Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Details coming out of Ohio continue to Horrify the World

Every day more details are coming out about the horrific and illegal raid of the Tiger Ridge animal sanctuary in Ohio.  This isn't the first time I've covered this story but the details just continue to get worse.   You can read my first story on Tiger Ridge:  Ohio Department of Agriculture commits Animal Cruelty here.  Followed by:  Musings on Government Sanctioned Animal Abuse here.   After all the world wide publicity this case has generated you'd think the bureaucrats of the Ohio Department of Agriculture would get their acts together.  You'd think so.  You'd be wrong. 

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) continues to commit animal abuse on the tax payer dime even with the scrutiny of the world upon them. When will Ohioans say enough is enough? When will Ohioans rise up and take their government back?  A recent court released set of photos and the testimony of a fired whistle-blower shows what I've been saying all along. No bureaucrat with a clipboard will ever take better care of an animal than its private owner. Government by its very nature is out of touch, ignorant, and staffed by the lowest common denominators. The people who couldn't get jobs anywhere else. People who wouldn't be qualified to ask me "do you want fries with that?" at McDonald's are the people you find holding cushy bureaucrat jobs. People like this clown, David Hunt.

Court released photo of Leo in the Reynoldsburg Prison

The photos released in court show that Kenny Hetrick's animals are starving and being held in concrete prison cells. They have no food, no water, no toys, no enrichment, no bedding, and no access to the outdoors. The animals went from a pampered life of ease at Kenny's to a life of hell at state hands. 

Leo and his owner Kenny in better days

In addition, a whistle-blower has come forward to testify that these bumbling incompetents didn't correctly tranquilize Kenny's stolen cougar named Cindy and injured her while transporting her to their prison. The witness has testified that, "She was awake and fighting for her life." He should know, he was there. He was at the scene of the illegal state raid of Tiger Ridge. He went on to testify  that she was transported to Ohio's state prison for animals in a small metal box with sharp exposed insides. He testified, "We got back to the Department of Agriculture, there was pretty much blood everywhere in the cage and raw bits of flesh from her nose and her paws, so that was something I had to deal with in the next few days." He went on to say, "I would go in and clean her cage every day and hose out the blood that was all over the walls and the tracks of blood all over the enclosure from her pads being raw." He was fired by ODA for "performance issues" after stepping forward to testify to the animal abuse being committed by ODA bureacrats. What performance issues? Wasn't he cruel enough to the animals to satisfy them? 

This is Kenny with Leo the Lion

Every bureaucrat in charge of the Reynoldsburg facility needs to be arrested and charged with animal cruelty.  Is there any Sheriff in Ohio with the balls to do this?  The ODA of course claims that it is simply a "disgruntled" employee who was fired for "performance issues" that is to blame for all of this. Typical government. Fire the whistle-blower and blame everything on them. Of course the person stating this is proven liar, Erica Hawkins, the ODA spokesperson. She blithely dismisses the blood and gore as an "overblown exaggeration." As if.

If that wasn't bad enough, now the news has broke that ODA has killed Leo the Lion.   Leo is now dead.  They whine that they had no choice because he had trouble moving around and refused to eat. You don't say? Maybe he had trouble moving around because you took him from his grass lined enclosure and stored him on concrete! Any elderly animal with arthritis would have trouble in this situation. And maybe he refused to eat because his heart was broken after being ripped away from the only home and love he'd ever known to be stored in a concrete cell to satisfy some heartless bureaucrat. Is anyone with any brains surprised that he was refusing to eat?   Animals do not have the capacity to understand why they have been ripped away from those they love.  ODA claims it was all Tiger Ridge's fault and that he was in rough shape when he arrived. Do we really believe that? ODA has already been proven to be full of corrupt liars. 

This stunning Lion was killed by the ODA

Now that Leo is dead, ODA refuses to return his body to be buried at Tiger Ridge. They claim they are conducting an autopsy and that's why they can't return his body, ever.  Wanna bet the ignorant corrupt and callous brown shirts at ODA try to press charges against Tiger Ridge for animal abuse once they get the autopsy results back? After all, it's no one's word but theirs what was wrong with Leo. Now he's dead and they control the story.

If the Ohio Department of Agriculture can get away with this, what is to stop the government from coming after you?  As I covered in my recent book, The Art of Terror:  Inside the Animal Rights Movement, stories like Tiger Ridge are happening all across America, right here, right now.  When will you stand up and say no more?  When will you fight back?  Don't let Leo have died in vain.  

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