Thursday, June 11, 2015

Finding Animal Rights Terrorist Ideals in the Strangest Places

You know its funny but you can find animal rights terrorist ideals infiltrating America in the funniest places. For example, I recently had a run in on a Facebook group called The DC Libertarian Social Circle. They are mostly a bunch of young college aged kids, and a handful of Cato Institute employees, who are interested in and love the free market when it benefits them, and until you question their actions. Then they turn on you and attack your reputation using propaganda they got from the terrorist front. How very libertarian of them. It started off here.

I responded to the thread by asking some deep questions starting with these to get these little hothouse flowers thinking.

The conversation quickly degenerated as Nena let go with a few more nuggets of information on the dog she's dumping on a new home, 'er fostering.   Such as this one:

I questioned how the dog "showed up."  Dogs are not magically transported to your front doorstep by the Dog Fairy.   A stray animal came from somewhere.  It came from someone.   Unless Animal Control was on the news announcing a mass breakout at the local shelter, that dog came from some where.   Just because it showed up on your doorstep does not automatically make it your "private property" any more than finding a wallet in the gutter full of money and credit cards makes it yours.   Unfortunately it is still the private property of someone else.  Not you.  Claiming someone let the dog loose on purpose is making an assumption based upon no stated facts.   And indeed, most Americans do not microchip their pets.  It was nice that "Curt" bothered to check, but that's simply not good enough.  

Oh, this makes all the difference!  The dog was there for four hours!  Surely its Nena's dog now!   But wait, Nena later admits that her friend "Curt" on who's doorstep the dog actually showed up, is in Dallas, Texas.  


Did that sink in?  Let me say that again.  Texas.   This is The DC Libertarian Social Circle.   Washington, DC.    That's 1,330 miles away.  How the bloody hell did this stray dog get from Texas to Washington, DC?   I don't know.  Nena won't say other than "she" has had this dog for over 30 days.  God only knows how long "Curt" had the dog.   Because I questioned their actions, instead of posting more information as I asked and thinking about the issues I raised, various posters then attacked my reputation and used an animal rights terrorist's slanderous allegations that I am an animal abuser against me instead of counter arguing my points.   As I point out frequently, there is rampant theft and fraud in what is known as the Retail Rescue trade in America.  Pet overpopulation is over and has been for a long time.   You may not like my message, you may not like hearing that you've been had, but attacking me doesn't solve your problem.  You've still been had.  

I provided a counter point to these little elite cupcakes attacking me by showing that I wrote a book on my stolen poodles.   This one.   I followed that up by writing a new book last year called:  The Art of Terror:  Inside the Animal Rights Movement.   But according to these sweet little cupcakes, since hard left progressives claim that I abuse animals, that must be true.  After all, they read it on the Internet.  

As the conversation thread continued, they continued to attack my reputation instead of addressing the issues.  Because as we all know, when you attack the messenger instead of the message, fundamentally deep down, you know your arguments have no leg to stand on.  When you continue to attack a perfect stranger you have never met and slander her reputation using "facts" that you have no basis to know if they are true or not, you are not a libertarian, you are simply a tool.  

I pointed out that by their arguments and attacking me for being a victim of animal rights terrorism, this group of Cato employees and their friends, apparently showed that they had not read a publication of their own employer.

That really got their panties in a twist.   How dare I alleged that valuable show dog kennels are being seized simply because it is a bastardization of "civil asset forfeiture" laws.   Perhaps they aren't aware that another freedom loving constitutional group, the Pacific Legal Foundation, has taken up the cause of a pet store and is defending their right to sell puppies.  The consumer has the right to choose what they will purchase, either it is a second hand mutt from a Retail Rescue organization, or a purebred puppy from a breeder.  
That's what the free market is all about.

Another poster, Manda Moore pointed out that it was "disrespectful" to discuss the dog's race. It's a dog. Dogs do not have races, they have breeds.  Neither are they 'Furkids' a term that is disrespectful to humans.   They are dogs.   Animals.  Manda Moore went on to speculate that perhaps I left my dogs under the stairs like poor little Harry Potter. Turns out, I am a Harry Potter fan. Attacking me because I used to breed Best in Show winning dogs and accusing me of hating "mudbloods" just like Evil Lord Voldemort did in Harry Potter really isn't the best way to win an argument and look like an adult.  After all, as any true Harry Potter fan knows.... Voldemort was a half-breed himself, passing himself off as a pureblood because of blood envy. So there.

Eventually the conversation degenerates into baseless emotion like this one.

My answer is, this one, think about it. I have simply changed a few words.

"If you really cared about liberty, you wouldn't let a baseless (and quite frankly silly) argument about the "legality" of the issue stop someone from enjoying a ride in a beautiful exotic car that they just found in the street." 

This is not a "furkid" as Nena Whitfield called him.   This is a dog.   A piece of private property that belonged to someone else. 

A few voices of sanity and reason did speak up in the thread but they were few and far between. Others simply dragged the conversation off in to the weeds.  Like this chick who took issue with my analogies.

There is no difference under the law.  Dogs are property.  Cars are property.  As such, all have a free market value of some kind.   Granted my Best in Show winning purebred poodle has more value than the mixed breed mutt (though you'd be surprised what rescues are selling them off for these days) that the original poster was palming off on a new home but that's not the point.  The point is, you can't resell someone else's property regardless of its value.   It doesn't matter if its a car or a dog.  You can't resell property that you do not own.  Does Nena legally own this dog?  I don't know.  She didn't give enough details on what "Curt" originally did to attempt to find the dog's legal owner.   What I do know is, this Facebook group has very few actual free thinking libertarians on it.  The vast majority of the posters simply spouted Kool-aid drivel from the left wrapped in pretty "I say I'm a libertarian so I must be" wrapping paper. 

Our country was founded on the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which is founded in private property rights. Finding a stray dog and refusing to make a decent attempt at finding its owner, then shipping the dog from Dallas to Washington, DC to make sure the original owner never finds their dog, is not honoring the ideals of our Nation.   It is not acting responsibly, having common courtesy, or even common decency towards their fellow man.   There very well could be a heartbroken owner in Dallas, Texas desperately searching for their dog.   These so-called libertarians, however, will never know that because they have closed their minds and have no empathy for others.   The dog was a stray, therefore, they think, the owner must not be responsible or ethical.   

Refusing to allow any rational and reasoned discourse on the subject and degenerating into unsupported emotion is also not living up to libertarian ideals.  Attacking me and slandering my reputation using graphic materials from the animal rights terrorism front including pictures from a group in IOWA and claiming that their pictures show my abuse of dogs when I do not and have never lived in Iowa, also does not live up to libertarian ideas.

If you think I am wrong about this issue, show me the facts.   No emotion, no slander, no personal attacks.  Raw hard facts.   Anything else just reflects badly on you, not me.  

The 4th of July holiday is coming up soon.   A holiday in which, traditionally, thousands of dogs across America go missing and run off from their homes after being spooked by fireworks.  Thanks to self-righteous do-gooders like Nena Whitfield and her supporters in this "libertarian" circle, chances are the owners of these dogs will never see their beloved companion again.  It could happen to you.  

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