Friday, January 16, 2015

Me Thinks Someone in Accomack Doeth Protest Too Much

Just over 24 hours ago I wrote an article about a case of vigilantism in Accomack County, Virginia.  A case in which a group of animal rights extremists were caught stealing a dog out of a yard.  The article was cross posted to a Facebook page that is run in support of a dog that was stolen and killed by PETA supporters.  

You'd think that would be a favorable audience but it turns out that the Facebook page is heavily watched by animal rights activists and boy were they pissed.  They were furious at my original article and came out swinging to defend the poor innocents I had allegedly attacked.  I won't even go into the side-bar fallacy of "vegan shoes."  As if stuffing our landfills with plastic for the next 100 years is some how good for the planet. 

Now lets keep some names straight in this situation.  The people involved in the elderly man's raid which I briefly mentioned in my article were as listed below:  Kathleen Cuce posted and said her sister Kristina Cuce was involved, so were "Shocky" Boyajian, Susan Maizel, Bettina Cuce' Rodriguez, and Debra K. Gordon.  Again, I wasn't there but I'm going off what they are posting on the internet about their own activities.   You know what?  I'm going to take them at their word. 

To rephrase my first article, the Sheriff stated that it was some of the people at this elderly man's raid who were involved in a second incident in which someone stole a dog out of a yard.   When my article was posted, immediately the pitchforks came out and I was attacked by a circle of vitriolic people. The posts were whinny foot stomping petulant temper-tantrum throwing in feel.  I was highly amused.  Check out this one from "Motley Mutts." 

Now the point of my article was the stolen dog.  It was not the raid of the elderly man.  But these people are attacking me and focusing on side issues to redirect attention away from the present whereabouts of the stolen dog.  A completely separate issue.   So is Motley Mutts admitting that they knew where the stolen dog was?  And potentially the dog was on public property so that justifies the theft?  Just what is Adam Mayo trying to say here?    In fact the attacks continued with two posters trying to slander my name and another posted the following about me: 

Thanks Jennifer!  You had me chuckling for hours.  Yes it is true, I have 30 negative reviews on my first book about animal rights extremists.  You got me there.   But what you aren't saying is... those 30 negative reviews are from animal rights wack-jobs trying to keep people from reading my work about them.   Not one of those people actually bought a book and was then saying they didn't like it.  But let's get back to the subject at hand, namely the STOLEN DOG.  

Now I wondered who are these people attacking me so much over reporting on a stolen dog.  Besides Mr. Motley Mutts, a Susan Maizel just doesn't want to give up.  But wait.  Motley Mutts isn't done.  He objects to the term "pet thief" and he prefers the term "neglected animal liberator."  How about we just call it Larceny?  After all that's what the Sheriff calls it. 

In fact, his best friend, Bettina Cuce' Rodriguez says she doesn't like how the Sheriff runs animal control.   Because making her career as an "event planner" means she has so much experience to make that judgement, right? 

So just who is Motley Mutts?  I mean if we are going to get off in side issues lets explore those weeds.  Motley Mutts is the name of a business owned by Adam Mayo.  A dog washing business.  A business that has some negative reviews from people accusing him of running a stinky business, an employee twerking the customers, and then there's the missing Chihuahua.  Yeah, they just lost a "client."  He is also the head of a pie in the sky rescue by the name of Wags for Warriors along with his best friend, Bettina Cuce' Rodriguez.

So what is Wags for Warriors? Their stated goal is to provide service dogs to veterans. Sounds great right? But to get this they are going to "adopt puppies and young dogs." Ah, that’s not how you get a service dog. Service dogs are specially bred for certain characteristics and temperament qualities. A few shelter dogs can learn to be a service dog but not many of them.  Most flunk service dog training.  He states, "All dogs will be provided by shelters, rescue organizations, and the SPCA." Again, most of these dogs will not become good service dogs.  He also wants to have a staff of trainers knowledgeable in various dog breeds.  Again, most dogs in shelters are mutts, not breeds.  But in the meantime while he's working on training them, he'll be living off the money that clueless members of the public send him.  In other words, he has hitched his wagon to the #RetailRescue train and is looking to cash in.  For those not familiar with Retail Rescue, let me give you one hint.  The animal "rescue" field is coining new millionaires like Warren Buffet makes stock dividends.

Now his goal is…. To build a "state of the art facility."   With the money you give him, he will, "acquire property with a care takers house on site to be occupied by the head care taker." IE: Him. He also wants to build a second house on the property he buys with the money you give him.  Plus he wants a stable.  What a nice racket.  I wish people would give me enough money to buy land, build two houses, and hell all I have to do is provide some dogs to be service animals?  Hell I already did that as a purebred dog breeder.  That's what WE do.  And no one gifts us with land and houses when we do it or has big fundraisers for us.  He also has trucks and T-shirts.

Then comes the awesome news that Sheriff Godwin has started making a round of arrests in the stolen dog case.  The first arrested was Charlene S. Boyajian, who was charged with larceny of a dog.  I wonder what relation she is to: "Shocky" Boyajian?  Or are they the same woman?  Next to hit the slammer was Bettina Cuce' Rodriguez.   The Sheriff also has an outstanding warrant for Gordon Shell.  Gordon Shell is an animal rights activist and publicity hound from Michigan that drove down to Virginia with the goal of helping Motley Mutts with the situation involving the elderly man raided.  Whether or not he and his accomplices had pre-planned the dog theft is a matter for Sheriff Godwin.  

Bringing that circle jerk of activists right back around, Gordon Shell is shilling for Wags for Warriors on his Facebook page.

I'm guessing that Bettina Cuce' Rodriguez is really not liking how the Sheriff runs things right about now.   As for Adam Mayo not liking the term "pet thief" how about criminal?  Like that better?

The real question is, where is the stolen dog?  And just how much money has Wags for Warriors pulled in to put in Rodriguez and Mayo's pockets?  Inquiring minds would like to know. 

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