Friday, March 27, 2015

Tennessee Shelter Gains New Sales Stock, A Fence Never Had It So Good

In February 2015, the Young-Williams Animal Center, Knoxville, Tennessee posted a picture to show that their shelter was empty. No dogs available. No pet overpopulation. Nothing to see here folks. But in a #RetailRescue #Animalrights world, shelters no longer close and go out of business if they have no animals. Today, they just steal more to restock their tax-free shelves. Any time you see a shelter posting like this, and they do it all the time, be very careful… a raid is coming of someone somewhere. Some poor American doesn't know that their life is about to end just so someone else can get a corner on the market and make a profit. 

When raiding for fresh sales stock there is one criteria above all that they look for: Small, cute, and fluffy. Puppies! Each resale, big bucks. Thousand will answer the media stories and compete to be the one to buy the stolen merchandise. A fence never had it so good. In the Top Ten off all dog breeds stolen are poodles. When you got poodles and poodle puppies, ka-ching, ka-ching starts going off in an #Animalrights terrorist's eyes. #Retailrescue outfits get a hard on when they find a poodle breeder in their area, fresh meat to be slaughtered. Who cares about the human at the end of their rage. All they are focused on is the fight for resources. Their shelter is empty and they need product to sell.

Surprising no one, less than month after 
Young-Williams Animal Center posted that their kennels were empty, the Knox County Sheriff’s Department stole themselves a whole bunch of poodles and gave custody to Young-Williams. In other legal circles this is known as civil asset forfeiture. The government beast is hungry and they want your stuff. 

Now the Sheriff says, Sara Jane Tinker was breeding dogs and selling them through a website.  Well Shiver-me-Timbers.   Just how the hell else is she supposed to sell them Jethro?   Show me a dog breeder who doesn't have a website.  

Now they claim that the dogs were 'barking' and there was a 'smell.' That's justification for raiding a breeder, destroying their lives, and getting yourself some valuable product for resale. Now as an expert in animal rights terrorism I know that part of their raid playbook is to claim barking, smells, and that old chestnut "deplorable conditions." Been there, have the T-shirt.

But barking is not illegal. All dogs bark. If the barking is such that a noise ordinance or something is violated then that's usually a civil fine. Not forfeiture of tens of thousands of dollars worth of assets that someone else gets to pocket. But what about the smell? You know what? Dogs smell. It happens. It happens to all of us. Don’t tell me your dog doesn't smell, I won't believe you. What defines an excessive smell? Excessive to whom? Who gets to make that judgment call? Not the Knox County Sheriff's Office that’s for sure. I'd like to see that equipment they used to evaluate and prove that there was a smell and that it violated some sort of officially set legal odor level. Come on! I'm Missouri, Show Me. Ever been in a farmer's barn? Yeah, it smells. Get over it, cupcake.

The breeder in question had a brand new litter of newborn puppies. Can you smell the drool at the 
Young-Williams Animal Center? Puppies they want for easy resale to the public. Puppies they are now exposing to shelter diseases and parasites. But don't worry, if the puppies get sick because of their shoddy and inexperienced care, they will simply blame it all on the dog breeder.

After all, we all know all dog breeders are evil scum, right?

Turns out in this case, yes. Because the media screams to high heaven that the dog breeder has a criminal record! Gasp, horrors! You know, just because 1 out of 3 Americans now have a criminal record, we are all supposed to just faint when the media tells us too. What’s her record? Well she's got a resisting arrest. That's supposed to scare me?   Or just what the hell was the charge of "implied consent notice?"  What kind of scary crime is that?

Here in Virginia, our "ABC" cops are so out of control, they beat the hell out of an innocent college kid for fun and kicks.   Resisting arrest my rear end.  Try that one again media sheep. 

As with every story of the destruction of American lives, there is a complaining neighbor at the heart.  A neighbor who objected to the dogs jumping up on the fence as she walked by.   You know, cuz dogs do that.   Because she is afraid of poodles, she called animal control and dime'd out this breeder to the animal rights terrorism front.

Get that?  This neighbor from hell is afraid of poodles.

These poodles.   Really look abused don't they?  

Now in order to justify the theft of these dogs, the Sheriff's Department has charged Sara Jane Tinker with animal cruelty.   Because we all know that a dog that barks is somehow being treated cruelly.  Right?   Do the Jethro's in the Knox County Sheriff's Department even have a clue what cruel treatment of an animal is?

I mean, there is no allegation that Tinker beat her dogs.   There is no allegation that she tortured them.   There are no allegations that she caused them grievous injury or maimed them.   No the allegation was, they smelled and some times they barked.

Give me a break.  

Where the hell is the FBI when all these violations of the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) are occurring?  Why aren't they investigating the Knox County Sheriff's Department for their abuse of power? 

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