Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Is Young-Williams Committing Extortion or Is There an Even Darker Motive Behind Poodle Raid?

It is common practice by animal rights groups who run high-profitably retail rescue outfits to not only fraudulently steal animals from innocent animal owners but then they hold them hostage and demand insane daily charges as compensation. They will say, "Oh we'll give your animals back if you pay us $10 a day times X,Y, and Z" as a method of extortion. Think of it this way. This is a scenario I used in my recent book, The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement:

You own a beautiful red sports car, limited edition, mint condition, low mileage. You baby that thing. The cops come along one day and they steal it from you. Jethro Cop says, "I don't think you changed that oil enough in that car so I'm taking it and giving it to my buddy." Is that legal? Hell no! Now Jethro Cop's buddy says, "Well I've been storing your car in my garage for the past 2 weeks so I want you to pay me $10 a day in storage fees, plus, I changed the oil, gave it a tune up, and detailed it so I need an extra $56,000 in fees. Give me the money and I’ll give you the car back."

That’s extortion.

The seizure of Sara Jane Tinker's poodles by the Knoxville Sheriff's Department in collusion with Young-Williams which I covered recently in this story, was 100% illegal. They violated the law. They are the criminals, not Sara Jane. You don't get to charge extortion when you have committed a crime. That’s another crime.  You are now a repeat offender.

I have written about law enforcement and their ties to animal rights terrorism for years. I have yet to find a single animal control division anywhere in America that receives training on animal care from animal experts. As I wrote about, here and here, law enforcement receives all their training on humane care of animals, from terrorists.   Today, law enforcement officers around this country receive training on 'animals' and their proper care, from convicted criminals, exposed quacks, and sex perverts.  Most law enforcement officers have no proven knowledge of what constitutes proper care of animals. Zero.  Zippo.  Nada. Nothing.

In the case of Sara Jane Tinker, these innocent dogs were forcibly removed from a good home, traumatized, handled incorrectly, and then stuffed in concrete cells at an animal shelter. They were exposed to disease, mis-handled by ignorant zealots who know nothing about poodles and the proper raising of puppies and who pays for that? Young-Williams should! They should be forced to pay Sara Jane Tinker for the abuse of her dogs. That's right, the animal abusers in this case are Young-Williams and the Knoxville Sheriff's Department. You screwed up Knoxville. You listened to people who don’t know jack about animals and you violated your own laws. Why should Sara Jane Tinker pay one thin dime for what YOU DID?

Here’s another question, is Young-Williams delaying returning the stolen property so that they can covertly and illegally spay/neuter everything? It's typical of animal rights terrorists to believe that no one in American has the right to own a puppy, unless of course, you bought it from them. 

Then again, Young-Williams has to protect their bottom line.  After all, they are multi-millionaires.  Did you get that?  The Young-Williams Animal Shelter is a multi-millionaire.  According to the IRS, two separate entities operate out of the same address with very similar names.  You have Young-Williams Animal Center and Friends of Young-Williams Animal Center.  Both entities are millionaires.  Between the both of them they have about 5 million in the bank.  

Bet you didn't know that the animal shelter business in America today is so lucrative.  Did you! 

It gets better.   Surprising no one who is an expert on terrorism, these same animal rights junkies are also trying to pass new legislation in Tennessee to outlaw dog breeders.  Its called control the market.  Young-Williams wants to protect their millions and they can't have the public buying puppies from dog breeders instead of them.   At the exact same time as the splashy raid of Sara Jane's house occurred, animal rights extremists are trying to get two bills passed in Tennessee, HB 1142 and SB 1020.  As part of this legislation, it would authorize private vigilantes to raid private homes without a warrant in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.  These private vigilante's would also gain the power to cite you for violations of up to $1000 per violation per day.   There is no requirement that these private vigilantes have any training in law enforcement or animal care.   It gets better, by law under this legislation, you are required to open your home to any private vigilante at any time between 7am and 7pm.   At. Any. Time.    If PETA operatives want to show up, steal and kill your dogs, like they did in Virginia last year, you have no choice but to let them in.  Failure to allow these private vigilantes who hate animal owners into your house is a Misdemeanor crime.  And that's just the highlights of these two horrific un-Constitutional pieces of legislation.  

These are typical tactics from the animal rights front.  They love to destroy someone's life to create headlines, buzz, and momentum to get legislation passed to destroy all other animal owners before they know what hit them.  Many stories are going on around America mirroring what is happening to Sara Jane, right here, right now. 

It is long past time that the FBI got involved in this cases. Sara Jane Tinker's case is a perfect example of the type of cases that the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) was passed for. The FBI needs to open up a case file to investigate the collusion between the Knoxville Sheriff’s Department and Young-Williams.  Let alone the links between this anti-dog breeder legislation and the sponsors behind it.  The Tennessee attorney general needs to investigate this violation of Sara Jane Tinker's rights and she needs to file a 1983 civil rights lawsuit against Knoxville.  What I can guarantee though, is if Young-Williams is forced to actually return the stolen dogs to Sara Jane, they will force her to sign a "no sue" statement.

It is long past time that law enforcement is held to the standard they are supposed to be enforcing. Their job is to serve and protect, not seize and destroy. There is a reason why groups like the Oath-keepers are forming all over America, we can no longer trust law enforcement to do their jobs.

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