Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dead Animals Follow PETA Around

There are only two things that the misnamed People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are really good at.  Bamboozling the public and killing animals.   Recently PETA has agreed to pay $49,000 to Wilber Zarate, the owner of Maya, a dog that PETA operatives were recently caught stealing and killing in Virginia.   The complicit mainstream media has gone along with PETA to rewrite Maya’s history by portraying Maya as some sort of unowned stray that they picked up out of the goodness of their heart and then accidently killed.   The media used such words as “unattended” and “unleashed” in their stories to make it look like Maya was some sort of abandoned stray but in fact, PETA stole Maya off her owner’s porch.   Of course she wasn’t leashed, she was at home!   To add insult to injury, PETA tried to give the Zarate family a vegan fruit basket in place of their dead dog.  This isn’t the first time PETA has been caught stealing and killing animals.   Back in 2005, the Piggly Wiggly Dumpster trial in North Carolina was front page news.  

"In 2005, two PETA employees were caught in North Carolina operating a mobile death van.  These activists were driving around collecting up animals to kill inside the van and dumping their bodies behind a Piggly Wiggly grocery store dumpster before heading back home to the Norfolk headquarters.  The two employees, Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook, were caught after police set up surveillance on a dumpster behind a grocery store after regularly finding trash bags filled with the bodies of dead dogs and cats in them."   Staring the Dragon in the Eye:  The Hidden Victims of Animal Extremists.

So much for PETA’s unfortunate accidents.   PETA claimed that Mr. Zarate sued them simply because “no kill” activists encouraged him to do so because they are upset that PETA kills almost every animal they get their hands on.    The complicit media helped them neatly side step the fact they were caught stealing someone’s dog. 

Killing innocent cats and dogs aren’t the only animals that activists harm.  I've written extensively in my book, The Art of Terror:  Inside the Animal Rights Movement about the animal rights infiltration into the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).    As I wrote in my book, their head elephant expert knows nothing about elephants and their horse expert hates horses.   Activists cozy up to government in order to shut down businesses they are ideologically opposed too.   If you want proof, just look at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

In an effort to shut down all of America’s zoos, PETA has sued or threatened to sue one zoo after another.    After targeting the DeYoung Zoo and others, the animal abolitionists from PETA are now targeting Cathy Stearn’s 22-acre Dale City’s Wild Things animal rehabilitation and zoological facility in Florida.   Surprising no one in the animal industry, PETA sent two activists in to work undercover at Wild Things to find abuse of animals.   PETA’s subsequent animal abuse video has caused a social media firestorm among young Americans.   Blogs and petitions wallpaper the Internet claiming Wild Things abuses baby tigers with no proof other than the word of a 20 year old brainwashed high school dropout.   Wild Things has now sued PETA operatives Jenna Jordan and Delena Pennington.   

At the same time, Wild Things is fighting against a PETA/USDA lawsuit.   Of the USDA lawsuit, "On Monday, Stearn's called the USDA lawsuit unfounded and said the agency has piled on violations for minor infractions like having a nail sticking out of a wood plank. They are throwing the book at me," Stearns said. "I have some of the fattest and healthiest tigers people have seen, so tell me I'm doing something wrong."     Wild Things owner Cathy Stearns was forced to do an emergency evacuation of her tigers to save them.   Stearn's 19 tigers were transported to a private zoo in Oklahoma.   Tragically 3 tiger cubs died during the emergency evacuation.   Not willing to give up, the vegan lawyers of PETA convinced a Judge that they are somehow some sort of animal experts and demanded and were given the right to inspect a private business. 

Let that one sink in.  The U.S. Marshalls escorted a vegan extremist group with a sordid history of killing animals into a private business and gave the extremist group protection while these private activists searched through private property.    One of the activists who accompanied PETA on their inspection was Jay Pratt, who spoke at the 2014 USDA anti-exotic animal conference. 

Once Stearns and about 20 Wild Things supporters in shirts reading "PETA kills" moved aside, the group followed PETA experts throughout the two-hour inspection, "making abusive remarks" and doing "everything they could kind of physically getting in our way," said PETA legal counsel Jenni James.
Stearns' husband, Kenneth, and son, Randy, were also armed, "touching their holsters and posturing, following us every step of the way," James said.
The court filing from PETA reads like their typical side show circus.   PETA objects to the fact that the Oklahoma Zoo sedated the tigers to safely remove them from the transport trailer then they claim the unloading was highly stressful to the animals.

Really?   I thought the animals were sedated?   How can they be so highly stressed if they are asleep?  Meanwhile, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, one of PETA’s mobile slaughterhouse vans, euphemistically called the “Community Animal Project” was allegedly spotted in Houston, Texas.   

To prevent animal looting in the aftermath of natural disasters, state legislatures need to pass laws outlawing animals from being exported across state lines by anyone but their owners.   I’ve written extensively in the past about shady rescues that steal animals out of their owner’s backyards and ship them out of state to resell as tornado/hurricane rescues.  Now activists are swooping in to simply kill them on the spot while businesses such as Wild Things struggle to recover from a natural disaster.    

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