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Animal Rights Hall of Shame: Marc Ching

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. Welcome to the World of Animal Rights.

Meet Marc Ching.

Savior. Hero. Hollywood Darling. Convicted Felon.

The most common trait you find in the "animal protection" field is that of a con man. Gregarious. Outgoing. Likable. The least common trait is any demonstrated education in animals. Marc Ching fits the profile to a 'T.' A man who easily created a cult of personality among Hollywood stars.

Ching exploded onto the animal rights field a few years ago as a hot new animal protector determined to wipe out the horrible dog meat trade in China. A savior of emaciated and starving dogs. A man who specializes in guerrilla warfare, flying in on private jets to swoop down and save dogs! A real life action hero! Women swooned and the media couldn't lay enough allocates at his feet. People magazine lauded him and Internet petitions gathered tens of thousands of signatures asking CNN to profile him as a hero.

I've written extensively how these foreign dogs are largely deliberately bred for the American rescue market. Most of them are not in any danger of being eaten when Americans are willing to pay top dollar for them. Anyone with any financial brains can easily see the truth. These dogs also arrive in America invested with foreign parasites and diseases. The Canine Flu that has ravaged America for the past several years and killed over a thousand dogs came from imported Chinese dogs.

Ching founded a non-profit charity called The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation in 2011, now he just needed a cause to get the millions rolling into his pocket. The year before it was just a niche Los Angeles pet nutrition cum' vegan restaurant but where's the money in that? (and where's Ching's college degree in veterinary nutrition?) With the media constantly picking winners and losers to set Americans against each other, China is an easy enemy. Blame it all on those horrible Chinese who eat dogs! Everyone knows that! Right?

Except it's not true. Most Chinese no longer eat dogs. But the fact that China is a closed nation so far away from America makes it easy to take a small fact and create a big lie to drain Americans of their money. Take a small issue and blow it up into epic proportions, whose say different?

Ching ran a quick and dirty campaign. From start to downfall was less than a year. The money was rolling in. He made a handful of flights to Asia posing with dogs in crates and on trucks. He splashed his name all over the Hollywood lights and across social media. Post some pictures of animals seemingly looking in distress with some lurid descriptions of what is allegedly going on and the money can't come in fast enough. Ching made a specialty out of finding dogs in veterinary hospitals missing a limb or other serious injuries and posing with them. He'd invent a sad sob story about how they had almost been beaten to death or horribly abused when the reality was, most of them were hit by cars and were receiving the best care possible before he even arrived in country by already long established Asian rescues.

That's right, Asians have their own animal rescues and shelters. They have no need of rich Americans to fly over and 'save the day.' They are already saving animals themselves.

Marc Ching with supporter Shannen Doherty

It's no surprise given Hollywood being in his backyard that he had one lurid hero story after another. He claimed to have been beaten trying to save animals. Had a machine gun put in his face. He claimed to have been putting his life on the line daily to save poor suffering animals. He cried on cue about how his soul was forever stained by his efforts to save these precious animals. He wept on film and Hollywood beat his door down to offer him fame and glory. If you believed his stories, he pretty much died almost every day of the week for that year.

The truth was right in everyone's faces. One line that Ching has never wavered from was that he is an 'undercover' investigator who is secretly exposing the abuse of animals. Ask yourself this. How on earth could he be running undercover investigations while he is constantly being featured on magazine covers and filmed at Hollywood red carpet premiers? He has to be the most photographed 'undercover' investigator I've ever seen. Read this over the top melodramatic write up from The Pollination Project who labeled him as the Unsung Vegan Hero of 2016.

"Posing as an undercover buyer, Marc has entered the hell on earth that is dog slaughterhouses. He risks his life on every trip, to bear witness for the victims and to relay their plight to the rest of the world. This has come at great personal expense; financially, physically, and emotionally. What he has seen and experienced will haunt him forever, yet he goes back repeatedly, willing to sacrifice everything to stand up for those who cannot speak. In some cases he is able to rescue dogs, carrying their battered and bloodied bodies to safety with his own hands to local veterinarians, and then brings them to the U.S. to be adopted into loving homes."

Ching ran a huge media campaign in 2016 claiming he was going to completely shut down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. He claimed he had veterinarians on standby to examine and rescue 1,000 dogs. He was going to conduct a huge leaflet drop. He was going to set up video screens showing endless dog crush videos to customers at the festival to encourage them to not buy the meat. It's highly ironic that the animal rights movement is currently congratulating President Trump for signing new legislation making these animal crush videos a felony in America when they are largely created and used by activists themselves.

Never having been to the Yulin Festival and not knowing the 'dog meat trade' existed until nine months prior, this egomaniac declared that he and he alone was going to succeed in shutting it all down. Had he bothered to do his homework he would have found out that the Yulin event was slowly dying on its own. A natural death. Thanks to Ching the 2016 Festival would be historic. Instead of shutting the Festival down, he turned the 'dog meat trade' into a multi-million dollar retail rescue market that grows bigger every year. It's a hot business now thanks to Ching.

His over-the-top boasting got other activists to show up to see the spectacle he was going to create and the 1,000 animals he was going to save. Instead of this huge demonstration against the Festival so large it would shut it down, fellow activists reported he was there with a personal retinue of around 12 people, mostly news reporters and a film maker anxious to film every staged event for their cult leader. Activists followed him to a slaughterhouse he claimed he was going to shut down and save every dog there only to be banned from entry. Ching was controlling the show and making sure his voice was the only message heard.

Instead of animals being saved, most of them died. Hundreds of them starved to death locked in cages while Ching desperately tried to keep his house of cards alive. He did manage to buy several hundred dogs from slaughter but he was so ignorant of Chinese culture that he gave most of them to Buddhist run sanctuaries and walked away. He wanted the fame, not hands on work. They all had distemper. They started dying in droves because Buddhist religious beliefs do not allow them to give medical treatment to dogs.

A female volunteer from the US, who gave her name only as Sarah because of abuse and threats she says she has received from some of Ching’s supporters, said the June rescue went disastrously wrong from the outset.

Desperate to save his reputation, Ching allegedly hired hit men to break into one of the shelters, steal the dogs and then run them to another shelter 500 miles away.

When he just couldn't keep the mask up anymore, he fled back to California leaving other activists holding the bag and claiming he had been betrayed by others. It was all about saving his cult of personality. He is still playing the victim card to this day. His Foundation is alive and well, pulling in the cash while Ching continues to spend his days posing for the camera while still claiming to be working 'undercover'. When confronted with facts Ching frequently claims to be 'to emotional' to answer hard questions.

As for the Yulin Festival? Activists say that its now basically nothing more than a retail rescue outlet providing a constant source of dogs for rich Americans to fly over and 'save'. As long as Americans keep buying these dogs, the 'dog meat trade' will never end.

The question no one is asking is... who really is Marc Ching and just exactly what was he doing prior to 2010 and his sudden explosion into fame? Is he really this 4th generation Japanese herbalist he claims to be? In some stories its reported that he's Taiwanese, in others he says he's half-Korean and half-Japanese and was then 'adopted' into a Chinese family. Which is it? Is he counting on his claimed 1+ million followers, largely wealthy white women, to not know the difference?

No one ever heard of Ching before this rocket rise to fame because he was in prison. Yes, prison. Why not? The animal rescue field is a proven job career for felons. Why not one more? When confronted, Ching downplays his past and shrugs it off as a 'mistake.' People make mistakes. It happens all the time. Then there are those things that people call mistakes that the rest of us consider just a little bit more than that. You know, like armed robbery, extortion and kidnapping. Like a bail of $530,000. In 2000, Ching was charged with several counts of kidnapping, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. He took a plea deal admitting guilt to one charge and was sentenced to 11 years. He served under 10 and was released shortly before founding his pet food store cum' restaurant.

The Center for Consumer Freedom.

There is no way he suddenly decided to take up armed robbery and kidnapping at 23 years old without prior 'experience' leading up to these events but Ching is a man working overtime to keep his true past well hidden. Even after being accused of being responsible for hundreds of dogs dying he's still a well sought after public speaker. He's now playing the 'flawed man who made mistakes' victim card. With millions at stake and hundreds of thousands of swooning followers who think he can do no wrong, why should he quit now? After all, the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation pulled in just short of $2 million dollars in contributions in 2017. Even after Ching was responsible for so many dog deaths, people just can't stop giving him money.

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