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Raging Judge Assaults Walmart Clerk

In the elite playground of the uber-rich, Fauquier Virginia Judge Jeffrey Parker is used to running his courtroom as his own private gulag.   Known for his courtroom outbursts in which he routinely belittles the common people who appear before him, Judge Parker has a history of making up his own law as he goes.   However, at long last, Judge Parker is finally on the receiving end of the legal system that his actions have warped.   On September 5th, Judge Parker was arrested for assaulting a clerk at a Stafford Walmart.   

Judge Parker's Booking Photo. 

Parker claims he found some jewelry in the Walmart parking lot and turned it in to store’s customer service desk.   There he demanded that he be given a receipt for the items so he could claim the property later if the owner wasn’t found.   Finder’s keepers may be a nice saying but it’s not the law.    All property has an owner and belongs to someone.   Whether you find a stray dog or a cheap necklace in a parking lot, they do not belong to you.   As a long time Judge approaching retirement, Parker apparently thinks he’s above the law.    When the clerk told him that store policy would not allow her to give him a receipt for property that was not his, he threw a temper tantrum, reached across the counter and played grab hands with the clerk violent enough to cause pain and then called the police when he didn’t get his way.    As if a lowly paid clerk is responsible for a store’s corporate policies?   When the cops arrived, the situation took a turn that this rage filled Judge wasn’t expecting.

After interviewing other employees who verified that Parker was aggravated, aggressive and had manhandled the clerk.   Parker was taken into custody on an assault and battery charge and released on bond.   He appeared with his attorney Robin Gulick in a preliminary hearing on September 19th to set his trial date. 

Judge Parker has a long outrageous history of screwing over the citizens of Virginia.   Parker is ranked dead last in Virginia as literally the worse Circuit Court judge currently sitting on the bench.   155 of his peers reviewed his job performance and only 56% found that he had any knowledge of the law, only 55% found him faithful to the law, only 54% said he allowed lawyers to properly present their cases in his courtroom.   Last year yet another protest against his appointment to the bench took place in Virginia.

During the House Judicial Panel reviewing Judge Parker's position on December 2, 2016, victims of his bad rulings such as Greg Harrington, Deborah Napier and Valerie Garvey spoke in opposition to his appointment.  Yet once again, crony legislators reappointed him to another term knowing Parker is the literally the worst Judge Virginia has in a state already known for judicial corruption.   

I’ve written extensively in the past about Judge Parker and his rulings against local farmer Martha Boneta.   I've written about Judge Parker's insane rulings taking children from parents that aren't even subject to Virginia's laws.  I wrote about his destruction of the Marterella Winery in my 2015 expose of Fauquier County.  I've written half a dozen articles about Judge Parker and his connection to the animal rights extremist movement.  He appointed local thug Hileary Bogley to her powers and then dismisses lawsuits against her when she’s sued for exceeding her power.

Speaking of the long laundry list of Judge Parker’s victims, shoved under the rug has been the family of murder victim Michele Mueller.  Beaten to death in 2001, she made two dying declarations to the paramedics and a Fauquier County Detective implicating her former boyfriend local sports journalist Christopher Jones in her death.   Prosecutors brought Jones to trial on murder charges claiming he killed Mueller because he wanted sole custody of their son and didn’t want to have to pay child support.   Investigators had painstakingly built a case over 15 months gathering over 100 pieces of evidence including hair fibers, blood samples, and fingerprints besides the victim’s dying declarations all pointing to Jones.   Judge Parker threw the case out and set an accused murderer free.    Who was the lawyer defending Jones in Judge Parker’s courtroom?   Robin Gulick.   A man who calls himself a powerful litigator on his website.  A man who is Judge Parker's own personal attorney.   In the years since her death, no one else has ever been prosecuted for her murder leaving her family and her orphaned son without any closure. 

One of the people testifying against Judge Parker’s appointment at the December 2016 hearing was Valerie Garvey who has the neighbors from hell.   Neighbors who spent year’s illegally stealing timber from her land.   She tried many times to file criminal charges against them for criminal trespass and was shut down by Fauquier’s notoriously corrupt Sheriff’s Department.   Instead, Garvey claims corrupt cops tried to charge her with criminal trespass when she hired a survey company to prove that her neighbors were illegally logging her land.   Finally Valerie Garvey sued Allan and Susan Chacey for illegally trespassing on her land and stealing her trees.    Judge Parker refused to allow a timber expert to testify to the value of the harvested trees.   A tree that has no declared value is not a crime to steal and resell.     Judge Parker in a single move, destroyed Garvey’s entire case and made her a double victim.   

Judge Parker refused to allow a timber expert to testify to the trees value and deliberately undercut her entire case.   In her lawsuit, Garvey asked to be compensatefor all the legal fees that it took to finally stop her neighbor from illegally logging and damaging the road onto her land.  After a 3 day jury trial Garvey was awarded legal fees by the jury but Judge Parker also cut the jury award down by $110,000.

All I can say to Ms. Garvey is Welcome to Fauquier County, literally the most corrupt county in Virginia.    Her case, originally heard in Judge Parker’s courtroom was appealed all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court.    Virginia Supreme Court reversed the jury award due to the lack of timber testimony leaving Valerie Garvey to lose everything.   The Virginia Supreme Court claimed that Virginia law just wasn’t clear even though Virginia Code Code § 55-331 states that if any person, firm or corporation cuts  timber belonging to another, the owner has the right to a summary remedy for recovery of damages.  Section of the Virginia Code § 55-332 then sets out the “[p]rocedure for determination of damage” and the person who stole the timber must pay “any directly associated legal costs incurred.”    You’d think that was clear but Virginia’s corrupt courts bent over backward to find a loophole to say that’s not so.    After all, Parker's son presented the case to the Supreme Court while his Judge father sat in.   No conflict of interest there.  A month after the Court’s ruling, legislation was filed in the 2016 Virginia legislative session to amend this section of law and declare for all time that yes, attorney costs are part of this law.  Unfortunately it came one month too late for Valerie Garvey. 

Another witness who testified against Judge Parker at the legislative hearing was Deborah Napier who said Parker had colluded with local lawyer Lorenzo Bean against her in a case that was heard in Parker’s courtroom.    Bean is yet another Fauquier good ol’ boy with a shady history.   His stack of cards finally came tumbling down when he was arrested in 2014 on six felony counts of embezzlement, one count of money laundering and later two counts of filing false tax returns.   It wasn’t the first time Bean’s been caught with sticky fingers.   The Virginia State Bar disciplined him in 2009 for ‘mishandling’ $60,000 of a client’s money that he had deposited into his own personal bank account.  Bean was finally disbarred in 2015 after admitting the charges against him were true yet at the same time, he managed to weasel out of the actual criminal charges which were dismissed on a technicality five months after he admitted his guilt.

After Parker’s long and notorious judicial career, Fauquier elite continue to protect one of their own.  The Fauquier Times (formerly the Democrat), wrote an editorial that had locals busting out in laughter.

Total impartiality?   Parker is a bully with a pulpit.   In fact, Fauquier County’s judges are ranked as some of the worst in the state.    A county in which the cops, the lawyers and the judges are all in each other’s pockets.  Fauquier protects their own.    A judge is supposed to be fair and impartial.   Judge Parker has a long history of being neither.     In Fauquier, if you have something the power elite want, whether it’s your land, your business, or if you have crossed one of them in any way, they drag you into their corrupt courtrooms and bankrupt you.   

The chance this judge would ever be found guilty of assaulting some poor minimum wage clerk at Walmart is zero.  She should be commended for even trying to defend herself against one of the Fauquier power players.  Surprising no one on Fauquier, the charges against Parker were quietly dropped the minute the media spotlight was off.  

Think about that one. The fact that Parker assaulted the clerk is not in dispute. He was caught on video. Yet the charges were dropped anyway. It gets better.

Just like that, he gets a clean record.  

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