Friday, May 27, 2016

Justice is a Dish best served Cold

Stunning and truly outstanding news has recently come out of Accomack County, Virginia with the announcement that a vegan animal rights extremist and dog thief was finally sentenced to jail for dog theft. It's about time that these criminals are treated right. Bettina Cuce Rodriguez was sentenced to 60 days in jail with 55 days suspended, forcing her to have to serve 5 days in jail. 
It couldn't have happened to a more deserving woman. 

Rodriquez and her extremist pals are part of a circle jerk of disreputable animal rescue operators shilling for your cash to pay their mortgages and dog thieves traveling from as far away as Michigan to hit Virginia's eastern shore and steal dogs out of innocent people's yards.
Vegan shoe sales pimp Rodriquez whined that it was "cold" and she thought the dog was gonna die.  Cry me a little yuppie river honey.   If it goes below 50 degrees these entitled cupcakes break out the mittens and parka.   It's the eastern shore of Virginia.  You just ain't seen cold weather.  REAL cold weather.  Never in a New York minute is this area of the country actually cold.  Really actually COLD.   It's front page news if a single snow flake ever falls in that area.  The stolen dog in question was a pit bull already wearing a fur coat that Mother Nature gave him at birth.  It was just fine.  Rodriquez who works as an "event planner" is not a veterinarian and has no medical degree.  She doesn't have the right to trespass on other people's property and make life or death decisions based upon her Walt Disney view of animals.  She has no education in dogs.   Just because she has "good intentions" is not good enough.  Not nearly good enough.  

But, but, but Rodriquez whined, she complained to animal control and they did nothing.....  They did nothing because there was nothing to do.  The dog was just fine.  It was not dying, it was not starving, it was just fine.  It was Rodriquez with her celebrity beliefs who was bang out of control, not the dog's owner.  

Locals in the area are pretty fed up with yuppies coming from across the Bay to attack them over their pets. The Judge in this case also had had enough. Rodriquez has continuously stonewalled authorizes as to where she dumped the stolen dog other than to say the dog is still alive. If she knows more than a year after the theft, where the dog is, "Rodriguez would not disclose the dog’s whereabouts other than to say he is living with a rescue family and is healthy and happy," then she needs to serve even more jail time.  

Five days is not nearly enough. 

Her crocodile tears to the media are not real true remorse for her actions.    There is no one's word but hers that the dog is still alive.   This is PETA's territory and these activists have a long history of dog theft and death.  I wonder if this entitled little princess is going to sue the jail next if she's not served vegan meals?  Stay tuned.  

Meanwhile, one of the animal rights vigilantes who was involved in this case and also accused of stealing dogs, Chuck Gordon and his wife Debra, have moved to the Winchester area at the opposite end of Virginia.   Residents of that county would be wise to be very wary of any cases of dogs suddenly "missing" out of their yards.  They are more than likely, stolen.  

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