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Animal Rights Hall of Shame: Giles Meloche

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet Giles Meloche (also spelled as Gilles Meloche)

Canadian Giles Meloche is famous for one thing. His attempted destruction of the city of Louisville, Kentucky. Meloche, like all animal rights activists, has a long and sordid history. It started back in Canada when his veterinary license was revoked after he pled guilty to 27 counts of selling anabolic steroids without a license.  He moved to the United States and magically managed to get a new veterinary license issued to him. Just how does that happen??? It happened because the state of Kentucky didn't bother to do a background check on Meloche and he was buddies and pals with the Mayor. He was then hired by the Louisville Metro Animal Services Division to be its new leader. One of his first acts in office was to get a new 91 page ordinance rammed through that stripped Louisville animal owners of most of their constitutional rights. The ordinance was so bad that even the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife came out against it.

"The Louisville Kennel Club then sued the Louisville Metro Animal Services over the ordinance overturning key parts of it. HSUS tried to enter the lawsuit as an amicus curiae since HSUS state director Pamela Rogers had assisted."
 The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement

That's right, the vegan lawyers of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) wrote the new law.  
While citizens had their constitutional rights violated left and right, two damning reports were released in 2007. They alleged massive mismanagement, multiple failed audits, thousands of animals missing or unaccounted for, botched or illegal veterinary procedures, animal cruelty and open sex occurring among shelter workers who created graphic sex chambers in the animal shelter itself.  After the reports were released two long years of scandal followed where female employees continuously reporting that Meloche forced them to endure sexual assault on a regular basis. He forced himself on women making them accept his kisses, his groping, his daily hugs and his never ending inappropriate comments. He treated Metro Animal Service employees as his own personal harem.  Still the city did nothing.  

Meanwhile, now that animal control was being run by an animal rights patsy and convicted criminal, officers started a campaign to stalk every pet owner in the city. They read the Louisville Courier-Journal newspaper daily to see if anyone was daring to try and sell puppies like they were some sort of black market contraband.

James and Angela O'Neill were doing nothing wrong. They have a constitutional right to breed their two American bulldogs if they wish to do so. Only in the animal rights world do puppies become equal to cocaine. In September their girl had a litter of eleven puppies. As first time breeders, they had no idea that animal rights activists regularly pass themselves off as potential puppy buyers in order to steal puppies from breeders.   Blackmailed into paying a huge fine to retrieve their stolen dogs, they took them home to discover they were spayed and neutered, microchipped and they all had now had respiratory infections from the filthy public animal shelter.  They sued the city, Gilles Meloche and Wayne Zelinsky. 

Finally Meloche was forced to resign over graphic photos that emerged in August of 2009 of his flooded shit hole of a shelter and a stack of dead kittens. Record floods hit Louisville in early August 2009. At least 10 kittens and a dog drown in their cages before shelter workers and volunteers evacuated the shelter. In media reports he tried to portray himself as an innocent victim and ultimate hero as all these ignorant activists do.

“The water came up so fast,” Meloche said. “It went from three inches to three feet in about 30 minutes.” Capt. Wayne Zelinsky, an officer with Animal Services, said about 20 people worked frantically to save the animals as the water rose. “By the time we got to the (second) building, the dogs’ heads were the only thing above water,” Zelinsky said.

Two days later, Meloche announced he was moving all the animals back into the wrecked shelter even though it was still flooded and hit the airwaves asking for volunteers to clean up what his workers were being paid by the taxpaying citizens of Louisville to do.   The outrage over the dead kittens is what finally forced Meloche to resign in September of 2009. 

He was replaced by Wayne Zelinsky who lasted just 14 months on the job before citizens reacted in outrage when it was revealed that he owns an 'adult entertainment' business. Yeah, he's a porn king.  And he was a party to the O'Neill lawsuit and the corrupt city of Louisville still picked him anyway.  He was replaced in turn by a 26 year old animal rights activist named Justin Scally who has no formal education in animals and now makes $90,000 to continue the raping of Louisville citizens.  More on him later.   What is important now is that the O'Neills won.  

What many Americans do not know is that all across this Nation, animal control divisions everywhere have instituted regulations stripping you of your constitutional rights just like Louisville did. Does your city or town have a license for 'multiple' animals? Do they promote it as being 'cheaper' to license all your pets under one license? You'd better check your ordinances. You may have just declared your private home to be a 'kennel' and as such, you have waived all of your rights under the Fourth Amendment. This was the ordinance on the books in Louisville. The court ruled in the O'Neills favor and stated that at no time in the history of Kentucky had a private residental home ever been declared to be a kennel. Furthermore, the act of having a litter of puppies does not at any time magically transform that residential home into a kennel. Not now, not ever. The court ruled that the O'Neills were not running an "illegal kennel" and as such, the city of Louisville had indeed violated their Fourth Amendment rights.

That wasn't the only lawsuit. Dr. Kendall Clay sued the Louisville government, Giles Meloche and Wayne Zelinsky in 2010 for sexual harassment and violating her civil rights.

Dr. Kendall Clay claims it all started in June 2008 when Meloche set up a meeting with her and animal care manager Dawn Simpson to discuss work issues. Clay says she showed up for the meeting at the restaurant, Proof on Main at 700 W. Main Street, as did Meloche. But Clay says Simpson was never invited. Clay says Meloche told her he was drunk and continued drinking and never discussed work.A few days later, Clay claims Meloche brought her coffee and later ran his tongue around the rim in a sexually suggestive manner in front of several witnesses.The lawsuit states that over the next few days, Clay received multiple calls to her cell phone from Meloche with sexual comments like: "I want to lick your toes and work my way up" and "You look so damned cute on the bus today, I wanted to grab you and hold you and kiss you."

When she complained to the city Human Resources department she found out that Meloche was already facing other sexual harassment complaints as well which were investigated and found to be true

Where Meloche will resurface next is anyone's guess.

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