Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bring on the Pitchforks!

It's been a wild ride the past few days. All across America, young adults raised on Walt Disney with no real animal training have been engaging in what they call "rescuing" animals. The rest of us call them thieves. Then you have the professionals, the multi-million dollar organizations doing the same thing but on a larger scale. I covered both in the last few articles I've written. And boy did I step on some vegan toes! I say, let the Haters Hate.

Yet again this morning, another case of dog theft crossed my desk. This time in Tacoma, Washington. I spoke just yesterday about how we have lost our way as a Nation. We no longer care about the people around us. We make snap judgments based upon our Walt Disney feelings and don't bother to find out the truth.  No one bothers to nicely ask the owners about their animals.  No one bothers to find out the situation.  No one bothers to understand that quite frankly most of the time it is simply none of your business.

In Tacoma, Washington as is being done all over Facebook today someone posted an exploitative photo and a property address and banged the drum of "animal abuse." Then a group of ignorant do-gooders with a full cup of Walt Disney Kool-aid ran to the rescue to steal the dog.  They then rush out to proclaim that they didn't steal an animal, nope! They "saved it!"

No, you are a thief.

Take the case of a dog in Tacoma, Washington. A group of do-gooders stole a dog they thought was being "neglected and abused."  They don't know this for certain.  They never bothered to find out who owns the dog, what's their situation, and what's going on with their animal.  They simply stole it and then dumped it at the local Humane Society. They didn't even have the balls to pay for the dog's care themselves.

"The dog was clearly starving and in really bad shape so we got a group of us and go over there," Autumn Niesz-Ramos said, who admitted to taking Kiki.

Autumn Niesz-Ramos is a thief. There I said it. She took personal property that belonged to someone else and then she dumped it. Other do-gooders such as a Melissa Burks chimed in to say the dog was weak, emaciated, and shaking and stated she would "do this again in a heartbeat." She further stated that she had seen photos and an address of the property on Facebook and then she said "we" teamed up to go and get the dog. A dog that was not her dog. That is stealing.  And these do-gooders cared so much they didn't even bother to bring the dog to the vet themselves, they just dumped at a local shelter.  Some care.  Some concern. Some compassion they showed there.  Then there's this woman. 

Turns out these ignorant do-gooders were right about the condition of the dog but wrong about the reason. The activists claim the dog was neglected and abused.

The family of the dog owner says not so fast.

Turns out the dog is not neglected and has not been abused. The dog is simply dying. The dog is dying because the dog is at the end of her life. We all die. You can't escape that. A woman calling herself the granddaughter of the owner stepped forward to state that the dog has been to the veterinarian and the dog is going to die. The veterinarian has given the dog some medication for whatever is wrong with her but in fact it is simply no longer working and the dog is going to die. That is not neglect, that is not abuse. That is the cycle of life. Dogs do die. You can wring your hands all you want but that doesn't change nature.  

The only real problem in this situation is that the owner is elderly and can't face the loss of his dog. He should have the dog put down but the family says he just can't because he wants to be with his dog. That is love not abuse.  Have some compassion for this poor man who can't bear the loss of his dog.  Have some empathy.  Yes the dog should be put down to end her suffering, but I can understand her owner's feelings.

Even then with more information the activists just won't give up. They have peppered the media with comments about how the dog can be saved from death if it's just given food. It can be saved if someone just helps.  Surely then if someone acts, the dog can be saved.

No it can't.  

I covered a story very similar in my recent book:  The Art of Terror:  Inside the Animal Rights Movement.  A story about how a veterinarian gave a family the worse news possible.  Their dog was dying of kidney failure.  The family asked to take the dog home and simply spend a last few days saying goodbye to their beloved dog.   Instead do-gooders took a picture of their dog when it was outside, posted it on Facebook with claims of "abuse" and called Animal Control.  Animal control showed up, seized the dog, brought it to the hospital and had it killed.   Their beloved dog died alone and terrified taken away from the only family it had ever known.   All because of meddling do-gooders who thought they knew better and didn't bother to ASK the family why their dog was in the condition it was.   The family receive death threats because of the fraudulent Facebook postings and eventually the Police Department was forced to issue a statement saying NO ABUSE had taken place.   

Death happens.  It is going to happen to all of us.  Stop meddling in other people's lives.  Stop stealing their dogs!

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