Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to Win Arguments and Make Friends

Posers always love it when you call them on it. Yesterday I asked a series of simple questions that can be boiled down to this.

Do you legally own this dog? Do you have the legal right to sell it? 

I asked for hard facts not emotion.

In exchange I was meet with this.

Apparently I'm one heart-less bitch for daring to ask if someone has the right to sell off someone else's property.

That's truly winning friends and making a point.

Not sure what that point is though.  Maybe Zuri should run for Congress. Politicians love to run on emotion instead of facts. 

Then of course, Nena has to throw in there a nice little mis-direction.  You see, I questioned whether or not Nena has a legal right to sell off this dog and where it came from.  Instead of answering with more details about how she got custody of it, she just throws a little land mine in there....  Ignore this Katie Chick, She's mentally ill.   My dear, how very progressive of you.

I hate to break it to these sweet little cupcakes, but the animal rights terrorist front already tried that one. They got a Judge to demand that I get a mental health evaluation when they stole my poodles from me. I talked about this in my book, Staring the Dragon in the Eye; The Hidden Victims of Animal Extremists.  You'd already know that if you bothered to listen to me.   Its a standard tactic of progressives.

Turns out, that court appointed psychiatrist issued a report to the court that said I suffer from no mental health issues "What-so-ever."  In fact, he was so pissed at being forced to exam me because of allegations from a terrorist, that he actually used those words.  What. So. Ever.

But go ahead cupcake, keep slandering me because I questioned your ownership of this dog.  That sure makes you are a real live libertarian.  

Then Manda Moore chimed in again, (Hi Manda!), and again started with comments about how I was slandering half-white dogs.   *Scratching head*  You know, I'm not following these brilliant thought processes at all.   You see, one of the other posters posted that my dogs are so abused they are covered in feces, blah, blah, blah.  You know, repeating the animal rights terrorists allegations against me because that makes it true.  After all, he read it on the Internet.  I responded to "Mark" I believe his name was, by remarking that my dogs are winners in the show ring.   In fact, I won a Reserve Best in Show award on a dog that was half-white.   This isn't some Obama-racist comment.  I'm commenting on the fact that the dog had WHITE hairs in his coat.  I'm commenting on the fact that I won a major award in front of hundreds of other exhibitors on a dog that was at least 50% WHITE.  Not white Caucasian because this isn't a human being, but white as in a color.  So obviously my dogs are not covered in feces, now are they?   If they were, they wouldn't be partially WHITE.

It's called common sense.   Manda Moore needs to buy some.  Commenting that my partially white dog won a major award doesn't make me racist or denigrating my dog.  I'm pointing out that the slander alleged against me couldn't possibly be physically true.   Dogs who spend their lives living in feces filled crates are not white and do not win major awards.   Racism has nothing to do with it.  Put down the cup of Kool-aid and think of this logically and with reason.  By talking about my half-white dog in racist terms, you are the one denigrating racism, my dear.  

And these cupcakes think that I'm the one that is mentally ill.   They need to buy a vowel and get a clue.  I still never got my question answered.   Where the hell did this dog come from and does Nena legally own him?   I"m not buying the story that someone who didn't want this dog then turned around and shipped him 1300 miles to give him to someone else who doesn't want him either and now wants to dump him on someone else.   Maybe unicorns fart rainbows in Nena's world but they don't in mine.  

But you know while I was reading the infantile postings of this group of "libertarians" I read something else truly worth while.   The latest article by Matt Walsh in which he was talking about a little cupcake just like Nena and Manda.  He said it best, here.  Because this is pretty much what they did.

And that, is not libertarian.  

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