Rescue Corps."    This group, known as ARC, claims they "save" animals.   What they really do is conduct terrorism raids for profit. ARC does not operate an animal shelter.  They have no facilities.  They are simply a group of adrenaline junkies, led by a high school dropout, and backed by Hollywood money. They raid people for fun and kicks and because it gets their leader, Scotlund Haisley, better lap dances with strippers. Why is Sheriff Thomas hanging out with a man that destroys American lives just so he can get premier stripper services?

The Animal Rescue Corps is founded out of Fairfax, California, though they operate out of a east coast base in Washington, DC.   Crossing state lines into the Commonwealth of Virginia to conduct an animal raid is a violation of the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, no matter if Sheriff John "I hang with stripper's pals" Thomas invited them in or not.   As of 2012, Scotlund Haisley pays himself over $98,000 to lead these raids.  I wonder how much he's raking in today here in 2014?   The animals that Haisley steals are usually turned over to his pals who resell them through their non-profits while Haisley simply rakes in the profits from the raid itself and preens for the camera.  Back in the old fashioned crime days, these people were usually called "fences."  Today they are celebrated and lauded.  

This turn of events isn't surprising given how Sheriff Thomas is padding his office's budget with grants  and "equitable sharing" from the federal Civil Asset Forfeiture Fund and a grant from the USDA to buy two new patrol cars.   You may wonder why the USDA, the Department of Agriculture is funding law enforcement nationwide when that's not their job or mission.   It comes as no surprise to me, since this agency is already buying sub-machine guns to go after that felonious lettuce menacing our nation.    

But back to that federal asset forfeiture.  Sheriff John Thomas wrote a Memorandum of Understanding regarding these new federal asset forfeiture funds on December 13, 2013.  He stated, "There are no local tax dollars so there is no fiscal impact other than a potential General Fund savings to taxpayers."   Nice redirection.  He's right, these aren't "local tax dollars."  Instead, they consist of money taken away from taxpayers in other jurisdictions.  Not nice.  Not nice at all.  Money taken from "local" tax payers is also put into this federal fund and distributed across the nation to local law enforcement to ramp up their militarization.  But what does he want this money for?  Besides a brand new firing range, he wants new equipment for his sniper team.   Sniper team?   Why does Page County have a sniper team?  Have you seen Page County lately?   Page County is a depopulated back waters mountainous county with only 24,000 residents.  What the hell does the Sheriff need a sniper team for?   Are they hunting deer for him?  

This Independence Day, I demand that Sheriff Thomas and his animal rights pals respect American liberty, the rule of law, and due process for all.  Put down the guns, stop the militarization, and defund that sniper team.  You don't need it.  

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