Friday, October 31, 2014

Has the National Sheriffs’ Association embraced terrorism?

You’d think that an illustrious organization like the National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) would be on the side of law and order but apparently not.  Recently an issue of "Deputy and Court Officer" published by the National Sheriffs' Association crossed my desk.  Focused on "animal crimes" the issue is chock full of nothing but ideology masquerading as science as Humane Watch recently put it so eloquently.  

To start off with, the issue features a mind boggling nine mentions of the Animal Welfare Institute, to include two articles written by activists from this organization itself.  Are you kidding me?  The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) recently settled a RICO Act lawsuit brought against it and several other animal rights organizations by the Ringling Bros Circus.  This settlement came about when AWI and several other animal rights organizations lost a long standing animal abuse case against the Circus.  After almost a decade of litigation, the Judge ruled that the entire lawsuit alleging that Ringling Bros was committing elephant abuse was ""frivolous," "vexatious," and "groundless and unreasonable from its inception."" If AWI and their animal rights pals have been proven to lie about Ringling’s treatment of their elephants, just what makes the National Sheriffs' Association think they would tell the truth about any other case of animal cruelty?  In fact, Charity Navigator has issued a Donor Advisory against the Animal Welfare Institute as a result of their RICO Act settlement.

So what exactly is the NSA? It’s really a lobbyist organization for LEO’s nationwide. Now the NSA says on their website that part of their goals are to assist the "Sheriffs of this country" so that they can "provide quality service to their constituents." Those are noble goals indeed, especially since their constituents are their bosses. Never thought of it that way did you? The office of Sheriff is an elected position, directly elected by the voters of that county. Which means, the voters of that county are the supervisors of their Sheriffs, not the other way around. The NSA goes on to say, "All Sheriffs share the common goal of protecting the citizens that elected us, and making the quality of life of those citizens the best it can be." Really? If that is your goal then why are you lying down with ideological extremists whose only goals are to destroy the lives of your citizens?

But it gets better, the NSA is incorporated in Ohio and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Both Ohio and Virginia are animal rights terrorist strong holds.  In my recent book, The Art of Terror, I provided extensive information about the 2014 Association of Prosecuting Attorneys conference hosted by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, 
an animal rights lawyers group, which featured such speakers on "animal cruelty" as discredited quack, Melinda Merck, the originator of the "Animal CSI" field.  Another speaker, John Goodwin, is a convicted criminal with a record in five states, oh, and, he was totally discredited in a Wisconsin court case revealing that he knows nothing about "animal fighting." John Goodwin is also famous as a former spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), who once stated: "We will never, ever, ever work with anyone who helps the FBI stop the A.L.F."  For those that don't know... ALF is one of the most dangerous domestic terrorism threats in America today.  

This trend of using ideological extremists, who know nothing about animals, to teach law enforcement officers is not new.  See this article I wrote last year on the education that Virginia’s Animal Control Officers receive on "animal law." Their instructors are quacks and criminals (who seem to love animal sex) just like the Prosecutors Conference.   Keeping the circle jerk cozy, John Thompson of the NSA also spoke at the national quack conference. 

All of this reminds me of the old Dave Garcia story.  Dave Garcia is the guy who used to head up the Dallas SPCA and who trained some of the team on the TV show, Animal Cops.  He also used to train law enforcement officers on "animal cruelty" cases and what exactly constitutes cruelty in his fertile imagination.  Garcia was finally outed as the dirt bag he is on John Stossel's program on 20/20 back in 2005.  Turns out that 'expert' in animal cruelty was nothing of the kind.  What he really was is a convicted rapist.  He served three years in the slammer on a kidnapping and rape charge, then of course there were the multiple DUI's in various states.  You'd think that after that fiasco, that law enforcement officers would finally get a clue and ask actual animal experts for training.  But, I guess not.

Then there's the National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse "Advisory Board."  It too is staffed largely by ideological radicals with no credible animal experience.  Besides the Animal Legal Defense Fund, another position is filled by an HSUS Staffer and another by an ex-HSUS staffer.  Funny enough, HSUS is also a party to the RICO Act lawsuit mentioned earlier.   Humane Watch has just released an excellent new report on this mega-scam-a-thon organization:  Looting in the Aftermath.  I highly recommend reading it. 

Literally in America today, the inmates are running the asylum. It’s no wonder that in an animal law case, the standard of law is now "guilty until proven innocent." With Animal Control officers, Sheriffs, and Prosecutors receiving their education from ideological extremists who have no experience in animals, it’s no wonder that American lives are being destroyed from coast to coast.

Respect has to be earned. When the NSA and law enforcement in general presents a slate of racketeers, criminals, and quacks as their experts, they receive no respect. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. You must watch what your local Sheriff is doing and demand transparency and accountability. If they show one ounce of interest in going along with these ideological extremists, throw them out of office.   The onus is on you. 

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