Friday, May 1, 2015

Cleveland Outlaws the All American Dog

Breeder that is.

Yes, its true, Cleveland Councilman Matt Zone is proud to admit that he personally authored a new zoning ordinance that makes it illegal to ever breed a dog in the comfort of your own home. No artisan home hobby bred puppies for you!   Under the new zoning ordinance, dogs may only be bred in retail establishment zones. Pet shops in other words. But all across America, pet shops are being outlawed everywhere under the false flag that they supposedly sell puppy mill dogs and nothing else.

Guess what that means? If pet shops are outlawed and home hobby breeders are outlawed, Cleveland has just basically outlawed dogs. There is no where else you can legally buy a dog now except from an animal shelter or rescue.

Guess where those dogs come from?   Yeah, the same Retail Rescue people that brought Asian dog flu into the United States recently which has killed American dogs in at least two states.  

You have to wonder just where is Cleveland located?  After all, I thought it was in Ohio, part of the United States of America.   Private property rights are enshrined in our Constitution.  But apparently Cleveland is actually located in Soviet Russia or Communist China, where dogs are shot on sight and breeders thrown in the Gulag.  

And just why does Matt Zone hate puppies so much?   Did a puppy eat his shoe as a child?  Did a dog bite him as a teenager?  It shouldn't surprise you to find out that Zone is a second generation eco-freak politician promoting Statist United Nations Agenda 21 policies.  After all, Agenda 21 calls for the removal of both humans and animals from this planet to "save the earth."  The only real job this guy has ever held was being a bailiff.   Like that gives him one ounce of experience in dog breeding?  

It took a lot of searching to find out where Matt "I hate Puppies" Zone had hidden his zoning amendment. Being the detective I am, I found it. Under the Cleveland Ordinances:  Title VII: Zoning Code, Chapter 325 it says that any place, any place in existence that a dog is bred "for any gain" is a kennel. Your bedroom is a kennel. Your kitchen is a kennel. To the statists of Cleveland, under your porch is a kennel. Any location that any dog may have puppies that you charge absolutely anything for, is a kennel.   If a stray dog whelps a litter under your porch and you charge $50 for the puppies to place them, you are a kennel.

Now take that a step further, follow me along here. In Title VII, Chapter 337, Residential Districts, an animal kennel is a prohibited use of a residential district. (337.081 (d)(4))  There's your gotcha.  No breeding of any dog in any residential district.  

It gets better.  Anti-dog groups like the animal rights group calling itself the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), offer $5,000 bounties to anyone who turns in a dog breeder.  Remember this guy?

Hitler would be so proud of America today.  

I got bad news for Matt Zone. Ohio falls under the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. In, O’Neill v. Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government, the Court ruled in 2011 that a private residential home has never been and never will be a kennel. Forever and ever, amen.  The bright line of the Fourth Amendment applies to your home and no locality may outlaw dog breeding based upon some sort of arbitrary "kennel" definition.   The Sixth Circuit Court stated that the primary purpose of the building determines its classification, not the primary purpose of any dog contained within it.  A residential home is just that.  Your home.  

Now of course the anti-dog animal rights faction will encourage the targeting of those people who don't have the money to take Cleveland to Federal court over their anti-dog laws but for those that do, the court has already ruled for you.  Take advantage of it.

This is what happens when people fail to pay attention to their government. Sure you might hate politics, don't we all?  But if you don't get involved, you get the government you don't want given to you at gun point. I suggest Ohio residents start with Zone and throw this bum out of office. Make this dog hater get a real job for once. 

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